Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

The 25 Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

To celebrate the best jerk chicken and all-round delish dishes, we’ve rounded up the best Caribbean restaurants in the UK.

Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of African, Creole, Cajun, West Indian, and many, many more droolworthy flavours, all mixed into a unique style of cooking that you’ll find in islands across the Caribbean. And, luckily, thanks to both new and old generations of people moving to the UK, you’ll also find this incredible food all across the country.

From the famous hotspots such as Brixton and Notting Hill to lesser-known Caribbean food joints, we guarantee you will be won over by the show-stopping food in these places. Only good vibes and even better grub ahead…

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UKHow do these rankings work?

25th. Caribé Restaurant & Bar – Nottingham

You’re in experienced hands at this upscale eatery, with top chefs from Jamaica serving up authentic flavours from Jamaica and the Caribbean. Dig into a huge variety of dishes for every taste such as curried mutton, jerk chicken, fish and vegan dishes like sweet potato patties.

As for drinks? You surely can’t say no to some proper homemade punch…

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

24th. Leave It To Esmie – Coventry

Esmie’s, as it’s locally known, perfectly brings the essence and flavour of the Caribbean to Coventry and beyond. The menu is super authentic, stays close to the owner’s roots and is inspired by family recipes. Highlights include an Oxtail stew, stewed down in a rich dark sauce of tomatoes, herbs ‘n’ spices, and finished off with butter beans and delicious ‘spinners’ (tiny dumplings).

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

23rd. Mullins Brasserie – Margate

This is something a little different to what you might expect: Mullins Brasserie has an interesting menu of modern European cuisine with a hint of the Caribbean – chef-owner Antonio Forde hails from the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados and has added elements of Caribbean flavours and techniques into his menu.

Think: jerk chicken breast with vegetable polenta and roasted figs.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

22nd. Aunt Sally’s Caribbean Food – Birmingham

For over 20 years, Aunt Sally’s has cooked up moreish Caribbean cuisine, cooked with premium local produce for fiery, flavourful dishes. In addition to favourites such as Jerk Chicken, there are several unique offerings like succulent Fried Snapper. It’s a popular place to eat in and takeaway, and is a real local favourite for proper Caribbean eats in Birmingham.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

21st. Jammin Jerk Hut – Bournemouth 

For true Jamaican vibes in Bournemouth, you have to pay Jammin Jerk Hut a visit. Not only is it the best Caribbean restaurant in the area, it’s also one of the best Caribbean restaurants in the UK. As the name suggests, the jerk chicken here is divine. It’s marinated for 24 hours and has the perfect char.

Other highlights include the Ackee & Saltfish, the national dish of Jamaica.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

20th. Ayanna’s – London

For some fine dining Caribbean style, you’ll never go wrong with dinner at Ayanna’s. It’s a beautiful restaurant with a gourmet menu of tasty dishes from the islands. Their chicken stew is a hearty dish of caramelised chicken, carrots, thyme, onion & rich sauce, while the braised oxtail with butter beans and a rich sauce is also a must-order.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

19th. Rudie’s – London

Want a bit of eclectic fun with your food? Rudie’s is the place to come. The food and drink at Rudie’s are a mix of delicious Jamaican classics and playful creations, located in a slick East London setting. Get ready to dig into a real feast. It’s the spicy-sweet taste of tender charcoal grilled and smoked jerk cooking, refreshing Jamaican beers and rums.

18th. Devon House Jamaican Restaurant & Bar – Birmingham

For some of the most authentic Caribbean food in Birmingham, Devon House is a wonderful restaurant. It serves up a wide range of traditional Jamaican dishes marinated and cooked with some of the most natural seasonings and herbs, all with homemade sauces.

Our top picks? The Caribbean beans cooked in a spicy tomato and coconut sauce with baby spinners.

17th. Cottons – London

With four locations across the city, Cottons is a Caribbean institution in London and easily one of the best Caribbean restaurants in the UK. Cottons’ food, drink and trademark colourful interiors are all totally tropical, centred around an innovative Caribbean menu inspired by islands from Jamaica to Margarita.

Delicious dishes include the popular vegetarian dish Chaguanas Dinner Plate: chana dhal curry served with black eyed bean, chick pea and callaloo fritters, and plantain.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

16th. Raggas Caribbean Cafe – Liverpool

Raggas is a family-run restaurant that started off on a shoestring in 2006 and now proudly holds claim to being one of our top Caribbean restaurants in the UK. Fresh authentic flavours and innovative twists on classics recipes makes it stand out. The stewed steak with sweet potatoes is heavenly, as is their West Indian-style chicken curry.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

15th. RiveRLife – Edinburgh, Scotland

This must-eat spot is a French-Caribbean restaurant, that’s a fun place to come to if you want a slightly more formal feast. Gourmet mains include pan-friend tiger prawns in garlic and butter, with a set lunch menu that includes coconut, almond and coriander fish. The funky cocktails and murals add to the tropical vibe.

14th. Dougy’s – Manchester

Dougy’s Caribbean takeaway has been a Manchester staple since opening in 1991, serving up some of the city’s best Jamaican eats. It’s still family-owned, and still cooks up incredible family recipes using both Jamaican and local ingredients. Grab a box of curried or fried chicken to go. Oh, and don’t forget a piece of homemade rum cake for dessert.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

13th. Mama Putt African-Caribbean Restaurant – Saint Leonards-on-sea

This the sort of restaurant that’s worth driving especially for. Mama Putt’s serves up a a modern west African and Caribbean menu, with dishes that taste as good as they look. Chefs put a creative spin on traditional flavours, such as the Scotch Bonnet Egg with Plantains. It’s simple and elegant, and always sublime.

12th. Three Little Birds – London

As the Bob Marley-esque name suggest, Three Little Birds is a Jamaican inspired restaurant. The colourful place is all about serving small plates, bottomless brunch and specialises in rum cocktails. The dishes are designed to share, so it’s the perfect place to come with mates for either brunch, lunch or dinner.

11th. Ryan’s Kitchen – Leeds

Ryan’s Kitchen has brought Caribbean fare to the masses of Leeds, keeping flavoured authentic while toning down the spice levels slightly. But don’t worry, they have a couple of spicy dishes for those who love the traditional heat! Highlights on the menu here include the peppered steak and tender boneless chicken in a BBQ gravy.

10th. Mama Rita’s Kitchen – Plymouth

This family-run place (officially known as the Afro Caribbean Pot) has been open since 2011, dishing up fiery Afro Caribbean fusion food to Plymouth. Locals rave about the handmade dumplings, but the entire menu is packed full of fresh, fragrant exotic dishes. You’ll soon be a regular.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

9th. Indies Caribbean Restaurant and Bar – Southampton

Indies is a contemporary and trendy restaurant and bar that excels in Caribbean street food. The bright and flavourful dishes make it one of the best Caribbean restaurants in the UK. One bite of their salted cod fritters, ginger beer batter fish ‘n’ chips or crayfish mac and cheese will turn you into a lifetime fan.

8th. Ma Petite Jamaica – London

Get down to Ma Petite Jamaica for a laid-back evening of quality beer, cocktails and “full-belly” meals. Plus, the restaurant often has live music playing for its guests and the cocktail list features a selection of rum-filled delights. Must-order dishes include the jerk red snapper and cassava wedges.

7th. Kool Runnings – Inverness, Scotland

This no-frills, all flavour Jamaican restaurant in Inverness is the real deal. Closely guarded “mama’s secret recipes” make dishes such as Curried Goat, Jerk Chicken, Rasta Pasta, Rice&Pea, Plantain and Ackee taste absolutely incredible. Staff are a real pleasure and make eating here almost like you’re in Jamaica itself.

6th. Negril – London

Negril is easily one of the most authentic Caribbean restaurants in the UK, with plenty of proper home cooking dishes in the kitchen. The Ital stew is a firm favourite: a Rastafarian dish of vegetables, pulses and spices. Super hungry? You can’t go wrong with the Negril platter of half Jerk chicken, plantains, rice and peas, gravy, coleslaw, mix salad, chips and saltfish fritters.

5th. Irie Shack, Cathays – Cardiff

Cardiff might not be the first place that springs to mind for authentic Caribbean eats, but Irie Shack is smashing it. They serve traditional Caribbean cuisine, including jerk chicken, authentic curries, classic gourmet burgers, salads and wraps. There’s plenty of great things to share and small bites too. We love the Rasta Rice with saltfish, long grain rice, jerk spices, bell peppers and ackee.

4th . Dutch Pot – Brighton

This local takeaway joint will leave you seriously satisfied with a full belly of tropical bites to eat. All of the food is cooked to perfection in traditional Jamaican style, and while the menu might be small, it’s fantastic. Chow down on fried dumplings, plantains and jerk marinated meats. Our tip? Order extra as you’ll want to eat as much of this as you can.

3rd. Pull Up Bar Cafe – Manchester

This new spot from one of the former owners of popular Drop Bar Cafe is shaking things up in the city with its delicious menu of Caribbean dishes. Expect good vibes only and a wonderfully boozy rum punch, as well as the popular ‘Reggae Roast’ every Sunday.

2nd. Fish, Wings and Tings Brixton – London

Brixton’s go-to spot for all things tropical. It takes food from the Caribbean region, taking regional and street food and turning it into trendy dishes that still retain authentic flavours. The codfish fritters with a ginger and lime aioli are a standout, as is the curried mutton with rice and peas and a delicious pineapple and mango chutney.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

1st. Spiced Roots Restaurant – Oxford

Spiced Roots Restaurant is an amazing spot for food from Trinidad to Jamaica and beyond, with an extensive rum menu of special cocktails to boot. It’s a gourmet take on traditional recipes, with heaps of creativity. Feast on the Guyanese beef pepper pot with cornmeal dumplings, glazed vegetables with thyme and orange gremolata. As for drinks? The rum bar has you sorted with unique rum cocktails.

Best Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

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