best national parks in california

7 Of The Best National Parks In California

California is home to some of the most diverse landscape in the United States. From towering limestone peaks, ancient volcanoes, pristine islands and ‘older than dirt’ forests, there are plenty of adventures to be had. If you are headed to The Golden State anytime soon, be sure to check out these seven best national parks in California.

Best National Parks In California

1. Yosemite National Park

Few natural wonders are more iconic than Yosemite National Park. Towering domes, millions of years of glacier cut landscape, and majestic waterfalls are just a few of its highlights. We recommend staying a week to be able to take in all of the surrounding beauty and wildlife. Best part? It’s explorable year-round. Book your stay at The Ahwahnee.

best national parks in california

2. Sequoia National Park

Nestled in the southern Sierra Nevada, you’ll find a sprawling forest like none other. Sequoia National Park is not only home to an ancient forest, rugged peaks and flowery meadows, it’s also home to five of the ten largest trees in the world. Visit in the Spring/early Summer and take in the natural rustic beauty at Silver City Mountain Resort.

best national parks in california

3. Joshua Tree National Park

At Joshua Tree National Park you’ll find a desert paradise home to stunning panoramic vistas, ancient flora and fauna and some of the best stargazing in the country. Be sure to catch as many sunrises as possible and stomp the trails through the Indian Canyons. Wondering where to stay? We recommend The Joshua Tree Inn.

best national parks in california

4. Channel Islands National Park

Eco rich landscapes surrounded by crystal clear waters make it easy to see why Channel Islands National Park is nicknamed the Galapagos of California. Adventurous spirits will enjoy the many activities such as kayaking, hiking and fishing. We recommend Clocktower Inn Ventura for an easy commute.

best national parks in california

5. Death Valley National Park

For an extreme look at nature, head to the hottest, driest and lowest national park – Death Valley. This barren wasteland is otherworldly and belongs on everyone California bucket list. Be sure to take lots of water and explore the many colourful landscapes, geological wonders and wide-open skies. Book a few nights at cleverly named The Oasis At Death Valley.

best national parks in california

6. Pinnacles National Park

At Pinnacles National Park you’ll find some of the best opportunities for hiking, rock climbing and stargazing. Whether you are making a pit stop to explore for an afternoon or are taking in the area for a few days, you’ll never run out of beautiful things to see. Be sure to stay at the Inn At The Pinnacles.

best national parks in california

7. Lassen Volcanic Park

Ancient volcanos and sulphur springs, thick forest and glistening lakes are just a few things that make Lassen Volcanic Park one of Cali’s best. Explore the bubbling mud pots, lost lava rocks and endless mountain trails at this stunning national park. Get lost in the wilderness with authentic cabin experience at Manzanita Lake Camping Cabins.

best national parks in california

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