Best Vegan Dishes

25 Delicious Vegan Dishes You Need To Try

The main food trends around the world are pointing towards plant based foods with people seeking out a healthier and more ethical lifestyle, so we wanted to find the best vegan dishes to try. These are the plant-based recipes that will kickstart you on a vegan buzz and introduce just how tasty vegan food is.

While there are some incredible vegan restaurants in the world, getting to them right now isn’t always the easiest, as many remain closed. The good news is you can cook some unbelievable vegan food at home: this selection of vegan recipes are the perfect place to start. They aren’t just any recipes either, as they come from some of the world’s top food bloggers. Make sure to bookmark their recipes and cook them on a regular basis, you won’t regret it.

Time to go grab some great fresh produce and get into that kitchen… You’ll be cooking the best vegan dishes from around the world you have ever tasted.

The Very Best Vegan Dishes to Try

1. Chili Lime Tempeh Tacos

These tangy vegan chili lime tempeh tacos are a great way to showcase one of the most versatile plant proteins. They’re also fast and don’t require a lot of cooking.

Recipe created by Gena.

2. Vegan Butter Chicken (Cauliflower)

This vegan butter chicken recipe is healthy, plant based, made with cauliflower, simple, and also so easy to make! In addition, it’s creamy, gluten free, soy free, customisable, and perfect for meal prep and made in one pot!

Recipe created by Selin.

3. Raw Vegan Cheesecake

This vegan cheesecake in a jar is a simple, yet tasty combination. Light layers of cashew cream cheese, fresh strawberries, mint leaves, and a sweet base layer of dates, oats and almonds.

Recipe created by Kiersten.

4. Thai Noodle Salad

This Thai noodle salad is served cold or at room temperature. It’s perfect for the summer, as it contains raw cucumber, carrots and cabbage making it really refreshing and healthy!

Recipe created by Laura.

5. Lemon Pasta

This vegan lemon pasta with spinach and coconut milk is a very refreshing and unique recipe that shines out in terms of its simplicity.  The freshness and tanginess from lemon juice and the creaminess from coconut milk simply add a new dimension to this lemon pasta.

Recipe created by Hetal.

6. Kale Cannellini Salad With Mint Pesto

A different take on a classic Italian dip: this vegan pesto is fresh, creamy and tangy. It is very versatile and you can use it to dress a salad, a pasta, to spread it over a bruschetta or as a dip.

Recipe created by Laura.

7. Vegan Sweet Potato Waffles

Vegan and gluten-free sweet potato waffles are a fluffy addition to any breakfast. Made with a blend of rich and warming spices like cinnamon, and sweetened with banana and yacon syrup, which is a great honey alternative.

Recipe created by Hannah.

8. Vegan Rice Paper Rolls

These vegan rice paper rolls make for a delicious appetiser, finger food, or light meal. They’re healthy and gluten-free, so roll up a batch of these beauties and dip them into your favourite sauce.

Recipe created by Alistair.

9. Raw Mushroom Vegan Chilli

This dish tastes best if it is allowed to sit for at least one hour, or best, overnight in the refrigerator. So it is best to plan ahead and prepare early. Serve the chilli in tacos or as part of a Mexican salad bowl with avocado, slaw, sour cream, and cilantro.

Recipe created by Sabrina.

10. Buddha Bowl

This Buddha Bowl is a fresh summer night meal that doesn’t heat up the kitchen or require much prep.

Recipe created by Vegan Kenji.

11. Copycat IKEA Veggie Balls

If you don’t have an IKEA nearby, try these copycat veggie balls recipe with right different vegetables – the same as in the original.

Recipe created by Emese and Nandi.

12. Creamy Matar Paneer

This is a very popular dish from the north part of India. To make this curry extra creamy and delicious, usually heavy cream is used but not in this recipe. Replace the paneer with tofu in this recipe to make it vegan.

Recipe created by Megha.

13. Vegan S’mores Bars

These vegan s’mores bars are soft and gooey, easy to make, and ridiculously delicious! The graham cracker cookie crust is layered with pockets of melted chocolate and perfectly-toasted marshmallows.

Recipe created by Kaylie.

14. Hash Brown Avocado Toast

Elevate your morning breakfast with this Hash Brown Avocado Toast! Top your favourite hash brown patties with avocado, roasted brussels sprouts and broccoli then season with everything bagel seasoning and vegan parmesan cheese. Garnish with fresh microgreens for the perfect finishing touch.

Recipe created by Gina.

15. Corn and Jalapeño Fritters

Whether you use fresh or frozen, these corn fritters are not only pretty but so delicious and very filling. This recipe happens to be fully plant-based, so no eggs or dairy here!

Recipe created by Joni.

16. Cauliflower Chickpea Curry

This easy, one-pot cauliflower chickpea curry is full of bold flavours and ready in under 30 minutes. It’s vegan & dairy free, and uses a base made with coconut milk.

Recipe created by Megan.

17. Whole Food Plant Based Pizza Burgers

You would have no idea biting into these burgers that they had no plant based foods or animal products in them. Absolutely divine. One of the best vegan dishes ever.

Recipe created by Clean Food Dirty Girl.

Best Vegan Dishes

18. Vegan Pizza Dip

This pizza dip is rich in flavour, creamy, baked to cheesy perfection, made with bold flavors and comes together really, really fast in around 25 minutes.

Recipe created by Florian. 

Best Vegan Dishes

19. Vegan Spaghetti Carbonara

Pasta carbonara is notoriously creamy and easy to make even for the inexperienced home chef. It’s also a traditionally very non-vegan dish. This vegan spaghetti carbonara is meat, dairy and egg-free, but still just as tasty, creamy and quick to make.

Recipe created by Ana.

Best Vegan Dishes

20. Vegan Potato Salad

This delicious and creamy vegan potato salad is easy to make for a quick lunch and it’s also perfect as a packed lunch to eat outside in the sun.

Recipe created by Nico and Louise.

Best Vegan Dishes

21. Vegan Gyros

These vegan gyros are flavourful and fun and use shredded mushrooms and artichokes for the ‘meat’. Served with vegan tzatziki and salad in pita breads.

Recipe created by Alison.

Best Vegan Dishes

22. Baked Sesame Ginger Tofu

This baked sesame ginger tofu is crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and the sauce will have you licking your fingers clean.

Recipe created by Mitch and Justine.

Best Vegan Dishes

23. Vegan Walnut Meatballs

The toasty walnuts mixed with a tomato puree not only tastes delicious but is super satisfying and a great starting point for a meat substitute.

Recipe created by Erin.

Best Vegan Dishes

24. Vegan Portuguese Feijoada

A protein-packed meal and a comfort meal at the same time. The sort of dish that once you discover once you will constantly be making it again.

Recipe created by Mariana.

Best Vegan Dishes

25. Vegan Dal Recipe with Millet and Lentils

Hearty and delicious oil-free vegan dal recipe with millet and black Beluga lentils. You’ll only need 30 minutes to prepare this simple and quick dal. Easily one of the best vegan dishes you will ever taste.

Recipe created by Nelle.

Best Vegan Dishes

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