7 Of The Best Bars In Sacramento

As the capital city of the state of California (bet you thought it was LA?!), there are plenty of fantastic bars in Sacramento. What makes their nightlife scene great is that they have a bit of everything when it comes to their bars which is great for people with different tastes.

These are the seven best bars in Sacramento.

The Best Bars in SacramentoHow do these rankings work?

1. Ten Ten Room

Ten Ten Room is a classic American bar with vibes that make you feel like you’re back in the 1950’s. The lighting is dark and the ceilings are high making this bar seem a lot bigger than it is. But what’s big here are the flavours of the cocktails themselves as they are amazingly well-made here.

Whisky and Jagermeister fans will love the Wrongfully Accused cocktail at Ten Ten.

2. Hilltop Tavern Bar

If you’re looking for a fun and welcoming dive bar, Hilltop Tavern Bar is just the place for you. People from all walks of life come here for a great time and a non-pretentious atmosphere.

Hop in to Hilltop and order yourself a draft beer and mingle it up with the locals.

3. Revival

Revival is a rooftop bar on the third floor of boutique hotel, The Sawyer. The bar here is right by the pool and has a massive patio seating area with booths that have comfy sofas in them.

When you come here, be on the lookout for celebrities, as this is a hotspot among athletes and actors!

4. Cantina Alley

Appropriately located in an alley is one of Sacramento’s liveliest outdoors bars, Cantina Alley. This Mexican-theme bar sports a pretty big courtyard area where guests can stand around and enjoy their beverages.

For some fun outdoor bar vibes, order a Margarita at Cantina Alley.

5. B-Side

With a name like B-Side, there better be some vinyl records here and this bar does not disappoint. This bar does focus on vinyl records here and the catch is that there is no cocktail menu: they’d rather you focus on just the classics like beer, shots, and classic cocktails.

Whether it’s a Miller Lite or a Moscow Mule, pick a simple drink and listen to some classic vinyl tunes.

6. Canon

Canon is actually a restaurant from a Michelin-star chef but they also make some of the best cocktails in town. You can have a classic cocktail or you can settle for something more unique and creative as they’re known for some unusual but tasty cocktails.

Scotch and bananas? Try them together in The Golden Age cocktail.

7. Hawks Public House

At Hawks Public House, you’ll find another creative bar that pushes the boundaries of cocktail making. Their inventive cocktails takes inspiration from different cultures and seeks to create a cocktail that takes the best of that culture.

Le Penicilina is a cocktail with a Mexican spin on the classic Penicillin cocktail.

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