Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Hotdog

Daily Drool #14: Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hotdog With Fries And Cheese

When you think of hotdogs you probably think of a pretty boring sausage and bun served with a few fried onions, right? Well not today, as we introduce you to an insane bacon-wrapped stuffed hotdog. which is the very definition of food porn.

This beauty comes loaded with fries and with cheese sauce poured over the whole creation. You’ll be standing in line absolutely drooling waiting for this…

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hotdog

You’ll find this wonderful creation in Dirt Dog in Los Angeles, a popular hotdog joint that often has lines out the door waiting for their food.

Of course, if you don’t think you can fit all that in your mouth in one go you could be more sensible and get the fries on the side. But what’s the fun in that?

We reckon go the full hog: a loaded hot dog and loaded fries on the side. You’d want a serious appetite for that meal though!

They also have a chorizo chilli dog which looks like it is absolutely off the charts in terms of taste…

Dirt Dog also serve tacos, loaded fries, corn, amazing desserts and the good news is you can wash it all down with beer when here too. This genuinely might just be the perfect restaurant. The only issue we see is getting that Instagram shot before you bite into the gorgeous food.

Let’s take one last look at that perfect bacon-wrapped stuffed hotdog with the fries getting shoved in and loaded with cheese.


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