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Summer Staycation: 7 Charming Small Towns In The South

Looking for somewhere cute to escape to this summer? A staycation in of these beautiful small towns in the South is the perfect getaway.

To help us narrow it down, we looked only at communities with a max population of 50,000 that hold a unique quality. Whether your idea of charming small towns equal a mountain village, old rail city, a harbour town or something different entirely, it’s probably on this list. Here are 50 of the South’s most charming small towns.

Most Charming Small Towns In The South

1. Fairhope, Alabama

This tiny Alabama town was founded in 1894 and is known for its annual shellfish phenomenon. Each year, crabs, flounder and shrimp flood the shallow bay in what’s referred to as the ‘jubilee’. In addition to the natural phenomenon, there’s a local brewery, tons of farmers markets, Museum of History and nearby Village Point Park Reserve.

2. Newberry, South Carolina

Small town hospitality, natural beauty and colourful history come together to make Newberry one of the nation’s cutest small towns. Take a stroll through their tranquil Japanese gardens, wander historic downtown and then grab some local pieces at the Newberry Arts Centre.

Newberry South Carolina - The City of Friendly Folks

3. Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee

This quaint country town is a mecca for antiques, history and quirky shops. The ‘kick-off your boots and stay-awhile’ mentality of the locals mixed with the surrounding beauty make it an easy favourite. Wet your whistle at one of the many cosy bars, chow down on a hearty meal at one of the local staples and then head to the Lawnchair Theatre.

10 Things to do in Leiper's Fork
Image: Visit Franklin

4. Tarpon Springs, Florida

Allow yourself to be transported a tiny Greek village in Tarpon Springs. Thanks to the cities influx of Greek sponge divers in the early 1900s, you’ll find a unique Mediterranean influence throughout. Take a sunset walk down the beach or enjoy some delicious Greek fare in this sleepy coastal town.

small towns South
Image: Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks / Facebook

5. Oxford, Mississippi

Founded in 1837, this Mississippi small town is a hotbed for artists and musicians. Commonly touted as the ‘Cultural Mecca of the South’ it has a lively and eccentric entertainment scene. Whether you want to explore the cities history or get to know local artists, Oxford has you covered.

small towns South

6. Maysville, Kentucky

Maysville, Kentucky is a dreamy small town famous for its history tied to the Underground Railroad. In addition to its vibrant past, it’s home to a host of farm eateries and bourbon bars. There are plenty of things to do in this Kentucky gem. Spend the afternoon exploring the Underground Railroad Museum and then head to a local microbrewery.

Maysville, Kentucky

7. Magnolia Springs, Alabama

Colourful homes, historic churches, stunning tree tunnels and inviting locals bring this charming small town to life. With only 1,000 residents, the community is exceptionally tightknit and home to plenty of neighbourhood events. This riverside village is also famous for its year-round postal delivery via water. Whether you want to explore the gorgeous trees that hang over the street or dine at world-class Jesse’s Restaurant, you’ll be well taken care of at Magnolia Springs.

small towns South

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