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7 Top Tips For Making It As A Digital Nomad

The rise of people working as ‘digital nomads’ – freelancers and remote workers who travel the world, working online as they go, has shot up in recent years. With solid wifi available in most parts of the world and some amazing jobs that you can work remote, why not? While it looks idyllic though, it’s still work. So, we’ve put together our top digital nomad tips.

You’ll be a pro in no time…

Digital Nomad Top Tips

1. Stick to a Routine

This is important, as it’s easy to get distracted when you’re working online. Figure out what timezones you need to be online for, and then work out what time of the day you’re most productive. Then get your routine for your working day and stick to it!

It helps to break your day into time slots per project/task, with coffee and food breaks scheduled in so you’re not tempted to log off for a latte on a whim.

2. ‘Commute’ to Work

If you’re working as a digital nomad from an Airbnb, it helps to pretend it’s your office by getting up and dressed, going for a walk around the block and then coming back home to ‘work mode’. It’s also a good idea to work in a co-working space where you’ll have access to events and business facilities.

digital nomad tips

3. Don’t Bother Working at the Beach

Sure, you might see lots of Instagrams of people working from the beach. In reality? The sun puts a glare on your laptop, there’s sand everywhere, it’s too hot and your battery won’t last so long. If you prefer a more relaxed environment, consider a cafe with a beach view instead.

4. Always Pack a Travel Adaptor

There’s nothing more frustrating than furiously typing to hit a deadline only for your laptop or phone to die halfway through. Most co-working spaces have universal plugs, but if you’re working from your apartment or a coffee shop, you might not be so lucky.

5. Connect With Other Digital Nomads

Check out local networking events and join global groups such as Digital Nomads Around the World on Facebook. You can connect with other likeminded people, ask for advice and even be in the loop for remote job opportunities.

6. Reward Yourself with Breaks!

You need to make the most of your new work-life balance, so reward yourself with a nice lunch at a beachside restaurant, or get a coffee to-go and spend your lunch break exploring a new part of wherever you are in the world. You’re lucky to be doing this, so appreciate the flexibility while you can.

7. Don’t Give Up

As with any new job, it can be tough to settle into it. If you’re struggling to stick to your routine or find freelance gigs, don’t beat yourself up. We suggest trying it for at least three months (ideally with some savings as a fallback!) and see you get on. Check out some suggestions for remote work options for travellers here.

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