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The 7 Best Places For Barbecue In Plano

It’s no secret that Texas is known throughout the nation for their incredible barbecue. Meats smoke to the high heavens, spicy sausages and burnt end brisket are just a few of their drool-worthy staples. If you are looking to satisfy your barbecue craving in Plano, Texas, head to either of these local favourites. Whether you are looking for classic Texas barbecue or Korean table-style, we have you in mind. Here are the best places for barbecue in Plano.

Best Places For Barbecue In Plano, TexasHow do these rankings work?

1. Lockhart Smokehouse

If you are looking for traditional smoky brisket and juicy, fall off the bone ribs, look no further than Lockhart Smokehouse. Their speciality is Central Texas BBQ with a great variety of meats and smoked sausage. Be sure to order their burnt ends and habanero mac and cheese.

lockhart plano texas barbecue

2. Winner’s BBQ

Despite being relatively new to the area, Winners BBQ has developed quite the cult following. This sports-themed BBQ joint is famous for their mouthwatering cuts that are tender, juicy, tangy and savoury all at the same time. We recommend their pulled pork and beef brisket ordered by the pound finished off with their world-famous banana pudding.

winners lockhart plano texas barbecue

3. Kenny’s Smoke House

Treat yourself to a barbecue feast at Kenny’s Smoke House. While they specialise in other meats like prime rib and fresh seafood, their Texas barbecue is what makes the place sing. Chow down on some pit-smoked brisket with their house-smoked bourbon Old Fashioned. With a slogan like ‘every day is a holiday, and every meal is a feast’ you’ll definitely be taken care of.

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4. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s barbecue is famous throughout the nation as being the most successful barbecue chain and not without reason. Travis Dickey started the very first Dickeys in 1941, and to this day they still prioritise responsibly raised and sourced meat that is always smoked on-site. Hop on over for their Old School Plate and some cornbread muffins.

dickeys plano texas barbecue

5. Jin Korean BBQ

Jin Korean BBQ brings a little bit of Seoul to Plano with traditional grill at your table style barbecue. Take your pick from their huge bulgogi variety or treat yourself to their sliced samgyupsal. Finish it all off with makgeolli or shikeh. Either way, you’ll definitely be back for seconds.

jin korean plano texas barbecue

6. Carlton Provisions

This Legacy Hall staple serves up some of the best smoked meats in Plano. Take your pick from their Elgin sausage with cheddar and jalapeno or their marble-y brisket. Be sure to save room for their stuffed jalapenos and 17-hour beans, too!

carlton provisions plano texas barbecue

7. Gyu Kaku

This Japanese joint is a Plano staple and loved for their all you can eat barbecues. Take your pick of traditional Japanese meats, roast them right at your table and eat to your heart’s content. If table barbecue isn’t your thing, sink your teeth into some of their kitchen made barbecue items. We suggest the yaki-shabu beef and the umakara ribeye.

gyukaku plano texas barbecue

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