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7 Of The World’s Best Sculptures Worth Traveling For

From murals and stencil street art to music and sculptures, public art is on the rise. Today it’s easy to find incredible public art throughout many urban areas or even at home. The best sculptures in the world range from modern, colourful creations to historic pieces. 

But, these are the best sculptures worth traveling for.

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1. Bouquet of Tulips – Paris, France

A controversial gift to Paris from noted artist Jeff Koons, the Bouquet of Tulips was just unveiled in October 2019. Conceived in response to the 2015 terrorist attacks, the artistic flowers are to serve as a permanent memorial to the victims. Go see it, and form your own opinion on the art.

2. Head of Franz Kafka – Prague, Czech Republic

Perhaps the most famous sculpture in Prague, the Head of Franz Kafka is a popular installation. The face shifts and turns, making it a spectacle that will capture your attention for a while. Get your phone out to take a video too.

Image: Aris Jansons/Flickr

3. Statue of Liberty – New York, USA

Originally a gift from France, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886. It was even designated as a National Monument in 1924. Take a ride out to the island, and take a tour up to the crown.

4. Christ the Redeemer – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Looming over Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer is an incredible work of art and a feat of engineering. Hike to the top of the cliff that the art sits atop, and marvel at the view below.

5. Mount Rushmore – South Dakota, USA

Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, this United States National Monument features four of the country’s most impactful and beloved presidents. A massive undertaking and an incredible display of craftsmanship, this is a must-see.

Best Sculptures in the World

6. Pink Tank – Prague, Czech Republic

Another Prague installation by David Černy, the artist behind the Head of Franz Kafka, the Pink Tank is a monument to Soviet Tank Crews. It was first dedicated in 1945, but became known as the Pink Tank in 1991 when it was painted.

pink tank

7. Cloud Gate – Chicago, USA

If you’ve been to Chicago, you’ve probably taken a photo of or with this sculpture. Many consider it one of the best sculptures in the world, and we agree! Most call it “the bean,” but its real name is Cloud Gate. Constructed in 2006, the art was the idea of Indian-British artist Sir Anish Kapoor.

Best Sculptures in the World

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