The 7 Best Hamburg-Bars

The 7 Best Bars In Hamburg

The port city of Hamburg is one of the most beautiful and lesser-discovered German gems. With a mixture of canals crisscrossing the city and lots of open parkland, it makes for a great place to travel to.

Hamburg bars make up a great part of its charm, with some of the best nightlife in the country. We’ve rounded up the 7 very best so you can have a magical night out with your friends.

Hamburg Bars

1. Le Lion, Bar de Paris

A brilliant cocktail bar that’s most famous for their drink the “Basil Smash”, which is an absolute must try when there. A wonderfully dark and seductive cocktail bar where the design and lighting makes it feel as if you’re in a movie, as the cocktail is pushed across the counter and you speak in hushed tones.

Le Lion Hamburg-Bars

2. Skyline Bar 20up

This is the place to come at sunset to get a great view of the city and enjoy quality drinks. Come early to ensure you get one of the seats around the window with your friends for the perfect view.

Skyline Bar 20up In Hamburg

3. Klimperkiste

The perfect spot to come for a late night out, they serve food and beer until 4am. A seriously atmospheric spot where you might even be able to have a go on the piano if you are good enough.

 Klimperkiste Bars In Hamburg

4. Clockers

An intimate cocktail bar that has a focus on gin. Not only do they serve lovely gin cocktails, they also do tastings to help educate their customers. A lovely place to spend some time supping drinks with friends in one of the great Hamburg bars.

Clockers Hamburg-Bars

5. Le Fonque

A proper cosy dive bar that comes to life in the evenings. A haven for music lovers, their dedication to all things vinyl gives them place a wonderful atmospheric feel and ensures the room is always buzzing.

 Le Fonque Hamburg-Bars

6. StrandPauli

When the sun shines from spring onward, this is the place to be. Situated along the docks they serve great food and drinks – you could easily imagine yourself being in the Caribbean. The sort of place where you never want to go home because you are having so much fun.

StrandPauli Bars In Hamburg

7. Glanz & Gloria at Schmidts TIVOLI

It’s like stepping back into the 1920s at this wonderful oasis in what can otherwise be a slightly seedy area. Great drinks, a buzzing atmosphere and a room that is always full of interesting people.

Glanz & Gloria at Schmidts Bar

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