The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Savannah

When travelling through a state like Georgia you’ll encounter lots of fantastic food options. From some of the country’s best BBQ to authentic Southern restaurants, Georgia’s home to some fine food.

But, nothing beats the flavours you’ll find when biting into some of the best chicken wings in Savannah. As a Southern state, Georgia and its locals sure do know a thing or two about smoking up meat. The result? Fantastically fired up chicken wings that are drenched in sauce and loaded with flavour.

Drooling yet? We don’t blame you. Just taking one look at these delicious Savannah chicken wings is enough to make us book a ticket straight to Georgia. Get ready to truly indulge.

Best Chicken Wings In SavannahHow do these rankings work?

1. Wild Wing Cafe

With a name like Wild Wing Cafe, does this place really need more of an introduction? Causal and laidback, this local sports bar serves some of the best chicken wings in Savannah. You’ll find 30 made from scratch flavours ranging from China Syndrome and Braveheart to the sweeter sauces such as Ginger, Garlic and a tasty Carolina-style Old Yeller mustard sauce. In short, there’s something here for everybody.

Best Chicken Wings in Savannah

2. 520 Wings

520 Wings was voted as the best chicken wing restaurant in Savannah recently and they even scored a spot on our list of the best wings in the state of Georgie. Wha’s the secret to their tasty success? The wings are cooked to perfection, perfectly crispy and juicy. Then, they’re smothered in your sauce of choice. Sweet Bourbon, Honey Mustard, Hot Garlic Parmesan, and so many more flavours await you here.

Best Chicken Wings In Savannah

3. Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill

Tailgating has never tasted so good! This sports-centric neighbourhood bar whips up lots of great bar bites and fantastic food choices. This is great news for those who simply can’t devour some tasty chicken wings without washing it all down with one of the tastiest ice-cold beers in the region. They serve their chicken wings naked or breaded, dry and wet. Our expert wing advice is to try them all at least once.

Best Chicken Wings in Savannah

4. Treylor Park

Located in the heart of the historic district in downtown Savannah, Treylor Park is a unique spot that’s home to a sophisticated cocktail bar and some out-of-this-world wings. Order a drink and head out to the beer garden as you await your meal. Unique wing flavourings include, currently, PB&J chicken wings. They come tossed in a unique, tasty peanut and pecan butter and peach jelly sauce.

5. Savannah Taphouse

Aside from being home to a huge selection of beer and an upscale sports bar atmosphere, this taphouse has got a menu that’ll blow you away. The highlight of the experience here? Easily the chicken wings, which come both wet and dry. Their dry rubs are especially tempting, with flavours such as Old Bay, Lemon Pepper, or Jerk calling your name. There’s no way you’ll be able to resist seconds here.

6. The Juicy Seafood

Mouthwatering fresh fish, fried calamari, shrimp and lobster are all standard fare at The Juicy Seafood. And, as one of Savannah’s best seafood restaurants, you might be surprised to learn that they serve up some scrumptious chicken wings, too. Choose from Lemon Pepper or Cajun. Or, better yet, don’t choose at all and order a few of each flavour. Hungry for just one? Locals seem to especially love the Lemon Pepper wings.

7. Carey Hilliard’s

Billed as Savannah’s favourite family restaurant, there’s something charming and authentic about stepping into Carey Hilliard’s for a meal. Whether it’s the familiar setting or the superb service, eating here is a real treat. And, their hot wings are a real hit. They featuring a peppery zing that’ll leave you craving more and more. In search of something smokier? Get the hickory-smoked and fried jumbo wings.

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