American Style Hot Dogs

7 American-Style Hot Dogs You Have To Try

American-style hot dogs are an iconic snack in the States, with everyone having their favourite way – no mustard, extra onions, hold the ketchup… Most people might think of the classic NY style dog or a Chicago hot dog, but there are plenty of alternatives.

Typically, the regional hot dogs are focused are specific cities. With travel not being straightforward at the moment, we wanted to share some recipes from the world’s top food bloggers. They’ve gone to the trouble of meticulously recreating some of the tastiest US hot dogs right down to the very last detail.

You are in for a real treat: as soon as you sink your teeth into these American style hot dogs you will be in food heaven!

American Style Hot Dogs

1. Homemade Chili Cheese Dogs

As if hot dogs weren’t tasty enough, some genius decided to add chilli and cheese loaded on top. It really doesn’t get much better in life than eating one of these.

Recipe created by Michelle.

2. Cheddar Pretzel Hot Dogs

Hot dogs wrapped in a soft pretzel and covered with shredded cheddar cheese.  Add in some good mustard for dipping, and you’ve got one heck of a fun meal.

Recipe created by David.

3. Jalapeño Pretzel Dogs

These Jalapeño Pretzel Dogs are easy, crowd-pleasing snacks that come together with just a few simple ingredients — making them perfect for your game day gathering.

Recipe created by Blair.

4. Chicago Style Hot Dog

This recipe relies on the classic ingredients and finding the perfect soft bun and sausage combo is essential. Melt in the mouth good.

Recipe created by Andrea.

5. Philly Mushroom Swiss Hot Dog

This Philly mushroom Swiss hot dog is an easy and tasty way to dress up your dog. Onions, peppers, mushrooms and Swiss cheese make the perfect complement to a salty sausage.

Recipe created by Denise.

American Style Hot Dogs

6. Macaroni & Cheese Hot Dogs

To say these dogs come fully loaded with delicious toppings would be the understatement of the year. Combining two all-time American classics for a huge flavour explosion!

Recipe created by Ashlyn.

American Style Hot Dogs

7. New York Style Hot Dog

Enjoy a taste of New York City with these sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard laden New York Style Hot Dogs. It just doesn’t get much more classical or tasty than this.

Recipe created by Grace.

American Style Hot Dogs

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