Kangaroo Golf Club: In Australia

Play Golf With 300 Kangaroos On This Course In Australia

No, this is not #fakenews. There’s a very special golf course in Australia where you can play a few holes in the company of 300 kangaroos. The kangaroo golf club has all the usual features of your average golf course, but with some very furry caddies.

Anglesea Golf Course, not too far from Melbourne, is best known for its viral attraction – the kangaroos provide incredible photo opportunities for visitors. The 18 hole golf course is one of the most unique course you’ll ever play at.

The kangaroo golf club has a resident population of 300 Eastern Grey kangaroos

The kangaroos roam freely across the course, so be careful when you’re taking that shot. And remember:  Kangaroos are very social animals, but they can also be quite aggressive if they feel threatened.

So don’t get too close trying to get those snaps for the ‘gram.

Kangaroo golf club:

You can take kangaroo tours of the green to get up close to the ‘roos

On the guided tour, the drivers will share interesting facts while taking you to the best areas for photos where kangaroos graze and rest.

If you’re lucky, you might even see a joey (baby kangaroo), peeking from its mother’s pouch!


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And the golf course itself is nothing short of spectacular…

kangaroo golf club

The course has 42 bunkers, 3 practice fairways, 2 practice putting greens and a 6-bay driving range. But let’s be honest – the fact that it’s a kangaroo golf club is reason alone to visit.


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