Best Chicken Wings in Asia

The 25 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Asia

When you’re craving the best chicken wings in Asia, where do you go? Great question. And, it’s a question lots of other travellers have as well. So, we took to scouring the continent for some of the tastiest chicken wings.

You know, the kinds that are just oozing with flavour and dripping with various different kinds of sauces. Yes, the best chicken wings in Asia vary greatly in style and taste. But, you’ll find that they’re all equally delicious.

From Korean-style wings straight on through to the American-style BBQ chicken wings, this list has got something for everybody, including even the pickiest of eaters. We apologise in advance for any cravings this article induces.

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1. Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings – Metro Manila, Philippines

When it comes to the fast-casual wing scene in Manila, few places serve up such tasty chicken wings as Frankie’s. You’ll find numerous guests who claim they serve the absolute best wings outside of Buffalo. And, they’re not wrong. They’re larger and meatier than your standard wing and come with a choice of 13 tasty sauces. Top picks include the salted egg flavour or wicked wasabi. In short, they’re irresistible.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

2. GumGum – Taipei, Taiwan

You cannot, and we repeat cannot, visit Taipei and not check out the delightfully mouthwatering wings at GumGum. They pair fantastic craft beer with some of the best chicken wings in Asia for one truly tasty treat. It’s why they recently ranked No. 1 on our list of the best wings in Taipei. Choose from any one of their 14 creative flavours, which range from Salted Egg to Rosemary & Orange even the Maple Hot.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

3. Roadhouse BBQ – Bangkok, Thailand

From their famous Sunday brunch to their even more iconic chicken wings, Roadhouse BBQ is well-known amongst the ex-pat community and locals alike as the best spot in Bangkok for American-style BBQ. The fun, rustic restaurant combines flavourful wings and some of the finest beers on the planet to create one hell of an eating experience. Their traditional buffalo wings are truly out of this world. Order ’em hot for full flavour.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

4. B.O.C Homemade BBQ – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

From craft cocktails and craft beer straight on through to the best chicken wings in Asia, everything this Ho Chi Minh City BBQ spot serves up is to die for. American-style wings come out piping hot, super tender and juicy and literally dripping with sauce. It’s a messy meal, but one you’ll be incredibly thankful you indulged in. Pair their wings with a Pale Ale or Summer East IPA to take the flavours to the next level.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

5. Wong Ah Wah – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you’re not looking, it’s pretty easy to miss this unassuming food stall in Kuala Lumpur. However, Wong Ah Wah is famous near and far for their BBQ chicken wings. And, on top of being tasty, they’re absolutely massive, too. They feature a super-smoky flavour that really kicks up the tastiness. And, they leave the browned skin on the outside to provide a nice texture to bite into. Go ahead and order a full plate.

6. Burrow – Cebu, Philippines

Burrow recently snagged the No. 1 spot on our list of the best chicken wings in Cebu. And, it’s easy to see why. Just look at these beauties. You can order unlimited wings here, which is great because you’ll definitely want to. Flavours include their classic, perfectly crispy seasoning, Asian BBQ, garlic parmesan or mild teriyaki. Head here super hungry and, if possible, with friends. It makes it easier to try different flavours.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

7. The Moose & Roo Smokehouse – Hanoi, Vietnam

One look at these tantalising wings and it’s easy to see why so many people think they’re some of the best chicken wings in Asia. This Hanoi smokehouse serves up seriously perfect smoked meats that rival many of the BBQ spots you’ll find in the United States. Thick, juicy burgers aside, however, their wings are a must. They come served super, super saucy and in flavours like Mexican Spice and Hot Chilli.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

8. Fatty’s Bar & Diner – Bangkok, Thailand

Craving classic American bar food in Bangkok? Head straight for Fatty’s Bar & Diner. It’s actually one of the best spots in the city for a great international craft beer. They’ve got an impressive selection. And, you can pair them all with their ribs, sliders or, of course, their iconic chicken wings. Their buffalo hot wings are super tender and pretty spicy. Good thing you’ve got some great beer to help you wash it all down with.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia 2020

9. Ed’s Diner – Taipei, Taiwan

Few places in Asia know how to creatively craft such delicious American food than the folks over at Ed’s Diner. Authentic American BBQ is the specialty here, and boy do they know how to prepare it to perfection. They smoke all their meats low and slow for eight hours over Taiwan Longan fruit wood for a rich and smokey flavour. Then, they finish their chicken wings off with a classic buffalo sauce. They’re damn near perfect.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

10. The Irish House – Mumbai, India

With a few locations of the Irish House around Mumbai and surrounding areas, you’re never too far from quality brews and some of the best chicken wings in Asia. Everything here is pretty cheat meal-esque, but their wings are out of this world. They call them Messy Wings for a reason. Order them slathered in Fiery Ghost Pepper, Jamaican Jerk or Smoked BBQ glazes. And, prepare to enjoy a super messy, tasty meal.

11. Wingman – Hong Kong

The folks at Wingman are self-proclaimed chicken wing specialists. And, truly, they really are. The wings here are unique, creative and somewhat gourmet. Visit for their free-flow all-you-can-eat weekend brunch to truly indulge. Flavours, as mentioned, are pretty upscale. They’ve got a Tandoori Spice flavour with mint sauce. And, they’ve even got a special Japanese Katzu flavour. Try them all, honestly, they’re irresistible.

Where to Eat Chicken Wings in Hong Kong

12. Doc Wings – Manila, Philippines

Craving unlimited wings? Doc Wings will take care of you. This Manila wing spot serves up unlimited chicken wings and rice for just 199 PHP. And, with 13 different flavours to choose from, we guarantee you’ll be drooling to try them all. Craving Buffalo, Spicy Buffalo, Teriyaki, Doc Wings Classic, Mango Habanero, Adobo, Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Spicy Mayo, Korean Soy or even Atomic Chicken? Order one round of each.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

13. Ginger Moon – Bali, Indonesia

Last year, Ginger Moon won the award for the Best Fusion Restaurant in Bali. Serving up modern Asian cuisine, this island eatery is a must if you’re visiting Indonesia. But, even though their entire menu is fantastic, you’ll find that the chicken wings are easily one of the best dishes. They serve spicy BBQ wings that deliver a bit of a kick and lots of tender, juicy flavours. Try them once and you’ll be converted into a fan for life.

14. Ah Tan Wings – Singapore

In the mood for crispy, crunchy chicken wings? Book a flight to Singapore just to taste the ones over at Ah Tan Wings. They’re famous for their incredible fried chicken, which is crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside. The Har Cheong Gai style personifies chicken wing culture in Singapore, making it a must for anybody interested in trying tasty wings but with infused local cooking styles and flavours.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

15. Nekkid Wings – Seoul, South Korea

Ask any local in Seoul where to get great chicken wings and they’ll likely tell you to head for Nekkid Wings. This funky wing joint serves loaded platters for one or to share. But, when it comes time to sample their juicy yet crispy fried wings, we don’t think you’ll want. to share. Sample the  Amazinger spicy ginger sauce or stick with honey butter or jerk chicken. Super hungry? Add on some sides of giant onion ring croquettes.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

16. – Colombo, Sri Lanka

You’ll find numerous spots in Colombo where you can get fast-style food like this. But, it’s hard to beat the menu at They serve dishes in Chinese take-out boxes, all full of fun ingredients and great flavours. It makes it easy to eat their chicken wings on-the-go if you’re exploring the city. Order a box of their spicy wings and prepare to go on a flavourful journey you won’t find anywhere else in Sri Lanka.

Best Chicken Wings Sri Lanka 2020

17. Sauce Boss – Osaka, Japan

Sauce Boss is all about combining American classics such as chicken wings and craft beer to create one flavourful dining experience. Amidst pretty trendy vibes and modern decor, you’ll find locals and travellers alike enjoying rounds and rounds of craft beer and flavourful wings. With flavours like Bourbon BBQ and Sauce Boss BBQ, there’s no way you’ll be able to avoid sampling more wings. You’re getting seconds for sure.

Chicken Wings Asia 2020

18. Hot Wings – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The wings at Hot Wings are pretty special. They’re healthy, crispy and delicious. Yes, we said healthy. All they do to prepare them is cut them, marinate and then bake them. That means no oil added and no fried foods. Then, on top of it all, they brush them with their own signature sauces. You can indulge in Nacho Cheese sauce-covered wings, Honey Soy sauce or even their Extreme Hot flavour.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia 2020

19. Scorpion Wings – Vientiane, Laos

When travelling through Laos, there’s no better place for wings than at Scorpion Wings in Vientiane. They serve up pretty authentic Texas-style BBQ, including everything from ribs and hand-cut fries to pretty thick burgers and their famous chicken wings. You’ll love how crispy they are, perfect for dipping and devouring one by one.

20. Flaming Wings – Manila, Philippines

Since 2005, Flaming Wings has been delivering a massive punch of flavourful wings to hungry guests. The wings here are simply lip-smacking and finger-lickin’ good. What’s the secret? The variety of flavours. On top of serving unique wing sauces such as a spicy K-Pop and Lemon Pepper, it’s the wide range of dipping sauces at Flaming Wings that adds to their popularity. Definitely try the Sriracha ranch and wasabi mayo.

Best Chicken Wings in Asia

21. Huat Huat Restaurant BBQ Chicken Wings – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

You might not expect to find some of Asia’s best chicken wings in Phnom Penh, but Huat Huat seriously delivers. And, while we highly suggest stopping by to sample their other tasty traditional dishes, we also suggest spending at least one full visit just grazing through their mouthwatering wings first. From smaller wings to the full, jumbo-sized ones, they’ve got something to please even the pickiest of eater.

22. Tenderbest – Singapore

Tenderbest serves up “nostalgic tuckshop-style food that’s familiar in delicious.” And, whether you’re a local or you’re visiting Singapore for the first time, you’ll find yourself enchanted by all of the wonderful flavours of the chicken they serve here. As the name suggests, chicken dishes are served tender. But, their full-sized wings are just so easy to devour nearly whole. They’re bursting with flavour.

23. Imbiss Bandra – Mumbai, India

You’ll find that Imbiss Bandra serves a wonderful spread of various meats. And, while you’re definitely going to want to treat yourself to a taste or two, it’s their chicken wings we’re after. Visitors often describe it as a meeting place of sorts, the kind of place where you can enjoy a beer or two and truly relax into your afternoon. Pair the brews with their tender sauce-covered wings and you’ll see why the spot’s so popular.

24. Chai’ba – Bali, Indonesia

Chai’ba is a pretty unique pick for the best chicken wings in Asia. But, just trust us on this one. This Bali restaurant combines tastes of both Northern and Southern India. Using authentic and fusion flavours, they prepare everything to perfection, including their chicken wings. Their tandoori fried chicken wings are proof of that. They serve them with a tantalising mint sauce that really completes all the complex flavours.

25. Azabu Buffalo Wings – Tokyo, Japan

If you’re a fan of wings that are seriously covered in and dripping with loads of sauce, Azabu is the perfect spot for you. Their buffalo wings are pretty true to American taste and come in eight unique flavours. Try the Original, BBQ or Teriyaki. Or, opt for something a bit hotter such as their Red Dragon, Black Dragon or the aptly-named Hot. Lucky for you, they’ve got a great selection of beer to help you cool things off.

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