Chicken Wings Cebu

The 7 Best Chicken Wings In Cebu

There’s no shortage of amazing food in the Philippines, from crispy pata pata, fresh kinilaw and halo-halo to an amazing array of roast meats. One dish that drives everyone wild are chicken wings, and the chicken wings in Cebu are of a super high standard.

From unlimited wings to uniquely Asian flavours, here’s our picks of the very best.

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1. Burrow

This hugely popular unlimited wing joint is always packed full with Cebuanos enjoying their tasty wings. Flavours include their classic, perfectly crispy seasoning, Asian BBQ, garlic parmesan or mild teriyaki. Our tip? Get as many as you can eat and try them all!

2. Southside Chicken Wings

Ask anyone where to find the best chicken wings in Cebu and we’re sure you’ll hear the name ‘Southside Chicken Wings’ mentioned again and again. The wings are plump, meaty and full of flavour, with 12 delicious sauces to choose from. Take your pick from a cheesey white béchamel and parmesan sauce, Southern-style buttermilk, crispy adobo and more.

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3. Browingz Culture Shack

If you’re in the mood for an unlimited wing fest (when are we ever not?!) then Browzing Culture Shack is the place to go. For just 199 PHP you can get all-you-can-eat wings in a variety of six different flavours inspired by different world cuisines. Must-eats include the Korean bulgogi, Pinoy BBQ, French onion and Western buffalo.

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4. Island Hot Wings

Island Hot Wings is another superb place for unlimited wings in Cebu, and you can even add on unlimited soda and fries too. It’s safe to say you will have to be rolled out of here!

Bring an appetite and sit down to a droolworthy feed of juicy chicken wings. As for the flavours? There’s six to choose from here, such as original fried, soy garlic, or a tangy buffalo.

5. NY Buffalo Brads Hot Wings

As the name suggests, you’ll find great NY-style buffalo wings here but there’s also so much more. The range of sauces here is just one element that makes NY Buffalo Brads Hot Wings such a great choice. There’s varying levels of spice and flavours such as lemon pepper, gravy, orange BBQ or their authentic New York buffalo.

Chicken Wings Cebu

6. Wingers Unlimited

Wingers Unlimited is a chicken wing fanatic’s dream come true, with – you guessed it – unlimited wings. You can even choose whether you want all drumsticks, or a mix of wings and drummettes. With flavoursome sauces such as garlic pepper, sweet mustard and BBQ, they pack a real punch. Yum.

Chicken Wings Cebu

7. Chosun Chicken

Chosun Chicken is a Korean wing joint that serves up authentic Korean fried chicken and other tasty dishes. Try their amazing cheese ramen, but don’t leave without an order of the wings. They’re nicely juicy inside with a crispy coating and lots of flavour. It’s a messy eat, but well worth it.

Chicken Wings Cebu

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