The Best English Chips In England

The Best Chips In Each County In England

Nothing beats English chips as something that is tasty and splits opinions in equal measure. Thin and crispy? Soft and drenched in vinegar? With sausages, or fish? Gravy or plain? The options are endless.

What we can all agree on, is that England is home to some of the finest chip shops in the world. Never mind the French with their Frites or the Americans and their French Fries. England is  – and always will be – home to the best chips in the world.

Although the debate is bound to be fierce on this, one we’ve lined up the best English chips in every county in the UK.


  • Finalists were selected from across the recognised 49 English counties
  • Chips that could stand up on their own. This has nothing to do with fish, sausages or other items served on the menu. Golden, delicious chips, and nothing else!
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • A panel of food experts also contributed to the final results

1. Bedfordshire – The Wigmore Restaurant

They’ve been cooking up chips for over 25 years, and with a loyal fan base you can be sure they know what they are doing. They always pledge to only use the freshest of ingredients. Golden and crispy.

English chips

2. Berkshire – Burnham Fish & Chips

They have been serving chips to Burnham for over 30 years, and do so with some of the friendliest and best service in the business. Perfect every single time, with tasty sauces.

Burnham Fish & Chips in England

3. Bristol – Just Chips

Home of the double cooked fluffy, crispy Dutch-style chip. They cook them in vegan friendly 100% sunflower oil, making their chips the healthiest fast food choice for vegan and gluten free fans.

Chips really don’t get much better than this.

Crispy Dutch-style chip in England

4. Buckinghamshire – Broughton Fish & Chips

They are a family run business that place an emphasis on sourcing the very best ingredients and good service.

As well as fish they serve pies, pasties, sausages which are all the perfect bedfellow for their wonderful chips. Thick cut and super fluffy.

Broughton Fish & Chips in England

5. Cambridgeshire – Fish’n’Chick’n

They serve delicious burgers, fish and chicken, but the chips are the real star of the show. Wonderfully light and fluffy, they are perfect dunked in any of their sauces.

Fish'n'Chick'n Chips in England

6. Cheshire – The Good Catch

There’s lots of innovative dishes on the menu here, including fresh fish cakes as well as the always tasty “beer battered Wednesdays”. The chips are melt in the mouth good.

As good as it gets when it comes to English chips.

Cheshire Chips in England

7. Chester – Chip’d Chester

Chip’d use a variety of potato which is recognised as the best in the Netherlands and then use the Dutch twice-fried method.

They also have a huge range of sauces which are perfect for these crispy chips.

Chip'd Chester in England

8. City of London – The Mayfair Chippy

This might just be the poshest chips on the list but they’re every bit as good – if not better – as a local chipper. They serve alongside an extensive seafood menu. Try them with the mussels dunked in the cooking liquor. Divine.

The Mayfair Chippy in England

9. Cornwall – Flounders

It’s a well known fact that fish and chips taste better by the seaside. In a county that is known for amazing chips, these are top of the charts. Simply sublime. Dip into the mushy peas and it’s the ideal combo.

Cornwall Chips in England

10. Cumbria – Old Keswickian

Established for over 30 years, the Old Keswickian is still run by the same extended family. You’ll find them in the middle of this ancient market town; their Cumberland sausages or fresh cod are perfect with the chips.

Cumbria Chips in England

11. Derbyshire – George’s – Chellaston

They’ve followed the tradition of their first store and expanded rapidly since then. Amazing sausages and they even have gluten free fish and chips which is wildly popular. It’s the chips themselves that are the hero of the menu.

Chellaston Chips in England

12. Devon – Krispies

Krispies won the best fish and chip shop for 2019 but they also serve burgers, sausages and homemade vegetarian dishes. It’s all about the chips here though, because these beautifully crispy chips are the real deal.

Krispies in England

13. Dorset – Hive Beach Cafe

Hive Beach Cafe is in the most wonderful setting where they focus on some of the freshest and tastiest seafood. Sitting here munching on their golden chips and sipping a glass of white wine is like heaven on earth.

Golden chips in England

14. Durham – Fish and Chips At 149

A multi award winning Fish and Chip shop who are committed to providing outstanding quality, service while also having a big focus on sustainability.

Their chips are absolutely divine and neither too soft nor too crispy, just perfectly in the middle.

Fish and Chips At 149 in English

15. East Riding of Yorkshire – North Beach Fish and Chips

Situated on the Yorkshire Coast one mile north of Bridlington’s Historic fishing harbour, they are located just feet from the beach.

You won’t get tastier chips with a better view. Fact.

North Beach Fish and Chips in England

16. East Sussex – The Dolphin Inn

A proper pub with great atmosphere and a friendly welcome, where they serve up some wonderful comfort food.

Sitting here with one of their craft beers and eating fish and chips is as good as life can get. You’ll struggle to find any other English chips that taste this good.

The Dolphin Inn Chips In England

17. Essex – Henley’s of Wivenhoe

They source all their ingredients and materials locally and are super conscious of the environment. The chips themselves are award winning and perfectly consistent every single time.

English chips

18. Gloucestershire – Russell’s Fish & Chips

You might get drawn in for the fish (it couldn’t be any fresher) but the chips are what will quickly grab your attention. Wonderfully crisp and bursting full of flavour.

We could eat these all day, every day.

Russell's Fish & Chips

19. Greater London – Ossies Fish & Chips

Sitting out on their terrace with their fish and chips while the sun shines is absolute heaven on earth. Add some mushy peas for scooping up (and plenty of vinegar!) and it’s superb.

Ossies Fish & Chips

20. Greater Manchester – The Hip Hop Chip Shop

They do exactly what they say on the tin by mixing hip hop and chips. They have seriously tasty meat and fish options, but the gravy and the chips are where its all at.

They’re thick and chunky, with crispy skin-on crumbs.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop in England

21. Hampshire – The White Star Tavern

You can stay in one of their 12 rooms or eat from their menum which is packed full of comfort food items. This is a pub you will quickly fall in love with. The chips are hand-cut, perfectly fried and absolutely delicious.

The White Star Tavern Chips in England

22. Herefordshire – Captain’s Fish and Chips

They’ve been open since 1998 and been keeping their customers super happy for over 2 decades. The chips are wonderfully crisp and taste delicious, no matter what you have them with.

But honestly? Chips this good should be eaten on their own.

Captain’s Fish and Chips

23. Hertfordshire – The Tilbury

Their deliciously fluffy triple-cooked chips play the perfect supporting role to pub classics such as Fish & Chips or Sirloin Steak. You have to taste them yourself to believe just how good they are.

Fluffy triple-cooked chips in England

24. Isle of Wight – The Happy Haddock

No visit to the island would be complete without a visit here. From 1958 until 2015 it was called Junes Fish Bar but it has now been re-branded as The Happy Haddock.

You’ll certainly be happy eating their chips.

The Happy Haddock Chips in England

25. Kent – The Pearsons Arms

A popular seaside pub located just a hop, skip and a jump from the water’s edge in beautiful Whitstable. They serve wonderfully sophisticated food but in a relaxed atmosphere. Whatever you order, make sure you get the chunky chips.

The Pearsons Arms Chips

26. Lancashire – Black’s Chippy

Black’s Chippy has only been in business for a few years, but are constantly winning awards and the hearts (and bellies!) of the local community.

Their chips are always fresh and cooked to perfection in the cleanest of oil. You’ll struggle to ever have a chip as good anywhere else.

Black's Chippy in England

27. Leicestershire – Buck’s Chippy

They serve fish and chips, kebabs and burgers, but the chips that come with the mains are the true star of the show here.

Once you taste them once you’ll be hooked for life. Look how beautifully golden they are.

Buck's Chippy in England

28. Lincolnshire – Burton Road Chippy

They’ve won the prize of the 2nd best chippy in the UK and it isn’t hard to see why. The chips are world-class, but it is the service, attention to detail and the family atmosphere that really set them apart.

Burton Road Chippy

29. Merseyside – Byrnes

Byrnes is a family-run business that was started by an Irishman when he arrived from Dublin way back in 1932. To still see queues outside of people waiting for chips tells you all you need to know about the quality.

Byrnes in England

30. Norfolk – Grosvenor Fish Bar

The business has been around serving chips for over 90 years and recently had a major refurb. They now serve wraps, sandwiches and burgers, as well as fish.

The chips are so good you could order them on their own with nothing else and still be happy. The ideal portion of English chips.

Grosvenor Fish Bar in England

31. North Yorkshire – Millers Fish & Chips

The chip shop has been going for 75 years and is now in the 4th generation of the same family. You know they must be doing something right after all that time.

Just as good to sit in or takeaway. Douse them in vinegar and salt and it’s perfect.

Millers Fish & Chips in England

32. Northamptonshire  – Mu Mu Northampton

The sort of place you come to really treat yourself with gourmet burgers, traditional pizza’s, pimped shakes and wacky sides!

Their skin-on crunchy fries will have you addicted from the very first bite. Not too thick, not too thin. Just right.

33. Northumberland – The Fish Shack

They offer locally smoked seafood and freshly steamed mussels, as well as an array of delicious seasonal specials.

The freshness of the seafood offering is perfectly married with the chips. A little squeeze of lemon and some sea salt and every bite will taste divine. English chips at their very best.

The Fish Shack

34. Nottinghamshire – The Cod’s Scallops

The Cod’s Scallops was created by John Molnar who wanted to create a family friendly restaurant with world class seafood and shellfish. The chips are the perfect accompaniment and go beautifully with their home made sauces.

The Cod’s Scallops in England

35. Oxfordshire – Magdalen Arms Oxford

A proper pub where there is always a warm welcome and some seriously comforting food. The portions are big, so come with a serious appetite.

Their chips are homemade and delicious and go perfectly with whatever you serve them with. They’re hand cut and golden fried.

Magdalen Arms Oxford in England

36. Rutland – Birdy’s Fish & Chips

A proper community fish and chip shop where the customers have been loyally coming from years and there is always a warm welcome.

The chips themselves are always perfect and taste so good you barely need anything else with the, bar salt and vinegar.

Birdy's Fish & Chips

37. Shropshire – The Shrewsbury Fish Bar

You can choose from chicken, sausages, pies or fish to have with your chips along with plenty of other specials and sides.

The chips are always that perfect mixture of crunchiness and fluffiness. As good as it gets in terms of English chips.

The Shrewsbury Fish Bar in England

38. Somerset – The Fat Friar Batheaston

Fillets of fish, mostly haddock or cod but sometimes plaice and whiting, are covered in batter, fried until golden and served with freshly chipped potatoes. The chips are twice fried for that perfect finish.

Chunky and golden and delicious.

The Fat Friar Batheaston in Endland

39. South Yorkshire – The Doctor’s Orders

The Doctor’s Order is a proper pub where you can come just for drinks or like most people do to make a meal out of it and stay for a few hours.

Loads of comforting dishes on the menu, but their golden brown triple cooked chips are an absolute delight.

The Doctor's Orders in England

40. Staffordshire – Oldswinford Fish & Chips

Chow down on burgers, kebabs and wonderful fresh fish that are all complimented by their delicious chips. They also do loaded fries with various toppings sitting on the fries and topped with cheese. A true delight.

Oldswinford Fish & Chips

41. Suffolk – Aldeburgh Fish & Chips 

They started with one shop over 50 years ago but have now expanded to three spots. There are long queues, but it is always worth the wait.

Anybody making chips for over 50 years will certainly know what they are doing!

Aldeburgh Fish & Chips 

42. Surrey – The Black Swan Ockham

A local spot that is well worth a day trip to visit. They serve beef dripping triple-cooked chips with a variety of seasonal British classics. To say the chips melt in the mouth would be an understatement.

The Black Swan Ockham in England

43. Tyne and Wear – Colmans

The shop has been opened since the 1920s and they are now onto the fourth generation serving their wonderful chips.

With that amount of experience you know the chips are going to be the real deal. When it comes to English chips this is as good as it gets.

Tyne and Wear Chips in England

44. Warwickshire – The Chip Shed

They are seriously passionate about fish and chips and the place is their life’s work. The fish might get your attention at first (big, thick and flakey) but the chips are the ideal foil for it. Absolute perfection.

The Chip Shed Chips

45. West Midlands – Black Country Chippy

A local favourite that has faithfully been keeping their customers happily fed for years. The portions are super generous so you’ll want to make sure you have a serious appetite when eating here.

Black Country Chippy in England

46. West Sussex – Crab Shack

Not your average fish shop. They cook some of the most vibrant and fresh dishes you could ever imagine. Sitting outside in the summer dunking your chips into their fresh cooking is an absolute joy.

English chips

47. West Yorkshire – Whitelock’s Ale House

They pride themselves on serving good honest food and real ales in what is Leed’s oldest pub. The sort of place you wish the walls could talk and if they could they’d be telling you how people have enjoyed these chips for generations.

Whitelock's Ale House in England

48. Wiltshire – Harlees

They’ve been cooking their chips for four generations so to say they have mastered the art would be a serious understatement.

You will savour every single chip for the perfect piece of pure potato filled joy that it is.

Harlees chips in England

49. Worcestershire – Winyates Chippy

They were established in 1995 and they have been winning awards and praise from locals ever since.

Super friendly staff and a focus on the quality of raw ingredient that shines through in the end product. The perfect spot for English chips.

Winyates Chippy in England

…50 – Reader’s Choice!

With a lot of debate about how many counties in England there actually are, here’s your chance to nominate your favourite place for chips in your area. From local chippers to gastropubs, let us know your suggestions (with photos if you have them) in the comments!

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