Best Spare Ribs Germany

The 25 Best Places To Eat Spare Ribs In Germany

When searching for the best spare ribs Germany has to offer, there is an abundance of choice. From restaurants and BBQ joints to bars and more casual spots, this is a country that really loves their ribs. We’ve got the must-visit places across the country for a serious BBQ feast.

When you consider how perfectly a tender rack of ribs pairs with beer, it can be no surprise that ribs are so loved in Germany.

With so many to choose from it was hard to get it down to the 25 best, but these are the best spare ribs Germany has to offer.

Best Spare Ribs in GermanyHow do these rankings work?

25th. Taxisgarten – Munich

Taxisgarten is a beer hall that also has one of the best beer gardens – no mean feat in a city that is known for great drinking spots. When the sun shines here and you are drinking with friends, there really is no better place to spend some time.

The food menu is wholesome and exactly what you’d want to be eating with beer. Order the ribs: they’re perfectly charred and wonderfully tasty.

24th. Estancia Steakhouse Striesen – Dresden

This is place you want to come to in Dresden if you are a real meat lover. Their steaks are the stuff of legend, but the ribs are every bit as good and cooked by a team of true professionals.

For a real treat, they offer a steak and rib platter that gives you the best of both worlds.

23rd. Arizona Grill House – Cologne

Arizona Grill House imports its steaks from Argentina, complementing the premium meats with the very best of locally sourced ingredients.

The ribs are the perfect example of the skill and quality of the kitchen here. Alongside live sport, great beer and superb cocktails, you couldn’t wish for anything else.

22nd. Upper Burger Grill – Berlin

They specialise in prime US beef burgers and steaks, but you simply have to start a meal here with a plate of ribs. If you are super hungry get them just for yourself, but the plate really is made for sharing – it’s big. 

The ribs are cooked low and slow so the meat literally starts falling off the bone as you pick them up. *drools*

21st. Buttershaker – Düsseldorf

Buttershaker is a classic American bar and restaurant where you will find a food menu packed full of classics. They also happen to serve up some amazing cocktails, so it would be rude not to have one of those!

The burgers and steaks are superb, but the ribs a (very tasty) work of art that simply cannot be ignored. Absolute world-class.

20th. Freiberger Schankhaus – Dresden

This wonderful traditional restaurant opened its doors in 2006 on the premises of a former pharmacy. So, the decor and style is just as delicious as the ribs themselves.

Their food is traditional and takes its roots in local styles and they source the very best ingredients. The ribs are slow cooked and piled high; served with one of the most delicious sauces you could ever match spare ribs with.

19th. VAI VAI – Bremen

It might be the steaks that gets VAI VAI the most attention (they are truly fantastic) but the special ribs when they appear are a true delight. Beautifully sticky, with a rich charring and meat that falls off the bone.

Loaded with meat and cooked to perfection they are perfect to share as a starter.

18th. The Ash – Essen

An American bar and grill where you’ll be served classic steaks, drinks and burgers that will have you salivating.

The wise diners and the regulars though, will look no further than the ribs which come perfectly glazed and with a delicious sauce. Seriously good eating.

17th. Salt’n Bone – Berlin

In a city with so many diverse food options and such high quality cooking, this is a restaurant that really stands out.

A proper gastropub where the food is complimented by some amazing cocktails and a great drinks menu. The one problem with eating the ribs here? You might never taste ribs this good anywhere else ever again…

16th. Boogie’s BBQ Smokehouse – Nuremberg

They serve up Memphis-style slow cooked BBQ and the ribs are without doubt the best item on a superb menu.

The racks are absolutely massive and come served with delicious side dishes. You will be licking every single last piece of meat away from the bone.

15th. Bachmaier Hofbräu – Munich

In a city that is known for great beer this is one of the best places to come and enjoy a few.

You’ll want some sustenance in your belly though and the ribs are the perfect match. The meat is slow cooked to fall perfectly off the bone and the portions are piled high and made to be shared with friends.

14th. Bavarium – Hannover

A brilliant beer garden in the heart of the city where you will also find some of the best food. The portions are big and the food wholesome and always served by a super professional team.

There are lots of other classics on the menu, but the ribs with fries is where you should be focusing all your attention.

13th. Faustfood – Erfurt

They are known for world class burgers, sandwiches and steaks but you really should be trying the ribs.

Cooked over open charcoal BBQ, they have that wonderful tender meat and smokey taste that all spare ribs should have. You’ll fall in love with the taste instantly.

12th. Die Fette Wutz – Mannheim

This is proper traditional Texas-style BBQ that is cooked “low and slow” for incredible flavour and serious tender meat. You can have the ribs alone or as part of a meat platter – either way you will be in for a serious treat.

Add in a great selection of local and international craft beers and this is a true once in a lifetime rib eating experience.

11th. Augustiner Keller – Munich

One of the most popular meeting places for Munich residents (and for guests from all over the world) who appreciate the charm of Bavarian tradition.

The beer hall and garden are packed all year-round and when you are drinking beer that is this good you need awesome food which is exactly what they serve. Tender ribs with perfect fries and beer? Life doesn’t really get much better than this.

Best Spare Ribs Germany

10th. Rusticana – Munich

The BBQ spare ribs are grilled over an open charcoal grill which give them the most unique and wholesome flavour you could ever wish for.

While they have some great steaks on the menu, as soon as you see a huge portion of their ribs covering the plate your choice will be made. The ribs have the juiciest, most succulent meat you could ever imagine.

Best Spare Ribs Germany

9th. Südtiroler Hütte – Bremen

They pride themselves on their South Tyrolean style of wholesome cooking. This is the sort of restaurant that you will want to arrive with a serious appetite, because the portions are huge.

The ribs with fried potatoes are utterly succulent and have lots of meat on the bone. The sort of place where you will quickly become a regular.

Best Spare Ribs Germany

8th. Rio The Grillbar – Hamburg

A casual setting where the focus is on great comfort food, terrific service and big portions that will leave you super satisfied.

They do fantastic burgers and steaks, but their ribs are the stuff of legend, with the meat dropping off the bone as soon as you pick them up. Delicious beyond belief.

Best Spare Ribs Germany

7th. Block House – Frankfurt

Block House just so happens to be one of the most famous steak houses in the country. But, the real hidden gem and brilliant alternative to steak on the menu is the ribs.

Served slow cooked with a wonderful glaze, all you need are some of their perfect french fries and a nice cold beer. A match made in heaven.

6th. Tony Roma’s – Berlin

Tony Roma’s is an entire restaurant (with locations around the world) that are known best for their ribs. You’ll be expecting a very special experience from the second you walk in the door and you won’t be let down in the slightest.

There are several different flavours, sauces and glazes, so there really is something for everybody here.

Best Spare Ribs Germany

5th. Mangal Restaurant – Cologne

There are some brilliant Turkish restaurants in Germany, and this one is right up there with the very best. The folk here really know how to handle meat and cook it over open charcoal for a wonderful smoky flavour.

The ribs on their own are superb, but as part of a mixed meat platter they are the sort of meal you will be dreaming about for weeks to come.

Best Spare Ribs Germany

4th. Steakhaus Kampe – Hannover

This high-end steak house in Hannover has been open since 2007 and serves up some of the most delicious meat you could ever imagine.

While you could be tempted by the delicious steaks, the ribs are the real star of the show. With perfectly glazed and tender meat, they are an absolute treat of a meal.

Best Spare Ribs Germany

3rd. Montgomery Champs – Hamburg

They say themselves that they are the home of “the greatest ribs” and when you taste them it is hard to argue with that statement.

They also have some of the best cocktails in the city… So, it is absolutely essential that you start your dining experience here with one of those. The perfect restaurant to come and treat yourself.

2nd. The Bird Barbecue – Berlin

The Bird Barbecue has some of the most authentic Texas-style BBQ that you will find outside the American state itself. Their mixed meat platters are the stuff of legend and come piled high with all sorts of delicious treats.

While the wings and brisket are good, it really is the ribs thats steal the show with their pure juiciness.  As soon as you taste those ribs for the first time you will be hooked for life.

1st. Road Stop – Dortmund

High above the Ruhr Valley you will find one of the most authentic road house style bars outside of America itself. You’ll feel like you are walking into a movie set.

The menu has lots of American classics but once you see and taste the ribs you will quickly be planning your next visit. Tender and juicy with a sticky BBQ glaze, these beauties are seriously tasty.

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