7 Of The Best Bars In Porto

Porto is famous for two things: the stunning views along the banks of the river Douro and the ever-famous port wine. And, lucky for you, most of the best bars in Porto serve up both river views and great Port wine. 

Whether you’re looking for a quiet cocktail as you watch riverboats pass by or fancy a more elegant experience at one of the city’s older bars, we’ve got you covered. 

Ready to explore the night? Check out any of these seven best bars in Porto for a true Portuguese experience.

Best Bars In PortoHow do these rankings work?

1. Capela Incomum

Housed inside of an old nineteenth-century chapel you’ll find one of the best bars in Porto. Capela Incomum truly is a work of art, and you’re going to thank heavens every time you down any of the delicious drinks on their menu.

2. Bonaparte Downtown

If you love dimly-lit, truly authentic bars in cities you’ve never been to, then head to Bonaparte Downtown. They’re famous for the antique decorations as well as for their long list of whiskey, beer, and finely-crafted cocktails.

3. Miradouro Ignez

Remember those river views we were talking about? Miradouro Ignez has then, and boy are they jaw-dropping. Head here for a casual afternoon cocktail on the terrace. Enjoy watching riverboats pass by and stay for the spectacular sunset.

4. Terrace Lounge 360º 

Because this bar is a little bit outside of the main area of the city, the 360-degree rooftop view provides you with the most stunning views of Porto. If you fancy trying the local Port wine, then we suggest doing it here as they’ve got plenty of Port-based cocktails for you to taste.

5. The Gin House

If you’re a fan of gin, then there’s no other place for you in Porto aside from The Gin House. They’re kind of experts, serving over 150 types of gin. The bar itself is lively and chic, which makes it the perfect stop before you head out to one of Porto’s clubs.

6. Base

No trip to Porto during the spring or summer months is complete without enjoying a fancy glass of wine at this open-air bar. Base is one of the best bars in Porto, but it’s also one of the most comfortable. Getting tipsy’s a whole lot easier when you can stretch out on a manicured lawn.

7. Letraria

The craft beer craze is alive and well in Porto and Letraria is proof of that. Here, you can order from over 100 different types of beer, and we suggest trying as many as you can handle. This is the perfect place for pre-partying beers or an evening of sampling.

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