Asias Busiest Airports at Christmas

Asia’s 7 Busiest Airports At Christmas

According to data compiled by Buyagift last year regarding the scheduled flights of passengers from December 21st to the 25th, there are certain airports in Asia that you’ll definitely want to avoid if you’re travelling this holiday season.

Or, if you can’t avoid flying through them, at least make sure they’re one of the world’s most festive airports so you’ll be able to enjoy a bit of holiday cheer as you brave the crowds. At the very least, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the hoards of people you’ll encounter at the security gate line.

This holiday season, prepare to get to the airport well in advance if you’re travelling through and one of Asia’s seven busiest airports at Christmas.

Asia’s Busiest Airports At ChristmasHow do these rankings work?

1. Beijing Capital International

The Beijing Capital International Airport was ranked as the No. 1 busiest airport at Christmas last year. A whopping 1,688,391 travellers were expected to arrive or depart from this world-famous airport. China, in general, was ranked as one of the busiest countries in the world during the holiday, expecting to welcome over 52,000 flights during peak holiday travel dates.

Asias Busiest Airports at Christmas

2. Dubai International Airport

Dubai’s warm climate makes it a no-brainer for a holiday travel destination. And, it seems as though thousands of other travellers agree. Last year, the Dubai International Airport took the No. 2 spot in terms of busiest airports at Christmas. It was expected to receive a total of 1,581,362 visitors in the days leading up to Christmas. Talk about crowded.

Busiest Airports in Asia

3. Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

The Tokyo Haneda Airport took the No. 4, beat barely by Atlanta’s airport in the United States in terms of busiest airport. 1,445,600 total travellers booked tickets to arrive through or depart from this airport. Thankfully, the Tokyo airport features delightful decorations at Christmas. So, if you’ve got to pass through here then at least you can pass the time by marvelling at the decorations.

4. Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

In terms of flight numbers, the Jakarta International Airport was the second busiest airport in Asia during Christmas, beat only by the Beijing Capital International Airport. Nearly 7,000 flights arrived or departed from the Jakarta airport last Christmas, making it one super hot spot for holiday travellers.

5. Hong Kong International Airport

As mentioned, stats showed that China was one of the busiest countries for international travellers at Christmas time. And, seeing as 52,000 flights arrived or departed from China during the holiday season, it makes sense that the Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia at Christmas.

6. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

In terms of busiest cities, Shanghai was the busiest Asian city for international travel last year. Its ranked sixth overall in the world, with over 9,000 flights either arriving or departing from the city’s massive airport. Bangkok and Tokyo followed in terms of amount of flights to go through cities during the holidays.

7. Singapore Changi Airport

The Singapore Changi Airport might be one of Asia’s busiest airports at Christmas, but it’s also one of the most festive airports. Close to 1.2 million people were set to arrive or depart from this famous airport last year. But, at least they could enjoy some of the world’s most impressive airport holiday destinations.

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