No. 1 Best Burger in Madison, WI

The 7 Best Burgers in Madison

The people of Wisconsin take their burgers very seriously, which is why they vote on the best burgers in Madison each year. 

From flamboyant and gourmet to the more hometown, classic burgers, Wisconsin’s capital city serves up some of the most delicious slabs of ground beef in the Midwestern USA.

Have we got your taste buds tingling yet? Good. Now head to any one of these seven spots where you can devour the best burgers in Madison, Wisconsin.

Best Burgers In MadisonHow do these rankings work?

1. Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry

A local radio show actually did pretty in-depth research and testing to find out that the best burgers in Madison are at Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry. Even travellers on TripAdvisor agree. We suggest crafting your own burger. But, be sure not to forget to smother it all in one of Dotty’s special sauces.

No. 1 Best Burger in Madison, WI

2. The Village Bar

Okay, so the radio show technically ended up voting for The Village Bar as having the best burgers in Madison, but according to our polls and other sources, Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry beat them out for this list. However, the burgers are amongst the best in the entire Midwest, especially considering how simple yet intricate the flavours are.

Where to Find Good Burgers in Madison

3. The Old Fashioned

According to TripAdvisor, Old Fashioned actually serves the best burgers in Madison. According to locals and chefs in Wisconsin, their burgers are actually pretty great, even though their menu only offers three to choose from. You won’t need more than three choices, as they all come served hot on toasted, buttered buns and are unique enough to keep you headed back for more.

4. Heritage Tavern

One chef famously wrote that at Heritage Tavern, Wisconsin’s finest ingredients meet global inspiration and culinary excellence. After taking just one bite of the burgers here, we think you’ll agree. The burgers here are unpretentiously gourmet and always cooked to perfection.

5. Weary Traveler Freehouse

The most famous burger on the menu at this local Madison eatery is Bob’s Bad Breath Burger. It’s a juicy chunk of half-pound of ground beef that’s smothered, topped, and drizzled in ingredients such as Pickapeppa sauce and cream cheese. If that weren’t enough, you can also dip their delicious pan-fried potatoes in whatever sauce drips off your burger.

Gourmet Burgers in Madison

6. Graze

We (and locals) love Graze because they not only serve some of the tastiest burgers in Madison, but they also cater to vegetarians. Their Graze Burger is nice and juicy, but their Pub Burger is a unique veggie burger that uses beets and walnuts as the base. Elegance and creativity are key here. For example, they use a caramelized onion-cabernet sauce for the Graze Burger. It’s bougie and delicious.


DLUX is a great place for burgers, amongst many other things, such as craft cocktails and creamy milkshakes, and a superb dining atmosphere. Their beef burgers are always perfectly cooked, and the choice of toppings is varied enough to suit any taste. However, we suggest sampling the Farmhouse Burger.

Best Burgers in Madison Wisconsin

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