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7 Of The Best Bars In Seoul

As one of the bigger metropolitan cities in Asia, Seoul has everything you could hope for in a big city. Amazing food, great shopping, fascinating sites, and of course, fun bars. The drinking culture here is quite big and there are lots of places to go to grab a few drinks at bars in Seoul.

Order your libations from these seven bars in Seoul.

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1. Vinyl

With more of a cafe vibe, Vinyl definitely brings the hipster vibes with both their drinks and their decor. The walls are coloured a bright orange and adorned with vintage posters to boot.

The drinks are next-level hipster. They’re served in plastic bags made to look like an IV-bag a patient would receive at a hospital!

The great thing about these drink bags is that you can take them to go as you explore the hip neighbourhood.

Vinyl Seoul

2. Blacklist

Come to Blacklist if you want to interact with locals that speak English, as this bar has a large expat crowd. The crowd here is lively and the vibe here is unpretentious.

A great place to come to for a beer or a whiskey, as you make new friends in Seoul at Blacklist. Plus, the decor is pretty funky.


3. Once in a Blue Moon

Widely considered the best jazz bar in Seoul, Once in a Blue Moon is very much the go-to place for drinks and jazz. It is a very open place and is popular with a wide crowd, from dive-bar goers to classy, cocktail drinkers.

They have an extensive drinks menu but order a bourbon on the rocks here, take a seat and listen to some soulful jazz music.

Once in a Blue Moon

4. Southside Parlor

If you’re looking for an Americana-type of bar, come to Southside Parlor. The food and drinks here are great and both are inspired by Texas-inspired flavours (think BBQ and spicy).

Grab a Juarez Old Fashioned here and head upstairs to the rooftop for some great views with your drink.

Seoul bars

5. The Griffin Bar

For the best rooftop views of Seoul, bar-goers come to The Griffin Bar on the 11th floor of the JW Marriott Hotel. With sprawling views of Seoul lit up at night, this place is fabulous to come to during the sweltering summer months.

They have an extensive list of drinks and a few signature drinks as well. Get the Dongdaemun Sling , a brandy-based drink here.

The Griffin Bar Seoul

6. Le Chamber

Hands down, one of the coolest bars in Seoul is Le Chamber. To find this bar, you must first find the secret entrance! Spoiler alert: it’s behind the bookshelf.

Once inside, you will feel like you have been transported back in time. The decor and vibe is very Great Gatsby-esque and the drinks are top notch.

Vibe with the classy ambience and order a whiskey from their selection of over 200 whiskies. Tip: drinks here are quite pricey but if you factor in the experience of trying to find this place, it’s worth it to have a drink or two here before moving on.

Le Chambar Bar Seoul

7. Hidden Cellar

Hidden Cellar is a great place if you like lots of space in a drinking establishment. While large crowds will never form here, there is plenty of room here for a stage area for live music as well as a billiards table.

A much more laid back and relaxed bar, there is no pretentiousness here. Get a beer or wine here and grab a bite to eat while you’re at it.

Hidden Cellar Bar

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Bars, Seoul, South Korea

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