Currywurst In Berlin

The 7 Best Places For Currywurst In Berlin

Alongside doner kebabs and vegan fare, currywurst in Berlin is one of the city’s iconic snacks. Each local has their favourite, but there’s a few key places that everyone can agree on. So, what is currywurst? The dish was invented in Berlin after World War II, and is a traditional German smoked sausage that’s boiled then fried, served with sliced with spiced and curry flavoured tomato sauce and a side of chips.

Here’s the best places to try it in the city…

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1. Curry 36

Curry 36 is a legendary fast food joint is a favourite snack bar for night owls and local taxi drivers. There’s four locations around the city, making it a handy spot for some of the best currywurst in Berlin. Choose from classic German sausages or go for their special vegan currywurst.

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2. Konnopke’s Imbiss

This is a legendary spot for street food in the city. In 1947, Max Konnopke set up his first sausage wagon. In 1960, he opened an imbiss joint on Schönhauser Allee, selling currywurst and other snacks. Today, his daughter is at the helm and the currywurst tastes as perfect as ever.

3. Curry Baude

This old school curry hut has been a local favourite since the fall of the Wall, with the owner a butcher who makes all the sausages for the currywurst based on his own recipe, with the ketchup sauce a family secret recipe. It’s a must-visit.

4. Witty’s Organic Food

Witty’s is a popular fast food chain that’s all about organic eats and quality produce. They go above and beyond here to ensure the food is of a super high quality though. That means that all their sauces & sausages are made in house for a homemade taste.

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5. Bergmann Curry

This snackbar in Kreuzberg is known for its super spicy chillis: at up to 7 million Scoville, the spicy chilli sauces are notorious. As well as traditional sausage snacks and currywursts, there’s also the tasty “Extrawurst” which is a vegan variation of the traditional currywurst.

Currywurst In Berlin

6. Zur Bratpfanne

This lowkey spot is another authentic place for currywurst in Berlin, serving up tasty bites on the menu at the Bratpfanne since 1949. The sausages are fresh and full of flavour, the chips are crispy and the curry ketchup is just right.

Currywurst In Berlin

7. Bier’s Kudamm 195

What about some champagne to go with that currywurst? This snack bar is a popular haunt of celeb spotters who hope to catch a famous visitor or two having a bite to eat here. Kudamm 195 is known for serving champagne is served with curry sausages after the theatres close. It’s a real Berlin institution.

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