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7 Unmissable Things To Do In Genoa

While it may not have the reputation of the bigger Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, or Naples, there are still many fantastic things to do in Genoa. Known for being a port city, this smaller town will warm your heart with the great things to see and do here.

These are the seven things you’ll need to check out when you’re in Genoa.

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1. Stroll Down Via Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi is their Genoa’s most important street and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This street is known for the different palaces and intricate architecture.

One of the more interesting palaces to see on this street is the Palazzo Rosso which sports a decorative red and orange facade.

Via Garibaldi Genoa

2. Check out San Lorenzo Cathedral

San Lorenzo Cathedral is a medieval cathedral built in 1118. It’s architecture looks similar to the Florence Cathedral and inside, there are some fantastic paintings to see that are also relics in their own right.

This cathedral is commonly known as Genoa Cathedral so check it out while you’re here.

San Lorenzo Cathedral

3. Have a drink at Piazza De Ferrari

Piazza de Ferrari is situated in the centre of their old town and is the city’s central square. There’s lots to do here with restaurants and bars everywhere and a vibrant atmosphere here at night.

Take in the lively atmosphere here in the evening and then swing by a restaurant for dinner and a bar for drinks after.

Piazza de Ferrari Genoa

4. See the Porta Soprana

Genoa’s once expansive city walls were once the longest city walls in all of Italy. While most of the walls are gone today, the Porta Soprana gatehouse and towers still stand there.

These towers are quite tall and you’ll be able to notice them from other parts of Genoa.

Porta Soprana Genoa

5. Visit Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale is a palace dedicated to aristocratic families and has been their primary residence. Today, this palace is open to tourists and much of the furniture and decor from the 17th century remain intact.

Come to this palace to see how the elite lived centuries ago and see what 17th century decor looked like.

Palazzo Reale Genoa

6. Stop by the Maritime Museum

Being an influential port city in Italy, the Maritime Museum pays homage to their location next to the sea. This museum is fascinating for the artefacts it has and reconstructions of different boats and vessels.

The best part of this Museum is definitely the Italian military submarine that you can take a tour in.

Maritime Museum Genoa

7. Check out D’Albertis Castle

D’Albertis Castle has been around for over 130 years and from this castle, it offers fantastic views of Genoa. Inside the Castle, there is a wealth of amazing art from around the world. From Chinese, African, and even Mayan artefacts are all on display here.

Come to this castle for some amazing views and a cultural art lesson inside!

D'Albertis Castle Genoa

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