Australian Dishes

7 Australian Dishes You Have To Try

Even if you never get the chance to travel Down Under, these Australian Dishes will transport you to the country via the medium of food. With so much amazing produce and super talented chefs in the country, Australia’s foodie scene is gaining global acclaim. While modern Australian dishes draw on inspiration from cultures around the world, the classic – ie. traditional – food here includes lamb, savoury meat pies and barbecue fare.

We’re sharing some of the best classic recipes from Oz. These recipes aren’t just any recipes either, as they have been created by the world’s top food bloggers. The best of the best. Make sure check out the other great dishes on their sites too.

You will instantly fall in love with these Australian dishes from the very first bite. Time to put the apron on and get into that kitchen…

The Best Australian Dishes

1. Australian Meat Pie

A tried and true Australian meat pie that will make you want to visit the Land from Down Under! With a buttery and flaky crust made from frozen puff pastry, this pie is sure to please.

Recipe created by Eva.

2. Australian Sausage Rolls

Australian sausage rolls are always full of veggies. They’re actually a fantastic way to sneak them in for picky kids. This recipe uses spinach, onion, carrot, and garlic. Sprigs of rosemary gives some great herb flavour.

Recipe created by Jeanie And Lulu.

3. Chicken Parma

Baked chicken parmesan that’s tender and juicy inside and crispy on the outside. Although it originally comes from Italy, the Aussies have pretty much made it their own.

Recipe created by Nicky.

4. Homemade Tim Tams

This homemade version of the classic Australian Tim Tam is completely dairy-free and vegan. With a creamy chocolate malt filling sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits and coated in more chocolate, this is the perfect treat for all the chocolate lovers.

Recipe created by Sally.

5. Aussie Burgers

The Aussie Burger is a national icon, close to many Australians’ hearts and stomachs.  Beetroot is a must, but the question is, a true Aussie burger with the lot or not? Either way, you will love them.

Recipe created by Sara.

Australian Dishes

6. Australian Curried Sausage

Enjoy the ‘Best Ever Australian Curried Sausages’ for seriously good comfort food, Aussie style. Grilled sausages, onion slivers and green peas smothered in a thick curry gravy – it’s a satisfying and nourishing dinner everybody will love.

Recipe created by Laura And Sarah.

Australian Dishes

7. Pavola

It’s the wonderful dessert that both Australians and New Zealanders call their own. This pavlova recipe creates pav perfection, with a smooth and fluffy marshmallow centre encased in a delicate and crisp meringue shell.

Recipe created by Libby.

Australian Dishes

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