Best French cheese destinations in Europe

7 Of The Best Cheese Destinations In Europe

Some European countries are best known for their specialty cheeses, and there are no better travels to cheese lovers than to sample these legendary wedges. The cheese experience, however, goes beyond dining in some cities and villages.

Plan to visit these best cheese destinations in Europe.

Best cheese destinations in EuropeHow do these rankings work?

1. Switzerland

While the Cheese Train experience is certainly a fun way to experience the best of the cheese along the Montreaux riviera, there are tons of ways to learn and try some of the best cheese in the world. From the classic “Swiss cheese” in the Emmental valley to raclette, restaurants are one way to try them all.

Visit a dairy farm and museum–which are throughout the various regions–to see the process. The cheese caves of Charmey are also a hit for locally-sourced and made products.

Swiss cheese destination of Europe

2. France

Naturally, France is another absolute must for European cheese destinations. With so many styles and flavours of excellent cheese to choose from, the options are nearly endless. Stop by several fromageries to find different wedges worth slicing into.

3. Italy

Another top-three European cheese destination has to be Italy thanks to its beautiful buffalo mozzarella and massive rounds of parmesan. The two cheese might be polar opposites of one another, but they are beloved and cannot be found of higher quality than in Italy.

Take a tour of a market with a stop at a cheese shop to sample a few different ages of cheese.

Best Italian cheese destinations in Europe

4. Croatia

One of Croatia’s delicacies is a hard cheese made on the island of Pag. The meadows that the sheep graze on here are covered in Adriatic sea salt from the waters below, so the milk that these sheep give is naturally salty and needs no additional salt. It’s undoubtedly one of the finest sheep cheeses in the world.

5. Czech Republic

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s a stinky cheese on the rise in the Czech Republic. Made in Olomouc, the namesake cheese is a soft ripened cheese and is often incorporated into breads or pancakes as well as eaten on its own. It’s certainly a new experience to have in Moravia.

6. Spain

Whether it is on a cheese board or inside of a tapa, Manchego cheese is one of Spain’s most popular types. A soft blue cheese, Cabrales, is another widely popular variety. There are tons of textures and flavours of Spanish cheeses worth trying, so ask what’s local on your travels.

7. Ireland

Is there anything better than a grilled cheese made with Irish cheddar? Only if it is dressed up with the garlic and herb Irish cheddar, perhaps. Ireland is home to deliciously creamy cheeses ranging from soft cheeses like brie to semi-hard cheeses like its famous cheddars. Pasteurised or unpasteurised, you’ll find a cheese to love here.

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