7 Of The Best Places For Tacos In Austin

Soft, hard, crunchy, or spilling over with sides with delicious toppings, we don’t judge. Just like you, we love tacos in all of their shapes and forms. And, we especially love the tacos in Austin.

However, there’s no denying that sometimes you stumble upon an especially delicious taco. That’s why the Big 7 Travel team decided to scour this hip Central Texas city in search of some of the tastiest tacos in the state.

We apologise in advance for any taco binge-inducing behaviour this list causes. Prep yourself for some serious flavour as you dive into these scrumptious treats. After all, they’re the absolute best tacos in Austin.

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1. Veracruz All Natural

This spot ranked No. 2 on our list of the 50 Best Tacos in America. So, it’s easily the spot with some of the best tacos in Austin. The sisters behind Veracruz All Natural, Maritza and Reyna, have been serving locals some of the best authentic Mexican tacos for years out of food trucks. Recently, they’ve upgraded to brick-and-mortar stores, which we’d definitely put on our list of unmissable things to do in Austin if you’re ever in the area for a visit.

Texas Serves the Best Tacos in America

2. Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

While everything this taco place puts out is irresistibly tasty, you’ll definitely want to save room for their brisket and breakfast tacos. Due to the savoury fusion of BBQ and traditional Tex-Mex, everything is bursting with unique flavours. The breakfast tacos, for example, starts with a potato, egg, and cheese base. Then, you can throw some bacon, chorizo, brisket, or pulled pork on top. Smother it with their delicious tomato Serrano salsa and you’ve just about reached foodie heaven.

Best Tacos in Austin

3. Ñoños Tacos

If what you’re after is authenticity then look no further than Ñoños Tacos. They grill their tortillas, giving them an almost smoky flavour that acts as the perfect main stage on which smoked meats, spices, and other mouth-watering flavours play with each other to form what is by far one of the best tacos in Austin. Tender meat, quality side dishes, and a truly hometown feel make this a spot to put on your foodie destination bucket list for sure.

4. Pueblo Viejo

Pubelo Viejo has long been a taco staple in Austin. And, for a good reason. With options for both meat-eaters and vegetarians, any type of foodie will find something truly delicious here. Settle into a seat next to the fire pit, order a beer, and prepare to devour street-style Mexican tacos. Everything is tasty, but their breakfast tacos are a great choice for an early morning treat. And their steak tacos are seasoned with poblano peppers and onion. Yum.

Where to Get Best Tacos in Austin

5. Discada

The unique cooking methods used at Discada make it a great spot for trying not only some of the best tacos in Austin but also the most unique. Discada cooking is a cowboy-wok style of cooking in which layers of meat and vegetables simmer on an open flame for hours. Naturally, this lends itself to a super, savoury taste that you’ll have to try to truly understand just how divine it is. While the taco truck only serves one kind of taco, it’s so downright delicious that you’ll never get tired of ordering it.

Austin's Best Taco Spots

6. Tacodeli

When visiting Austin, you might be looking for a spot to indulge in tasty tacos while also enjoying quality vibes. If a side-street taco truck isn’t your thing, head to Tacodeli. On top of providing guests with space to sprawl out and enjoy a taco or two (or three…) they serve Mexican-inspired tacos with local and organic ingredients. Then, they smother them with their award-winning salsas. It really doesn’t get much better than this, especially if you’re new to the Austin taco scene.

7. Trill Taqueria

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, the vegetarian tacos at Trill Taqueria are worth a serious look. They’ll have you drooling way before the first bite, likely due to the hand-ground tortillas they use to make them. On top of serving a tasty pecan mole, you’ll find that literally everything here is bursting with flavour and creatively cooked. The taco truck itself is super hip and trendy, and the owners are friendly. But, what else would you expect out of a Texas taco truck?

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