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The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Seoul

Very few places are more obsessed with fried chicken than South Korea, so it’s no surprise that the chicken wings in Seoul are some of the tastiest in the world. The super popular chimaek joints all over the city have their own style, as Korean chicken is fried twice for an extra crispy bite.

While you’ll find plenty of hole-in-the-wall places on every street, we’ve rounded up some handy choice. Here’s where you can get a great wing-eating experience…

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1. Nekkid Wings

This funky wing joint serves up loaded platters for one or to share of their super juicy yet crispy fried wings. There’s more than a dozen flavours,  from the  ‘Amazinger’ (spicy ginger) to honey butter or jerk. Add on some sides of giant onion ring croquettes and waffle fries.

2. TwoTwo Fried Chicken

This popular Korean fried chicken chain has over 100 stores across the city and is a must-visit for delicious wings and boneless chicken bites. Choose between original flavourings or a range of marinades such as spicy, garlic or teriyaki. It’s great value, delicious and consistently good.

3. BHC Fried Chicken

Another massively popular place for chicken wings in Seoul, BHC Fried Chicken serves up whole portions of fried chicken in lots of flavours. Grab a beer from the self-service fridges and chow down on crunchy wings sprinkled with flavour seasoning, cheese, onion, and garlic.

4. KyoChon

KyoChon is one of the largest fried chicken restaurants in Korea with 1,000s of stores. There’s 20 different wing flavours to choose from here, such as garlic soy sauce or spicy red pepper. With tug-off-the-bone meat that’s full of flavour, you’ll be coming back here again and again.

5. Yellow Chicken

This bustling fried chicken store knows a thing or two about excellent fried chicken, doing things the traditional way here. The end result is crispy and delicious wings that are easily some of the best in the city. With lots of flavours to choose from, come with friends and try them all.

chicken wings in Seoul

6. BBQ Chicken and Beer

This popular chicken joint is best known for being owned by the parents of K-Pop idol Infinite Sungyeol. You’ll see crowds hanging around hoping for a glimpse of the star in the evenings, but the chicken here truly is good. Juicy meat and a crunchy coating, it ticks all the boxes.

chicken wings in Seoul

7. Gyeyeolsa

You can’t have a list of the top fried chicken spots in Seoul without a special shoutout to Gyeyeolsa. It’s been serving its local, farm-fresh chicken for over 25 years and while there might be a wait for a table at peak times, it’s worth it. Golden crispy skin with a perfectly tender meat and salty potato wedges on the side. Yum.

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