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The 7 Best Royal Caribbean Ships Ranked By Travellers

Royal Caribbean is one of the hottest cruise lines in the world. In fact, US News ranked it the No. 2 cruise line in America in terms of value.

With over 20 ships currently in service, the worst thing about travelling on a Royal Caribbean ship is figuring out which one you’re going to sail on. And, whether you’re going to sail to the Greek Islands or stay in the Caribbean. However, that’s the small price you pay when sailing the open seas in style.

If you’re planning a Royal Caribbean 2019 vacation then we thought we’d round up some reviews for you. We scoured current rankings and Cruise Critic reviews in order to help you make sense of the best Royal Caribbean ships. 

Best Royal Caribbean ShipsHow do these rankings work?

1. Mariner of the Seas

On-board amenities include the SkyPad virtual reality trampoline and an escape room, but what travellers really love about the Mariner of the Seas is the fact that it’s moderately priced in comparison to other Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

Cruise Critic Review: “There were so many different activities to choose from on this cruise! The cruise compass was always packed with things to do from early morning until well past midnight.”

Best Royal Caribbean Ships

2. Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class of cruiseliners includes some of the company’s largest ships. And, Symphony of the Seas is consistently ranked as one of the best cruise ships to travel on. Why? Despite the sheer size of the ship (there are 18 decks), the amenities are second-to-none.

Cruise Critic Review: “This is the nicest ship we have ever had the pleasure of taking. The ship is immaculate, the food was excellent, and the service was awesome!”

Royal Caribbean 2019 Cruise Ships

3. Harmony of the Seas

The 10-story slide onboard the Harmony of the Seas is what makes it a popular amongst Royal Caribbean guests. But, you’ll find that this premier cruise ship offers all of the standard amenities that you’d expect from a Royal Caribbean cruise, too.

Cruise Critic Review: We enjoyed the services of very professional and experienced staff. The food was very good. We’ll be back.”

4. Radiance of the Seas

Another one of Royal Caribbean’s large ships, Radiance of the Seas is a favourite amongst travellers usually due to the impressive 1-to-3 crew member-to-passenger ratio. If you’re looking to sail to Asia, Australia, or the South Pacific, this is the ship for you.

Cruise Critic Review: “We loved the orientation to the sea from almost all the interior spaces and the beautiful atrium. It also has one of the most handsome lounges at sea.”

Radiance of the Sea Royal Caribbean

5. Oasis of the Seas

Despite various travellers noting that Oasis of the Seas can feel a bit crowded at times, they all seemed to love the bevvy of unique amenities, which range from a zip line and seven different onboard neighbourhoods to explore.

Cruise Critic Review: “There is so much to see and do onboard, one review would not do it justice.”

6. Serenade of the Seas

After upgrades in 2012 and again in 2017, Serenade of the Seas is one of the most popular mid-level cruise ships that Royal Caribbean sails. Upgraded cabins and six different pools made this popular amongst older travellers.

Cruise Critic Review: Found the ship easy to navigate and liked that there are not too many people on board. All the staff we spoke to were all friendly and helpful.”

7. Jewel of the Seas

As one of the Royal Caribbean Radiance Class ships, Jewel of the Seas is great for travellers looking to explore exotic departure cities before setting sail aborad a glass-filled ship. Jewel of the Seas is great for photographers and those who love adventure.

Cruise Critic Review: The ship more than met our expectations. We loved the size of the ship, it never felt overly crowded. We felt it was in fine shape and noticed staff always working on maintaining it.”

Royal Caribbean Ships Ranked

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