The 7 Best Brazilian Restaurants In London

Dining at some of the best Brazilian restaurants in London often feels as if you’re spending the evening at a fine dining establishment in Rio. You’ll immediately be transported to the shores of Copacabana at lots of the places on this list, whether you’re sampling Brazilian street food or more upscale dishes and barbecued meat.

Before diving into the Brazilian food culture in London, however, you’re going to need to know where to go and what to look for. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve scoured the city in search of the tastiest dishes, from Brazilian steak and feijoada to coxinhas.

Ready to indulge? Check out our picks for seven of the best Brazilian restaurants in London for a fantastic dive into the South American country’s foodie culture. You’re going to want to eat it all.

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1. Galpao

There’s a lot to love about Galpao, which is situated near the centre of London’s Little Brazil. Here, you can sample nearly every fantastic dish that personifies Brazilian cuisine. Start off with a pao de queijo. Then, move on to salgados, tapas-style finger food that’s usually stuffed with meat. By the time you get to the main course, your tastebuds will have warmed up to all of the unique flavours and you’ll be craving more.

Brazilian Restaurants In London

2. Tia Maria

The live music nights might draw you in from the streets at Tia Maria. The sounds of samba lure you in first. Then, you’ll be greeted by the delicious aroma of Brazilian grilled dishes and skewers. This bright and lively venue is a great spot for date night. You can combine fun music and quality food into one great evening that’s similar to a night you’d have out in Sao Paulo.

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3. Kaipiras

It doesn’t get much more local than Kaipiras. At its core, it’s a local shop and kitchen. They specialise in serving up extremely authentic Brazilian fish stew, beef dishes and cachaca. But, on the weekends, you’ll find that they also host live music that’ll get your blood pumping. The vibes here are great, whether you’ve ever experienced true Brazilian culture or not. All in all, it’s a pretty good time.

Brazilian Restaurants In London

4. Brazilian Gourmet

With a name like Brazilian Gourmet, you can expect that this is easily one of the best Brazilian restaurants in London. Expect nothing short of fine gourmet food here, whether you stop by for a quick breakfast or a full sit-down dinner with friends. The Portuguese codfish croquettes are a can’t miss but the Coxinha dish is a must-try if you’re interested in sampling true local street food flavours.

5. Picanha Steakhouse

Not all Brazilian food is all about meat, but you’ll absolutely notice a large number of steakhouses in this South American country. To sample the fine tastes of traditional Brazilian steak, you’re going to want to head on over to Picanha Steakhouse. It’s easily one of the best Brazilian restaurants in London for those looking to enjoy a buffet of grilled meats and other tasty side dishes.

Brazilian Restaurants In London

6. Cafe Brazil

It’s easy to see why so many locals think Cafe Brazil is one of the best Brazilian restaurants in London. Order the Feijoada and you’ll see why. It’s a Brazilian traditional stew made of black beans and pork pieces. They serve it with rice, farofa, spring greens and fresh oranges. It’s refreshing, filling and most importantly, loaded up with authentic flavours straight from Brazil.

7. Cabana

Fancy taking a flavourful tour of Rio without ever leaving Covent Garden? Cabana is home to the finest Rio street food you’ll find outside of Brazil. With interiors inspired by the beaches, buildings and culture in Brazil, Cabana delivers in terms of ambience and flavour. Each dish is bursting with authentic ingredients. And, the drinks are strong and reminiscent of a sandy afternoon at Copacabana Beach.

Brazilian Restaurants In London

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