best nightlife in france

7 Places To Go For The Best Nightlife In France

The nightlife in France is varied, vibrant, and eclectic. It’s considered to be some of the best in Europe and you can really find anything here. From cabaret shows to dingy dive bars, there’s a huge mix of variety that makes the nightlife in France so exciting. Whether you’re on a budget or feel like splashing the cash, a great night out is guaranteed here when you know where to go. Here’s where to go for the best nightlife in France.

Best Nightlife in France

1. Paris

It’s no surprise that the capital city has some of the best nightlife in France. From dive bars to some of the most sophisticated clubs in the country, Paris really does have something for everyone. Bastille is a bustling district that has a flavour of lots of different nightlife venues – classy nightclubs, traditional cafes, music venues, dive bars, and more. It’s a great area for bar hopping. Place Vendome is a great district for those looking to splash the cash, with celebrities often frequenting the world-famous bars of this area. The Marais is a historic district that’s evolved into one of Paris’ most dynamic and exciting nightlife areas. It’s also got a huge LGBTQ+ scene. There are many other districts full of bars, clubs, and lounges, including Belleville, Montmarte, Pigalle, St. Germain-des-Pré, and more.

best nightlife in france

2. Bordeaux

When people think of Bordeaux, their mind might go to classy wine bars, vineyard tours, and sophisticated restaurants. While you can find all of this in Bordeaux, there’s also a great selection of places to really let your hair down. It’s known for its wines, but Bordeaux has a thriving nightlife scene that goes beyond wine. Head to the streets of Place de la Victore and Quai de Paludate for a wild night on the town, stopping off at jazz bars, reggae venues, rum bars, Belgian beer pubs, and more. There’s a huge student population in Bordeaux, which means that despite its exclusive reputation, the average price of a night out isn’t actually too extravagant. If you want affordable, student vibes, head to Sénéchal – it’s a super fun, 70s-inspired club.

3. Lyon

Lyon, known as the City of Lights, has a vibrant and diverse nightlife scene. There is so much to explore in this magical city, from the pubs of the Old Town, to the bars of Terreaux Sqaure, to the clubs of Brotteaux. Music enthuasiasts will love Lyon, whether you’re a fan of hip hop, jazz, reggae, classical, and more, there’s something for you here. You’ll find a lot of bars around Confluence, as well as along the river fronts.

best nightlife in france

4. Marseille

Marseille is one of the most culturally diverse cities in France, with many people from this city considering themselves to be ‘Marseillais’ rather than French. This southern port city has over 300 days of sunshine, so visitors can pretty much always enjoy open-air bars and clubs, which bring this vibrant city alive. Place Thiars and Vieux Port are two of the city’s most popular nightlife districts, with a range of sophisticated lounges, underground clubs, live music venues, and more.

5. Cannes

Cannes is world-famous for its glamour, exclusivity, and prestige. But it also has some of the best nightlife in France. From glitzy rooftop bars to cabaret clubs, this city comes alive with sparkly lights come nightfall. Most of the nightlife is contained to the city centre, and probably has the most variety for a visitor. If you fancy splashing the cash, head to the district of Le Suquet. You might even rub shoulders with celebrities, especially during Cannes Film Festival.

6. Nice

Nice is a great option for those who want to experience the beauty of the French Riviera, but are on a slightly smaller budget. The iconic Promenade des Anglais is lined with pubs, bars, and eateries for a beautiful night spent on the waterfront. If you want something more raucous, head into Nice Old Town for small bars, where people spill out onto the street. There’s even some clubs in the Old Town, or go back to Promenade des Anglais to let your hair down on the dancefloor.

best nightlife in france

7. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is teeming with students looking for a good time, so the city has developed into a fun, good-natured place. It’s also fairly affordable, thanks to its young population, and there’s always something going on. The city has historically been a part of Germany and France, so you can feel the German influence in the nightlife here. It’s buzzing and diverse, with a mix of low-key bars selling artisinal beers and late-night karaoke spots.

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