Alabama chicken wings

The 7 Best Spots For Chicken Wings In Alabama

Alabama chicken wings are among the best in the country so we set out to find where to find the best portions in the state.

If there’s one dish that brings pleasure to the masses, it has to be a humble portion of chicken wings. Something so simple, yet with so many varieties that never fails to deliver happiness. The fact that you usually wash them down with some beer is just an added bonus…

All over America wings are served in bars, restaurants, diners and cafes as a staple food that we all know and love. Here are the best Alabama chicken wings

Best Chicken Wings in AlabamaHow do these rankings work?

1. Big White Wings – Prichard

With 16 different sauces to choose from (including Italian ranch, hot honey mustard or classic buffalo), wing fiends are in for a real treat at Big White Wings. They have seriously good comfort food on the menu, including the wings, which are plump on the inside with seriously juicy meat, yet crispy and perfectly crunchy on the outside.

2. VooDoo Wing Company – Auburn

At VooDoo Wing Company, you create your own chicken wing destiny. Choose from traditional or boneless wings, then pick your sauce (we like the mango habanero) and finally, pick a dipping sauce. You can dip these meaty beauties in ranch, blue cheese or honey mustard.

3. Wemo’s Famous Wings – Mobile

Wemo’s Famous Wings are famous in Mobile for good reason: they’re some of the tastiest wings in Alabama. There’s 28 different sauces you can choose to slather on the wings, from Jamaican jerk to sriracha glaze. You’ll want plenty of napkins as they are a messy-but-delicious eat.

4. Island Wing Company – Gulf Shores

Their big selling point is that they focus on baking the wings rather than frying them, so you end up with a much healthier option. With sauces as tasty as theirs you don’t miss out on one bit of flavour. Seriously good comfort food.

5. Jefferson’s – Albertville

When it comes to wings, you know you’ll always be able to satisfy your wing craving here. With a selection of 20+ signature sauces for their award winning Double Dipped Wings that you can only find at Jefferson’s, this is a classic spot for a feast.

Alabama chicken wings

6. Sky Castle – Birmingham

Sky Castle is a sports bar where they serve up some of the tastiest and most comforting food you could ever wish for. The burgers are a big hit, but for a real treat focus on the wings.

Crispy on the outside and wonderfully juicy and tender on the inside, they go perfectly alongside an ice cold beer.

Alabama chicken wings

7. Hog Wild BBQ – Gulf Shores

Hog Wild BBQ is mad about all things meat, taking their wings to the next level with a proper BBQ smokey flavour. They have seriously good comfort food on the menu including the wings which have seriously juicy meat, and are perfectly crunchy on the outside. The restaurant was destroyed in a recent storm but is due to reopen before the end of 2020 – hopefully ASAP!

Alabama chicken wings

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