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7 Essential Airport Tips To Save You Time

Travel can be stress–especially when you need to make a connection after flying in from another city. Breeze through to your flight with these need-to-know airport tips.

These memberships, tools and tricks will keep you moving swiftly to your next gate to make the connection.

Breeze Through the Airport with These Tips

1. Register for CLEAR

CLEAR is similar to TSA pre-check, but it checks you identity so you can bypass the security line and go straight for the bins at the x-ray machine. Rather than waiting for a TSA agent to check your method of identification and boarding pass, you can visit one of the stations to scan your eyes and fingerprints. After that breeze through security and on to your gate.

airport hacks

2. Sign up for Global Entry

Global Entry makes trips through the airport faster and easier in two different ways. First, Global Entry puts you on the list for TSA pre-check, though it isn’t guaranteed. That will get you through security faster without the hassle of removing your belt or shoes or even your liquids and laptop from your bags.

The second way it helps is by speeding up the customs process when entering the U.S. after being abroad. The expedited process means you get to go to a shorter line after getting your receipt from a kiosk. So, keep breezing through the airport to baggage.

airport hacks

3. Streamline your carry-on

Having a good carry-on that lets you roll through the airport quickly is a must. But, being organised and streamlining your bag is very important to keep you moving through security and on to the gate. The best tip is to pack all non-liquid toiletries into your carry-on. It’s also helpful once you reach your destination if your clothes are packed so that what you need first is on top.

airport hacks

4. Organize your personal item

Just as you should keep all of your non-liquid toiletries in your carry-on, all liquids should be backed in your personal item–along with all electronics too, if there’s room. Keeping everything that might have to come out of your bag close while going through security will make sure you keep moving.

You also are less likely to encounter further security measures should the agent have trouble seeing something questionable like peanut butter, toothpaste or hand sanitiser on the screen.

5. Choose your shoes wisely

Comfortable shoes for travel do more than keep your feet happy. Choosing the right shoes to wear to the airport can also speed up security for you. Heels and boots have to be removed and scanned, but tennis shoes and other flats can be worn while going through security most of the time.

When a connection is close or you’re running late, those few extra minutes and seconds can add up. Plus, does anyone ever really want to take off their shoes and walk around bare-footed or in sock feet?

6. Use a travel wallet

Many travel document organisers double as travel wallets. And having one place where all of your most valuable items are–passport, cash, credit cards, boarding passes–will give you peace of mind. It’s an easy way to keep everything together in your hand without danger of dropping anything or having it picked out of a bag.

7. Check-in online

While there are reasons to avoid checking in early to your flight, there are several advantages. First and foremost, it’s one less line you have to stand in, which gets you to and through security faster. The best advantage, however, is the chance for a better seat or even an upgrade.

Molly Harris

Molly Harris is a freelance travel journalist dividing her time between the United States and the Western Balkans.

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