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The 50 Best Craft Beer Bars In The US

There’s no denying that the craft beer craze is alive and well in the United States, and it’s in part due to the number of craft beer bars popping up all over the country in recent years.

With more than 7,000 small and independent breweries operating in America, it’s the craft beer bars that are really working to help sell the small brands and ensure that the craft beer industry continues to thrive.

Long gone are the days where you headed to a bar in hopes that they might have craft beer in a bottle for you to try. Now, it’s all about bars that have hundreds of craft beers on tap. There are so many, in fact, that it made it hard to rank the top ones.

If you’re looking for the best craft beer bars in the US, then we’ve got a list for you. Here are the top bars in each state, selected due to the quality of the beer, vibes, and overall travel-friendliness.

Best Craft Beer Bars In The USHow do these rankings work?

1. Good People Brewing – Birmingham, Alabama

There are actually quite a few quality craft beer bars in Alabama, which makes it extremely hard to choose a winner. However, Good People Brewing’s atmosphere and outdoor patio space propel it to the top spot.

From the industrial decor to the variety of quality brews, this space is great for those looking to try Alabama-brewed craft beer. We found this bar to be particularly great for travellers, as you can enjoy the taproom or tour the brewery.

Best Craft Beer Bars in Alabama

2. Prospector’s Historic Pizzeria & Alehouse – Denali Park, Alaska

Few things go better together than an ice-cold beer and warm, cheesy pizza. At Prospector’s, you can get both in high doses. They proudly serve the largest selection of craft beers on tap in the region and even serve rare craft beers from around the world that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. 

So, order a wood stone fire pizza, choose from one of the endless craft beers on tap, and enjoy the cost atmosphere and stunning views. As a traveller, it doesn’t get much better than this.

3. Tucson Hop Shop – Tucson, Arizona

If you’re travelling through the state and fancy tasting a variety of rare microbrews on tap, then you can’t miss visiting The Tucson Hop Shop. The finely curated craft beer list here truly shows off the best of what craft beer is all about.

With nearly 20 taps flowing for thirsty travellers and locals alike, you’ll find some of the best craft beers in Arizona here, as well as tasty drinks from faraway places, too. The place itself is designed more like a beer garden than a stuffy bar, which we love.

Best Craft Beer Bars in the Southwest US

4. Flying Saucer – Little Rock, Arkansas

Flying Saucer is home to one of the most extensive draught beer menus on this list. Serving over 75 craft beers on tap and a whopping 170 options in bottles, we’ll bet you can find something you love at this bar.

As far as who decides what’s on tap? The locals do! The bar has them come and blind taste test. The beers with the highest votes get put on the menu. So, you know you’re tasting local-approved beer, which is pretty unique if you’re not from Arkansas.

5. The Monk’s Kettle – San Francisco, California

San Francisco is home to the best craft beer bar in California, even though there are numerous spots in Los Angeles and San Diego worth checking out. Head to the Golden City and make your way straight to Monk’s Kettle, which we honestly think easily earns the title of one of the best craft beer bars in the US, not just California.

The atmosphere is intimate and cosy, as wood-panelled bars always seem to make you feel. As for the beer, expect a rotating tap menu of nearly 29 draught beers and over 150 bottles to sample from.

6. The Mayor of Old Town – Fort Collins, Colorado

The lineup of taps at this craft beer bar is so impressive that you’re definitely going to need to Instagram it. Expertly lit against a whitewashed wall, the 100 draught beers available here are truly a beautiful sight to see.

If you’re new to craft beers, then let the staff know. They’re extremely friendly and highly knowledgeable and will love to help you find the perfect beer for your tastes. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to try a small-batch of locally-brewed beer made exclusively for the bar’s patrons.

Best Taprooms in Colorado
Image: Draftmag

7. Willimantic Brewing Company – Willimantic, Connecticut 

In terms of unique craft beer bars to visit as a traveller, we highly suggest visiting The Willimantic Brewing Company. Why? It’s housed inside of an old US Postal Office. 

However, the historical nature of this landmark bar and restaurant is only part of the appeal. They also have over 40 quality craft beers on tap, plus an excellent food menu to pair your favourite brews with. Oh, and make sure to try the nachos.

8. Jessop’s Tavern – New Castle, Delaware

It’s hard not to mention a place as truly unique as Jessop’s Tavern. If you’re travelling through the United States and want a taste of true culture, then this is the place to visit. The tavern is housed inside of an old building from 1724 and the servers are dressed in colonial costumes.

To top it all off, their tap list is pretty extensive, featuring a lot of famous Belgian beers but also local craft beers as well. Currently, they’re serving up a pumpkin and yam beer as well as a White Russian Nitro stout.

9. Tap 42 – Coral Gables, Florida

Florida is another state that’s practically overflowing with some of the best craft beer bars in the US. However, if you’re headed there for local vibes and quality beer, then we’d suggest trying out Tap 42.

It’s a bit west of Downtown Miami, which means you’ll be further away from other tourists. And, the decor is to die for. Industrial yet modern and perfectly trendy, you’ll want to spend all night here tasting their 42 different craft beers on tap.

Our pro tip is to sample their layered drafts, such as their Bruised Apple, which combines Apple Orchard Apple Cider and Guinness.

10. Brick Store Pub – Decatur, Georgia

Ask pretty much any local where to get the best craft beer in Georgia and they’ll point you in the direction of Brick Store Pub. With over 20 years of experience serving craft beer, you can bet they know what they’re talking about here. This place is truly a beer geek’s paradise.

Boy, where do we start with this one? Downstairs, you can enjoy laidback Southern vibes as you taste one of the 29 craft beers on tap. Then, head upstairs to sample one of the eight different Belgian beers they serve on tap in their Belgian Bar.

Image: Jeffrey Morgan

11. The Brewseum – Honolulu, Hawaii

What we consider to be a true traveller’s delight, Honolulu’s The Brewseum should be on anybody’s Hawaii bucket list. The bar itself is covered in World War II memorabilia and even has a 1940s tiki bar. 

However, it’s the Hawaiin craft beers that are going to make you want to spend all afternoon kicking back at this modern-day tropical speakeasy. They serve their own craft beer here, from Home of the Brave Brewing, that’s tasty and truly All-American.

12. Bittercreek Alehouse – Boise, Idaho

Downtown Boise is home to nearly ten different brewing companies. For a small town in the midwest US, that’s quite a lot, which means that the local craft beer bars have quite a few options to choose from when crafting their menus.

The bar that does it best? Bittercreek Alehouse. Locals love the fact that they’ve got over 40 craft beers on tap and an impressive 100-plus different bottled beers to choose from. That, along with their delicious food makes this one of the best craft beer bars in the US.

Where to Find Craft Beer in Idaho

13. Hopleaf – Chicago, Illinois

Hopleaf is one of the best craft beer bars in the US, in part because their tap list extends to include 68 craft draught beers. Not a fan of draught beer? Choose from one of the 400 bottles they’ve got on deck.

If you’re particularly fond of Belgian beer, then head to Hopleaf. However, they do offer tons of quality stateside craft beers that are worth checking out, too.

14. The Tap – Bloomington, Indiana

The Tap in Bloomington, Indiana serves up over 450 different craft beers. Yes, 450. This means that if you’re going on a road trip and visiting the best craft beer bars in the US, then you have to stop in Bloomington.

With 90 craft beers currently on tap and 400 bottles, the craft beer menu is constantly rotating but always high-quality in terms of taste and variety. They also serve blended drafts and beer shots, which makes spending an entire day here sampling brews pretty easy.

15. El Bait Shop – Des Moines, Iowa

You might not think of Des Moines, Iowa as having one of the best craft beer bars in the US, but El Bait Shop easily makes the top ten list.

With over 250 beers on tap, you have to visit this bar just to at least see how they manage to serve up so many brews. It’s home to the largest selection of American microbrews in the entire world.

This place is home to one of the best burgers in Des Moines, too, so we think El Bait Shop is basically a one-stop-shop for any visitor travelling through town. Sample delicious craft beers and eat great food. What else is there to do in Iowa?

16. The Anchor – Wichita, Kansas

This woman-owned craft beer bar offers its visitors 58 different beers on tap. Their selection includes beers from Kansas City all the way to Kalamazoo. If you’re new to the area, then this is a perfect place to sample local tastes.

The nostalgic vibes here create a unique ambience, and it’s totally non-pretentious energy ensures that any traveller is going to feel totally at home here.

17. Holy Grale – Louisville, Kentucky

With a name like Holy Grale, it comes as no surprise that the best craft beer bar in Kentucky is a bar located inside of a super old church. They even serve beer up in the old choir loft, which ticks off all our boxes of being super quirky, trendy, and unique.

In fact, this place is so trendy that we think it’s easily one of the most Instagrammable bars in Kentucky, if not the entire US.

Craft beers here are so good that you’re going to feel like you need to head to a confessional later in order to repent for your sins. Local craft beers are standard, but you can also order a variety of other delicious brews.

18. The Avenue Pub – New Orleans, Louisiana

The exterior of this bar looks like any other traditional buildings in New Orleans. Step inside, however, and you’re greeted by the hoppy smell of one of the best craft beer bars in the US.

The Avenue Pub is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike who flock from all over the world just to get a chance to try one of the 45 different rotating craft beers they serve on tap.

The best part? This bar is open 24 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to sample different brands.

Craft Beer Pub in New Orleans

19. Ebenezer’s Pub – Lovell, Maine

The population of Lovell, Maine is only about 1,000, but that doesn’t stop the city from serving some of the best craft beer in the state. In fact, they serve almost as many different bottles as they have inhabitants, with 700 different kinds of craft beers available.

The vibes here are pretty authentic, which is something that we love, especially for foreign travellers who are looking for a dip into the local culture.

20. Max’s Taphouse – Baltimore, Maryland

With over 150 taps, five hand pumps, and over 1,000 bottles from around the world, it’s easy to see what makes this one of the best craft beer bars in the US.

People all over the US make their way to Max’s Taphouse in order to experience the Belgian Beer Festival they put on each year. If you’re in town, we highly suggest a visit, but you can head there any time of the year and enjoy yourself.

Image: Baltimore Sun

21. Lord Hobo – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Numerous outlets have ranked Lord Hobo as one of the best craft beer bars in the US, and we absolutely agree with them. They brew their own beer here, which means they’re certainly well-versed in the art.

However, you can sample beers from pretty much everywhere at their beer bar. Choose from one of the 40 different craft beers on tap and make sure to try the more unique ones, like a craft beer from Norway.

Taproom for Craft Beer in Massachusetts
Image: KegWorks

22. 7 Monks Taproom – Traverse City, Michigan

Surprisingly (or not, if you’re from here), Michigan is home to a number of the best craft beer bars in the US. So much so, that it was one of the states where it was hard to choose a winner. 

The beautifully-strung lights, rustic decor, and the overall atmosphere at 7 Monks Taproom, however, propelled the local beer bar to the No. 1 spot.

They’re pretty big on mitten-based brews here, but they have a total of 46 taps to sample from if you’re interested in other tastes.

23. First Draft Taproom – Minneapolis, Minnesota

You can get quality craft beer anywhere in the United States nowadays, so what sets the truly great craft beer bars apart from the rest has to be something unique – like the ability to serve yourself straight from the tap.

First Draft Taproom is the first of its kind in Minnesota, offering guests the ability to walk around and enjoy craft beer, cider, and even kombucha from any of their 54 different taps. We think the idea is pretty unique, and it’s something that’s becoming more popular around the world.

24. The Mahogany Bar – Hattiesburg, Mississippi

For millennial travellers, there’s no better place for craft beer in Mississippi than The Mahogany Bar. The vibes here are unbeatable, and the craft beer on tap is what led Draft Magazine to rank this as one of the top beer bars in the country more than once.

If you’re a total craft beer snob, then definitely check out The Mahogany Bar, as they’re known for being sticklers when it comes to using the right glassware and serving beer exactly as it should be served.

Best Beer Gardens in Mississippi
Image: Beer Advocate

25. Up-Down KC – Kansas City, Missouri

Offering a variety of different kinds of arcade games from the 80s and 90s as well as lots of great craft beer on tap, it would be a crime to leave Up-Down KC off of a list of the best craft beer bars to visit in the US.

Battle head-to-head with your travel partners on a classic Nintendo 64 console as you sip on one of the 50 different beers they have on tap to try. Or, order a cocktail from their full bar. You really can’t go wrong here.


26. Bozeman Taproom – Bozeman, Montana

Fancy a bit of variety? Bozeman Taproom’s got just that, with over 75 taps flowing with national and international craft beer brews.

The mountain sports bar atmosphere creates a truly cosy environment, which feels as if you’re drinking at your local bar with neighbourhood friends. We highly recommend sampling the local Montana craft beers while you’re here, as they’re some of the best in the country.

27. The Happy Raven – Lincoln, Nebraska

The Happy Raven has been ranked as one of the best craft beer bars in Nebraska for a few years in a row now, and it’s easy to see why. From the 20 different kinds of craft beers on tap to the hometown vibes, this bar feels inclusive and super laid back.

Nebraska Craft Beer Bars

28. Pinon Bottle Co. – Reno, Nevada

Forget about Vegas, you’ll find the best craft beer bar in Nevada in the city of Reno; even the locals agree. Pinon Bottle Co. has 36 beers on tap to choose from, and their staff is pretty knowledgeable if you need help.

On top of that, the atmosphere here is pretty laid back and the decor is super modern. The open, inviting space is a lot more welcoming than any bar you’re going to find in Vegas.

Best Craft Beer Bars in Vegas

29. New England’s Tap House Grille – Hooksett, New Hampshire

Interested in sampling 48 of the best craft beers in New England? Here, you can chow down on award-winning burgers while you draw quality brews from the tap. Not all of them are from New England, but a surprising amount of them are.

If you decide to visit this bar, we recommend you try their housemade Tap House No. 48 IPA.

30. The Plank Pizza Co. Beer Parlor – Saddle Brook, New Jersey

Any bar that serves mouth-watering pizza alongside high-quality craft beer deserves to be on the list of the best craft beer bars in the US. 

Here, you’ll find that they serve unique pizza pies (i.e. shawarma, poke, and cottage pie) with an impressive list of rotating craft beers. They like to keep their 41 taps flowing with a variety of different brews, most of them from local breweries in New Jersey.

31. Matanza – Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you’re travelling to New Mexico and interested in tasting all local beers, then we can’t recommend a better place than Matanza. The taproom is home to the largest collection of New Mexican beers in the state, with 100 taps serving a variety of white ales, IPAs, lagers, and even a creamy imperial stout.

32. Tørst – Brooklyn, New York

With just 21 taps on deck at this trendy, upscale Brooklyn bar, it might seem like a small offering compared to some of the other bars on this list. However, Tørst offers one of the most exclusive craft beer menus in the entire country.

Don’t believe us? Head there on a night out and let us know if you find something there you haven’t tried. Chances are you will, even if you’re the king of craft beer in your hometown.

Where to Find Craft Beer Bars in New York

33. The Whale – Asheville, North Carolina

We’ll admit that we’re pretty partial to super Instagrammable bars, but it’s only because millennial travellers seem to wholeheartedly believe in the need to Instagram every aspect of their trips. If you’re the same, then The Whale is the spot for you in North Carolina.

And sure, the cute whale lighting behind the bar and the even more impressive whale bones hanging from the ceiling create a nice atmosphere. But, their 20-beer tap list and even more extensive bottle list have some of the best craft beers on this side of the Mississippi.

Image: Form and Function Architecture

34. Front Street Taproom – Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo’s pretty cold, so you’re going to want to find the nearest craft beer bar to help keep your warm, especially if you’re visiting in the winter. Front Street Taproom is the place to go. 

Head there to enjoy 30 different kinds of craft beer they have on tap. Or, order a local bottled beer. The vibes here are so chill that you’re definitely going to stay to have more than just one or two.

35. The Tremont Taphouse – Cleveland, Ohio

From awards such as the Best Bar Food in Cleveland to ranking at the top of Thrillist’s 31 Best Beer Bars in America, there isn’t much that The Tremont Taphouse hasn’t accomplished.

And, the impressive bar area along with a cosy little deck make this one of the hottest bar patios in all of Cleveland. No wonder people love heading here to sample the 100 different craft beers available. 48 of them are on tap, so prepare to pour away.

36. The Patriarch Craft Beer House & Lawn – Edmon, Oklahoma

As a traveller, what you’re looking for out of any bar experience is usually the chance to immerse yourself in local culture while you sip on local drinks, right? The Patriarch Craft Beer House & Lawn offers you the chance to do both. 

Located inside of an old, restored 1903 house, it doesn’t get much more southern than the vibes at The Patriarch. The strung fairy lights and the outdoor patio games totally complete the look and make for an inviting place to visit.

They’ve got 48 craft beers on tap, making it one of the best craft beer bars in Oklahoma for sure.

Image: Prints Charming

37. Belmont Station – Portland, Oregon

Portland is hipster heaven, which means that you can imagine the amount of craft beer bars there are within the city limits. That means that when we say Belmont Station is one of the best craft beer bars in the US, it’s because it’s truly impressive.

There are so many different kinds of beer available, 1,200 bottles to be exact, that the place feels more like a fun museum than a hometown bar. 

As well, if you’re a true West Coast craft beer lover, then you won’t be disappointed. You can try a lot of local beers from Stumptown’s best brewers; they flow freely from the bar’s 20 available taps.

38. Bull’s Head Public House – Lititz, Pennsylvania

Expert bartenders serve masses of locals and tourists here at this traditional British pub in Pennsylvania. The pub offers  14 rotating beers on tap, 2 cask-conditioned ales, and 80 bottles, so there’s always something for everybody here. 

What particularly stands out about Bull’s Head, however, is the decor. The old English theme combines nicely with the overall feel of the local neighbourhood. Altogether, it’s different than what you’d expect out of a normal craft beer bar in Pennsylvania.

39. Norey’s – Newport, Rhode Island

Norey’s is popular with locals, who love to head here to enjoy sipping on the 160+ craft brews on the menu while enjoying the stylish, wood-clad digs.

Recently, Norey’s started to brew in-house, which means they’re upping their craft beer game by a whole lot. If you’re passing by, make sure to stop in and try their local brews.

40. Edmund’s Oast Exchange – Charleston, South Carolina

Once called a beacon of beer, it’s impossible to visit the east coast of the United States without hearing the name Edmun’s Oast thrown around when talking about craft beer.

Not only is the locale extremely quaint and unique, but there are about 1,000 different varieties of craft beer available. Order a few and then head out to the garden to enjoy.

Image: Paste Magazine

41. Independent Ale House – Rapid City, South Dakota

This tavern specialises in craft beer and pizza. So, we don’t really need to say much more to convince you that it’s definitely one of the best craft beer bars in the US, do we?

Regulars love the fact that Independent Ale House is always rotating what they serve from their 40 taps. As long as they’re great craft beers (and they always are), they’re happy.

42. Hops and Hollers – Knoxville, Tennessee

While Hops and Hollers is home to absolutely delectable craft beer, what we love about this bar is the atmosphere. 

Order one of the 32 craft beers from their menu then head out to the garden to play bocce, ping pong, or even enjoy a puppet show. What more can you ask for out of a trendy Tennessee craft beer bar?

Tennessee Craft Beer Bar

43. The Hay Merchant – Houston, Texas 

Known for serving the best beer in Houston and the best burger in Houston, you can fill up on tasty food and drink at The Hay Merchant.

With over 80 different craft beers on tap to choose from, your only problem here is going to be deciding what to order. Lucky for you, they’ve organised their beer list by category. Search for flavours such as sour and funky, hop-a-licious, or even “not for the faint of heart.”

44. Craft By Proper – Salt Lake City, Utah

This brand new craft beer bar is the only bar in the state to serve only Utah beers. Because it’s pretty easy to get other popular brews anywhere in the US, we think that this idea is pretty unique, which is why we decided to give it a chance.

The bar is still fairly new but features 36 tap handles and over 80 high-point cans and bottles to choose from. On top of that, the bar has skeeball machines and arcade games, which is always something we can get behind.

45. Blackback Pub – Waterbury, Vermont

People from all over Vermont agree that Blackback Pub is the best craft beer bar in the state. The cosy, intimate setting makes it easy to settle in for the night and throw back any of the 30 craft beers they have on tap from Vermont and New Hampshire.

This place is also widely regarded as serving up some of the best bar food around, so tack on some pub nachos or a BBQ pork sandwich to your tab and dig in.

46. Ardent Craft Ales – Richmond, Virginia

We’ve gotta hand it to the guys at Ardent Craft Ales. Even though they only serve their own craft beers, their tap list is extensive, impressive, and downright delicious. If you’re looking to support local then definitely head to this craft beer bar.

The beer garden vibes are also pretty relaxing and make for a great way to lounge around and meet people if you’re travelling through Virginia alone.

47. The Pine Box – Seattle, Washington

Seattle is another city that’s become pretty synonymous with hipster culture. Thanks to hoards of super-savvy millennials and craft beer connoisseurs, the city’s filled with a lot of great craft beer bars.

The Pine Box, however, is the top on our list of the best craft beer bars in Seattle. This is in part due to the fact that Bruce Lee had his funeral in the building, which used to be a funeral home. However, we can’t deny that they sling some of the smoothest craft beers around. 

The beer menu is pretty West-coast heavy, which we love for travellers looking to taste the regional fare.

Where to Get Good Craft Beer in Seattle

48. Bahnhof WVrsthaus & Biergarten – Huntington, West Virginia

Who’d have thought you could travel all the way to West Virginia and feel like you’re sitting in a traditional German Biergarten. 

Banhof’s train station-like design is one of our favourite parts about this craft beer bar, as it adds to the experience of drinking the fine brews on their menu. Sit inside or out and enjoy one of the 33 beers on tap (local and German) as you snack on German sausages and pretzels.

49. Burnhearts – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Burnhearts was recently ranked as one of the top 30 beer bars in the United States, and we totally agree with that title. 

Start your night off by drinking the local Wisconsin and Michigan beers they’ve got on tap. Then, continue the evening by asking for a sampling of the bar’s secret bottle stash.

Best Craft Beer Bars in the United States

50. Accomplice Beer Company – Cheyenne, Wyoming

If self-pour craft beer bars aren’t already huge wherever you live, then expect them to become the next big thing. It seems as if the Accomplice Beer Company is already bringing the craze to Wyoming.

Here, you can choose from one of the 14 craft beers on tap and pour yourself a drink whenever you want. The old general store vibes are pretty authentic and charming, which makes a stay in Cheyenne feel extra special as a traveller.

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