7 Of The Best Bars In Savannah

7 Of The Best Bars In Savannah

Finding a great watering hole to keep cool while visiting the South is always a good idea. But the best bars in Savannah, Georgia deliver more than great menus and well-crafted cocktails. They also set the perfect scene for enjoying the coastal city.

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1. The Wyld

The Wyld Dock is just outside of downtown and right on the water. This exceptional hangout serves up artful cocktails alongside seafood dishes in a laid-back yet polished setting. Take a seat on the deck overlooking the marsh and order a glass of sangria to hold you over until bocce starts or the fire pit is lit.

Best Bars Savannah

2. Peregrin

Peregrin has quickly become a Historic District favorite. The hotel bar is on the rooftop, meaning there are amazing views of the city. There are games like corn hole to keep guests entertained between rounds of wine by the glass, beer or hand-crafted cocktails. Order the Perry Lane Special.

Peregrin in Savannah

3. Jen’s&Friends

Jen’s&Friends is a classic Savannah bar best known for their many, many takes on martinis. Though they serve other drinks, a martini is a must here. With everything from birthday cake and fruit loop to bourbon pecan pie and Scooby snack martinis, the choices are tough.

Jen's&Friends in Savannah

4. Alley Cat Lounge

Nestled into an alleyway near the riverfront, Alley Cat is sleek and clean. The wait staff are friendly and provide efficient service while the skilled bartenders mix up top-notch cocktails. Their extensive choice of liquors and creative drinks make for tough choices.

Go for the warm atmosphere and stay for the horoscope-influenced drinks among other wild options.

Alley Cat Lounge Bar

5. The Black Rabbit

This neighbourhood joint is among Savannah’s best hole-in-the-wall finds. The bar and deli serve up high-quality cocktails and sandwiches made with an expert hand and great ingredients. Try the alpaca punch, which is a pisco-forward drink with arak, grapefruit cordial, lemon and soda.

The Black Rabbit Bar

6. The Jinx

This eclectic pick is another Savannah staple. The bar doubles as an intimate music venue and a great place to catch local acts. The menu is wide, so take your time and settle in for the band’s set or Monday night music and movie trivia.

The Jinx Bars

7. Ordinary Pub

Ordinary Pub’s downstairs bar focuses on regional beer, wine and classic and original cocktails. Go for brunch, or better yet, their brunch cocktails. The menu has sections devoted to cold brew cocktails, bloody mary’s and their own breakfast-friendly concoctions. Try the blackberry bloody.

Ordinary Pub

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