7 Best Places for Pho in Philly

The 7 Best Places for Pho in Philly

Thanks to its large Vietnamese-American population, Philadelphia has some of the best places for pho on the East Coast. Plenty of them, in fact, and if you’re from Philly – this is old news. Pho, however, never gets old.

Picture this – you’re walking around Philly, freezing your balls off and on the verge of frostbite. Enter: pho, glorious pho. Fragrant, rich broths cover bundles of rice noodles topped with meat and fresh veggies and herbs. The best comfort meal, the ultimate cure for cold Philly days, and the only dish we’re always down to eat our weight in.

7 Best Places for Pho in Philly

1. Pho Ha Saigon

With three locations in Philly, Pho Ha Saigon has to top this list of the best pho places. Not only is their menu HUGE but so are their bowls of pho.

Don’t let the menu overwhelm you – go straight for a big, steaming bowl of the deluxe beef pho they’re famous for. Served with the classic plate of beansprouts, basil, mint, and chillis on the side for all the added flavors you desire.

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2. Pho 75

Damn good pho awaits over in South Philly at the verrrrry laid back Pho 75.
Known to have some of the best and most affordable pho in all of Philly. After ordering, you barely have time to skim Instagram before a delicious bowl of piping hot pho is plopped down in front of you.
The best part? A regular bowl of pho here will set you back just $5.75, and $6.45 for the large. Meaning you can eat here every day without breaking the bank.
Don’t expect apps or sides – they’re strictly a pho place. Cash only, no-frills, just pho.
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3. Nam Phuong

Unlike the last place, Nam Phuong’s menu is as long as your arm and is a staple on Philly’s Vietnamese dining scene. Opt for their deluxe pho with eye-round steak, well-done flank, fat brisket, soft tendon, beef tripe, and beef meatballs. You’ll leave with serious pho belly – warm and happy.

7 Best Places for Pho in Philly
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4. Le Viet

Next up on our pho tour of Philly is Le Viet on 11th Street. A slightly more modern, cocktail serving spot but with as good pho as anywhere else on this list. We recommend the straight-up house pho or the Saigon crab noodle soup. Add an order of Pop’s chicken wings for a hearty and satisfying meal full of delicious Southeast Asian flavors.

7 Best Places for Pho in Philly
Image credit: Le Viet

5. Stock

With locations in both Fishtown and Rittenhouse, Stock is the bomb.com. Particularly when it comes to elevated bowls of aromatic broth, noodles, meat, super fresh veggies, herbs, and other unique toppings. Likewise, their small plates are so good you’ll be licking your plates clean by the end of your meal. Add a Thai iced tea into the mix to cool you down post-pho. We bet you’ll return a few times to sample the whole menu, it’s too intriguing not to.

Other highlights include their cool social media, minimalistic interior design, lovely staff, and dope branding and website – acing the full experience!

7 Best Places for Pho in Philly
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6. Thang Long Noodle

Although it appears the priority at Thang Long Noodle is getting boiling hot bowls of pho onto tables as quickly as possible. They have super friendly service consistently good pho. As does their sister restaurant, Pho House.

There’s a good chance that the main event (your pho!) arrives well before any drinks or apps. And we’re not complaining.

7 Best Places for Pho in Philly

7. Pho Palace

Last but NOT least on this list of the seven best places for pho in Philly is straightforward noodle house, Pho Palace. Offering a variety of classic Vietnamese dishes & banh mi sandwiches, their pho is the crown jewel. 

Go with the white chicken pho which is surprisingly good, or their Pho Tai with steak.

7 Best Places for Pho in Philly
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Well, what are you waiting for? Go get your slurp on.

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