Bucket List Destinations North America

Top 7 Bucket List Destinations In North America

Travelling the world is a dream for many of us, but realistically you need to narrow it down slightly. Here’s where the bucket list comes in: an essential list of destinations. But where exactly do people around the globe aspire to visit most? We’ve rounded up the top 50 bucket list destinations in the world, and these are the must-visit bucket list destinations in North America.

From peaceful islands to vibrant cities, the continent has so much to offer.

Bucket List Destinations In North AmericaHow do these rankings work?

1. New Orleans, USA

The lively American city known for its street music, festive vibe and a melting pot of French, African and American cultures is well worth the trip.

NOLA is a city packed with adventures at every turn and should be on everyone’s ‘must-visit’ list. There’s no other carnival like Mardi Gras – party, eat, dress in costume and catch beads at parades as you soak up the incredible NOLA spirit.

2. New York, USA

New York is one of America’s most exciting state. With charming upstate scenery, world class cuisine and culture and more things to do than you could fit in one lifetime.

The city’s five boroughs all have special features; it’s almost impossible to narrow it down.

3. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is surrounded by water yet close to the mountains and has world class art, restaurants and heaps of other attractions to keep you entertained.

From colourful downtown neighbourhoods, to culturally diverse suburbs and mountainside districts, Vancouver is a slick city.

4. Los Angeles, USA

In a city with year-round sunshine, glam bars, beaches and hikes, there’s endless incredible experiences to enjoy in Los Angeles . It’s no wonder there’s almost 5O million ‘LA’ hashtags on Insta.

Whatever you’re into – neon lights and pop up bars or stunning scenery – you’ll find it in LA.

5. Hawaii, USA

From the hustle and bustle of Oahu to the romance of Maui and off-the-beaten-path adventures on Lanai and Molokai. The Hawaiian Islands are pure paradise.

Explore colourful canyons and waterfalls and eat your bodyweight in fresh Poke.

Bucket List Destinations North America

6. Las Vegas, USA

With the bright lights, party atmosphere and endless things to see and do, it’s now wonder that Las Vegas has become a glittering global tourism destination. Take a chance in the casinos until the early hours or see world-class entertainment.

Bucket List Destinations North America

7. Tulum, Mexico

It may no longer be Mexico’s best-kept secret, but the jungle paradise that is Tulum is still one of the most beautiful destinations you’ll experience.

The beach town has a laid-back vibe (think no streetlights and cash only bars) and the dazzling blue waters in the many cenotes dotted around the outskirts will leave you feeling restored.

Bucket List Destinations North America

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