Cantonese Dishes

7 Cantonese Dishes You Have To Try

Cantonese dishes come from the Guangdong province of China, which also includes Hong Kong and Macau. These days you will find this style of cooking all over the world in restaurants, street stalls and cafes. The Cantonese style of cooking is all about freshness, with lightly cooked fresh vegetables and meat, and sweet sauces. Unlike other Chinese regional cuisines, not much spices or oil is used.

We’re sharing some of the best classic Cantonese recipes. These recipes aren’t just any recipes either, as they have been created by the world’s top food bloggers. The best of the best. Make sure check out the other great dishes on their sites too.

You might not be able to travel at the moment but that will give you more of an excuse to get cooking. Cantonese dishes will give you a great challenge and are all utterly delicious.

The Best Cantonese Dishes

1. Shrimp And Pork Shumai

One of the most popular Cantonese dim sum dishes, shrimp & pork shumai is delicate, tasty and very easy to make in your own kitchen

Recipe created by Wei.

2. Soy Sauce Chicken

Soy Sauce Chicken is a Hong Kong style Cantonese cuisine that belongs to one of the many “lou mei” dishes made by braising in soy sauce with seasoning and spices called “lou” sauce or master stock.

Recipe created by Daphne.

3. Cantonese Steamed Fish

This Cantonese steamed fish is a traditional and simple dish that’s often served as one of the final courses in a traditional Chinese wedding banquet right before the last rice and the noodle course. But it’s also a dish that can be found on a lot of home dinner tables. That’s when you know it’s not just easy, it’s good.

Recipe created by Bill.

4. Ground Beef, Rice And Eggs

A super easy Cantonese ground beef rice bowl cooked with an oyster-sauce-based sauce, onion, green peas, and runny eggs. Top steamed rice or noodles with it to make a hearty and healthy meal.

Recipe created by Maggie.

Cantonese Dishes

5. Cantonese Sweet and Sour Chicken

Authentic Cantonese Sweet and Sour Chicken is a delicious Chinese recipe and great for any occasion whether it’s a weekday dinner or a lovely dinner party with family and friends.

Recipe created by Love Foodies.

Cantonese Dishes

6. Cantonese-Style Pan-Fried Noodles

An easy Cantonese-style pan fried noodle dish that comes together so quickly! These taste just like your favorite restaurant’s version and now it’s easy to make them at home!

Recipe created by Marzia.

Cantonese Dishes

7. Cantonese Chicken With Mushrooms Recipe

Cantonese Chicken With Mushrooms Recipe is a lip smacking chicken dish with a semi gravy. Serve it as a side to the main meal or even as an appetiser. The combination of chicken and mushrooms packed with flavours is fantastic.

Recipe created by Jyothi

Cantonese Dishes

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