Restaurants In Yangon

The 7 Best Restaurants In Yangon

Myanmar’s foodie capital, you’ll find plenty of cheap and tasty bites to eat in Yangon. While you’ll easily be able to eat street food and local eats anywhere in the city, if you’re in the mood for a proper sit-down meal then this list of the best restaurants in Yangon is for you.

As it’s a big city, you can try all sorts of regional Burmese dishes as well as modern and international dishes. From healthy cafes to gourmet dinners, here’s where to eat when you’re in Yangon.

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1. Rangoon Tea House

Rangoon Tea House is hugely popular for its authentic Burmese food with a modern twist. Stop by for a traditional breakfast dish of mohinga  – a heart fish and lemongrass stew. Their signature style here has four types of fish: Butter Fish, Sturgeon, Catfish and Daggertooth.

Add on gourd, onion fritters and boiled duck eggs for a real morning feast.

2. Shan Yoe Yar Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant (be sure to nab a seat on the second floor!) is in a heritage home location on Wa Dan Street, and serves up tasty specialties from the Shan region. Unlike other Shan-style restaurants in Yangon, this place is more fine-dining.

Come with friends to try as many different dishes as possible.

3. Green Gallery

In the mood for Thai fare? Green Gallery is the place to go in the city for fragrant curries, fresh salads and healthy juices. Basically, all the tasty things you can possibly think of will be on the menu here.

Highlights include their spicy green chicken curry and juicy shrimp and seafood salads.

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4. 999 Shan Noodle Shop

There’s three 999 Shan Noodle Shops in the city, which proves just how good it is. As the name suggests, their signature dish is Shan Noodles: a tasty dish of pork of chicken cooked in tomatoes on a bed of rice noodles. It comes with pickled greens on the side.

You can also dig into fried tofu, plump dumplings and salads here.

Restaurants In Yangon


You wouldn’t expect to find a cosy German restaurant in Yangon, yet here we are. Mahlzeit has all sorts of Western fare, as well as German specialities, such as the feast platter of Schnitzel, Beef Roulade, Meat Loaf, Crispy Pork Belly, Sausages, Sauerkraut, Potato Dumplings and Gravy.

Wash it down with authentic imported German beers.

Restaurants In Yangon

6. Sharky’s

Sharky’s goes above and beyond at both its Yangon locations to sourcing organic,  local Myanmar ingredients, many of which are grown on the restaurant founder’s own farm. The menu consists of tasty European dishes such as handmade pastas and artisan cheese plates, and there’s also a gourmet deli section.

Bonus points for the fact that they also use 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging, straws and cutlery.

Restaurants In Yangon

7. Gekko Restaurant

Gekko Restaurant is a stylish Japanese bistro, with spicy sushi rolls and herb-infused cocktails just some of the things to look forward to.  The menu is focused around charcoal fired Yakitori but includes Korean and Vietnamese dishes, as well as tasty Japanese tapas.

Restaurants In Yangon

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