The 7 Best Coffee Shops On Maui

Visiting the lush tropical island of Maui? It’s the second largest island in Hawaii, providing visitors with awe-inspiring views of volcanic Haleakala and thirty miles of stunning golden beaches to enjoy. 

However, you can’t spend all of your time on Maui laying out at the beach. Well, we suppose you could, but eventually you’ll need to, at the very least, head inland for a coffee and a bite to eat. Lucky for you, there are a lot of great coffee shops on Maui.

From Kahului to Lahaina, we’ve rounded up the seven best coffee shops on Maui. Head here for an iced latte, a tasty treat, and then get read to hit the open road exploring one of Hawaii’s most famous islands.

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1. Maui Coffee Roasters

Maui Coffee Roasters has been a staple on Maui since 1982. Eclectic artwork entices guests into a social, inviting space where you’ll find locals and travellers alike socialising and enjoying quality cups of coffee. However, this is one of the best coffee shops on Maui for travellers as they serve breakfast, lunch, pastries and rotating, delicious specials, making it a great spot to fuel up in the morning before heading out to explore the island.

Best Coffee Shops on Maui

2. Wailuku Coffee Company

The Pride of Maui once wrote that Wailuku Coffee Company is “where the hip come to sip,” and they couldn’t have said it better. This coffee shop is hip, trendy, and relaxing, serving up stunning views and a superb location in the heart of historic Wailuku Town. The outdoor seating area is the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely morning coffee as you nibble on pastries and people watch to start your day.

Maui Best Cafes

3. Grandma’s Coffee House

Grandma’s Coffee House is one of the best coffee shops on Maui for those interested in discovering local, authentic culture in an incredibly welcoming environment. Make your way out to the scenic town of Kula and be sure to carve out some time to stop off at Grandma’s, which looks like a familiar house. It’s still owned by the fourth generation of coffee roasters that come from the original Grandma, which means beans are fresh and breakfasts are tasty.

Grandma's Coffee House Maui Hawaii

4. Lava Java Coffee Roasters

Headed to Kalama Park? Just across the street you’ll find Lava Java Coffee Roasters, easily one of the best coffee shops in Maui. The laid-back cafe is frequented by locals looking to sample their famous Frozen Kona Mocha. Not in the mood for something cold? Try a hot cup of regular drip coffee; the five varieties they offer are all Maui-grown.

Best Coffee Shops on Maui

5. Alba’s Cuban Coladas

Cuban goodies in the heart of Hawaii? Yes, please! Alba’s Cuban Coladas is one of the best coffee shops on Maui for those interested in trying something a little unique. Order a colada first, which is sweetened espresso served in a demitasse. Then, graze your way through some delectable Cuban pastries. Your perfect morning just got even more perfect.

6. Java Cafe

Java Cafe is perhaps one of the largest, cosiest cafes on the island of Maui. It’s a great place for a full-on American breakfast, a strong cup of coffee, or simply a nice place to get some work done. Java Cafe specialises in locally grown and roasted Hawaiin coffees but you can also snag some tasty cold-pressed juices while you’re there.

Best Coffee Shops on Maui

7. Hawaiian Village Coffee

Hawaiian Village is West Maui’s most popular coffee shop, serving a variety of Hawaiian coffees to pick and choose from. Munch on a fresh bagel, sip your hot coffee, and enjoy the vibes, all of which are top-notch. Travelling through and need a place to print? The cafe’s got five computers you can browse or print from.

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