7 Of The Most Haunted Places In Pennsylvania

As one of the most haunted states in the whole of the US, Pennsylvania is no novice when it comes to the supernatural. With a recorded history that dates back to the 1600s, the state has seen plenty of wars and battles. There is no shortage of brutality here, and whether you believe in the supernatural or not, there’s no denying that its past has left an eerie tone in its wake. Here are seven of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania.

Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

1. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philidelphia


Built in 1829, the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia has a long and brutal history. It’s considered to be one of the most secure prisons of its time, even holding the infamous Al Capone for a period. The prison closed its doors in 1971, but there’s a sense that some of the inmates never left their cells. Many visitors say they’ve heard strange voices and laughing in cell 12, seen shadowy faces in cell 4, and spotted ghostly figures in cell 6. People even say they’ve seen apparitions of guards, as well as the inmates, roaming around the halls. It’s so notoriously haunted that the prison offers tours. If you’re really up for the fright, you can even tour the prison at night.


2. Pennhurst Asylum, Spring City

Pennhurst Asylum first opened its doors in 1908, with the intention of being an exemplary psychiatric facility. However, it soon became overcrowded after facing pressure to house criminals, orphans, and immigrants. It was so overcrowded that it became dangerous, and doctors and nurses began abusing their patients. In the 1960s, an exposé came out to reveal the horrific abuse that the patients had to suffer. Eventually, the hospital closed in 1987. Today, brave visitors can tour the eerie halls, and some have claim to have seen ghostly figures of nurses, children, and patients. It’s actually featured in the latest series of the Netflix show Stranger Things, although they shot the scene at a different location.

3. Mishler’s Theatre, Altoona

The Mishler Theatre has been open since 1906, named after its then-owner, Isaac Mishler. Over the years, many of the employees, crew members, performers, and so on, have reported seeing or hearing the presence of Isaac Mishler. One of the most popular stories surrounding Mishler’s Theatre is of a young girl whose mother worked there. The young girl would often visit the theatre and befriended someone who wore tophats and expressed his love of the theatre. Many believe that this was actually Isaac Miller. If you want to experience the eerie feeling yourself, they’re still playing shows today!

Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

4. Hotel Bethlehem, Bethlehem

When a building is as old as Hotel Bethlehem, there are bound to be a few ghost stories. However, many believe that the tales surrounding this 1741 hotel are not just stories, but it’s actually one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania. Apparently, many friendly ghosts hang out in their old rooms and in the lobby. Room 932 is the most notorious of them all, nicknamed ‘Room with a Boo’. One guest reported hearing someone ask them “why are you in my room?” while others say they’ve witnessed papers randomly flying off the walls. There are so many stories that circle this hotel, including one of an 1800s stage star who puts on a show for guests in the lobby!

5. Allegheny County Jail, Pittsburgh

There are many ghost stories that circle this still-open county jail. It started out how all good tales do – a love triangle. Kate Sofel was the warden’s wife at the time and she fell in love with one of the infamous Biddle brothers. They were known about town for being dangerous and Kate got swept up in it all. She helped the brothers escape, but they were eventually caught and killed. People say they hear Kate’s ghost crying in the prison and she’s been known to shuffle papers. And then in 1907, inmates on death row were tormented for a former inmate who had died in the prison, reenacting a murder every night. They begged the warden to let them move to another part of the prison, and it was granted.

Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania


6. Hill View Manor, New Castle

Hill View Manor, which opened in 1926, was a nursing home, caring for the mentally ill, elderly, and homeless. In 2004, it shut its doors but reopened as an attraction for those who are curious about the supernatural. The facility was the site of several deaths over the years, including that of a young boy, who appears to those who dare tour the haunted house. Another apparition of a man apparently offers to take pictures of guests for $1. People have claimed to see shadowy figures, flickering lights, heard guttural screams, and inexplicable bangs.

7. Fort Mifflin, Phildelphia

Fort Mifflin is one of the last surviving battlefields of the Revolutionary War. It was a particularly bloody one, claiming the lives of so many soldiers. Years later, during the Civil War, many soldiers died from starvation and disease in a dark prison beneath the fort. There’s certainly no shortage of death and despair here. It’s considered to be one of the most haunted places in America, let alone Pennsylvania. People say you can hear the bloodcurdling screams of a woman, also known as the Wailing Woman, mourning the loss of soldiers. Others say they’ve seen several Revolutionary War soldiers and Civil War prisoners or been pushed by phantom heads. Those who can stomach the eerieness of the fort can take a guided tour.

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