Incredible Photos & Videos Show California On Lockdown

With California on lockdown because of the coronavirus, this iconic state is looking very different today than it normally does.

The governor of California issued a “stay at home” order effective Thursday night, and the entire state has changed drastically since then. Popular tourist attractions, famous landmarks and city streets are like ghost towns as people bunker down in their homes.

The following mind-blowing pictures shows what it looks like when the biggest state in America goes into complete isolation:

Photos Of California On Lockdown

San Fransisco is hit especially hard, with the city streets completely empty.

The normally bustling Los Angeles has all but emptied. A city known for its traffic is no eerily quiet…

Tourist areas had already been exceptionally quiet with a decline in visitors, but now all are forced to close down…

Businesses hit especially hard by California being on lockdown. Small business owners have no customers, with restaurants shut.

Obviously, such as Disneyland California are closed…

The lockdown affects the entire state…

LA’s famous traffic is non-existent.

At least nearly everybody is inside and staying as safe as possible.

Big 7 Travel Team