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The Best Dish For Cheese Lovers In Every State In America

You’ve been good all week working out and eating healthy, but now all you can think about are cheesy cheat meals you’ve seen on Instagram and have been dreaming about.

Make no mistake about it: no matter what anybody says whenever it comes to a cheat meal, cheese absolutely has to feature!

We’ve scoured the country and found pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, loaded fries, lobster rolls and other brilliant cheesy cheat meals. The post does come with a warning though … Even flicking through the images is going to make you feel hungry!

Stop feeling any guilt, it’s time to indulge and let yourself go. These are the 50 best cheesy cheat meals in America.

1. MELT – Birmingham, Alabama

2. Fromagio’s Artisan Cheese – Anchorage, Alaska

They are Anchorage’s only specialty cheese shop. They’ll create a world class cheese platter for you that is made for sharing. Having said that, nobody said that you have to share it with anybody!

They source the very best artisan cheeses from around the world, along with hand-crafted salami, dried fruits and nuts from family farms.

3. Elbows Mac N Cheese – Gilbert, Arizona

Their manchego mac comes with roasted corn and is topped with parmesan a pepper mayo, hot sauce and cilantro.

Everything mouthful tastes as if it was sent from the gods; one bite will have you instantly hooked on this world class dish. Cheesy cheat meals don’t come much better than this.

4. Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese – Arkansas

They have 15 grilled cheese sandwiches to choose from at this grilled cheese haven, and if that isn’t enough you can build your own, choosing from a huge 26 different cheeses.

Their bread is top class and the staff will be only too happy to help pair up one of their wonderful beers with the sandwich.

5. District Pub – Los Angeles, California

You probably think you’ve had some good cheeseburgers in your time but you haven’t lived until you try this one.

Double patties served with perfectly caramelised onions and a blend of cheese that ooze out into your mouth, in a seemingly endless stream with every single bite.

6. Steuben’s – Denver, Colorado

Cheese plays a big role in this restaurant where it features in a brilliant mac and cheese (with six types of cheese!), as well as their burgers and other specials.

Their disco fries are home made, perfectly crisp and covered in a cheesy sauce with crispy bacon bits. Keep an eye out for them, as they appear as a special and are quite simply amazing.

7. The Corner Pug – Connecticut

You’ve probably had countless cheesy pasta dishes in your life, but this one takes things to a whole new level.

Baked penne in a cheddar, gruyere and Swiss cheese sauce topped with fresh buttered bread crumbs and baked au gratin, and served with garlic bread. Nearly too pretty to eat…

8. Chuck Lager – Pike Creek, Delaware

If you are going to have a cheesy cheat meal you might as well double down and throw lots of carbs in there too. Go all out, right?

The lasagna features parmesan, mozzarella as well as a cheesy Bechamel sauce. As good a lasagna – if not better – than anywhere in Italy.

9. Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant And Wine Bar – Miami, Florida

This French onion soup is absolutely textbook in how it looks and tastes.

The cheese melts over the side of a piping hot, sweet tasting broth, with the onions and bread being the perfect bedfellow for the cheese. The words “comfort food” could have been invented for this dish. Simply-world class cooking.

10. The Ladybird – Atlanta, Georgia

Mac and cheese is the key to our greedy hearts, and the cheese-fest version at The Ladybird unlocks it every time. It’s a mouthwatering dish of macaroni covered in artisan cheese and breadcrumbs, like a little cheesy blanket. *drools*

Photo Via @thegirlfriendappetite

11. La Cucina Ristorante Italiano – Honolulu, Hawaii

Gnocchi is a top choice for an indulgent and filling feed, and these perfectly plump pillows are some of the best you’ll ever try. It’s a mega-cheesy dish with Gorgonzola chunks, a garlic cream sauce and parmesan shavings on top to finish it off.

12. Grid Waffles – Boise, Idaho

The waffles at Grid Waffles are totally unique in how they are presented, and come with both sweet and savoury toppings.

The cheese is melted into them along with other super original toppings; you then get to pick them up and eat them like a popsicle. A dream for cheese lovers.

13. Giordano’s Pizza – Chicago, Illinois

If you sat down and figured out how to get more cheese into a pizza than the have here you wouldn’t be able to.

Their traditional deep dish Chicago style pizza is an absolute feast the cheese blends perfectly with the lush rich tomato sauce. You won’t be hungry after this meal!

14. Caplingers Catch – Indianapolis, Indiana

Some of the most original and exciting seafood cooking you’ll come across.

Case in point? Their blue crab melt. It features yummy cheese, mayo, delicious bread and lots of blue crab stuffed in the middle and busting out the sides. The dips and sauces only enhance the deep rich flavours of this incredible dish.

15. Saint Burch Tavern – Iowa City, Iowa

You might think you’ve tasted loaded fries before, but nothing can come close to these bad boys. Saint Burch Tavern serves up droolworthy dishes of tater tot poutine but it’s the black truffle cheese fondue fries that we go to bed dreaming about.

16. Coco Bolos Wood-Fired Grill – Kansas City, Kansas

In their own words, they serve up “loud food and spicy music!”. You can indulge in your favourite Mexican and south of the border dishes that are all made from scratch on the premises. The queso nacho fondue is a thing of beauty – you just won’t be able to stop dunking your chips into that delicious cheesy mess!

17. Blue Isle Home Style Restaurant – Winchester, Kentucky

18. Dat Dog – New Orleans, Louisiana

The “Delta Belle” consists of fried chicken tenders dressed with pimento cheese, bread and butter pickles, all in one of their super soft buns.

The cheese will ooze out as you take each mouthful and you’ll quickly realise this is as close to hot dog perfection as you might ever get.

19. The Highroller Lobster Co – Portland, Maine

If you are spending any time in this part of the country then you simply have to have lobster. You could go for the traditional lobster roll, or you could try this very special sandwich…

It features blue cheese with popcorn lobster tail, tossed and smeared with hot sauce and served on English muffin bread.

20. La Calle Restaurant – Baltimore, Maryland

La Calle Restaurant is home to some of the very best Mexican cooking, not just in the state, but in the entire country.

Their homemade chorizo, chihuahua and oaxaca comes loaded with cheese and is served with flour tortillas. It is a molten pot of goodness and packed with flavour.

21. Boston Burger Company – Boston, Massachussetts

Sometimes when you get that urge for a bacon cheeseburger you just have to have it. This beauty is loaded with super juicy beef patties, potatoes, bacon and a tonne of cheese.

Burgers – and cheat meals in general – really don’t come much better than this.

22. Lefty’s Cheese Steaks – Detroit, Michigan

They serve up Detroit’s best cheesesteaks that are piled high with original toppings and come in massive portions.

Below is the “Southpaw”: shaved steak, onions, Swiss American cheese, cheese Sauce and flamin’ hot Cheetos. Add some onions rings and fries on the side and you’ll be in a happy place.

23. QC Pizza – Mahtomedi, Minnesota

This is no ordinary pizza. QC Pizza puts huge effort into sourcing the best ingredients, and then preparing everything from scratch in house.

The toppings are insanely tasty, but it’s their generous use of cheese that sets them apart. As good a pie as you are ever likely to eat. Divine.

24. Lou’s Full-Serv – Jackson, Mississippi

At its core, Lou’s Full-Serv is a Southern-inspired restaurant with a casual, vintage industrial atmosphere. Their dishes are some of the best and most comforting Southern cooking you could ever wish for.

The perfect example is their crawfish fondue, which comes served with mushroom toast for maximum dunking enjoyment.

25. Schlafly Tap Room – St Louis, Missouri

Poutine is one of those dishes that seem as if it was invented for a cheesy cheat day. This is one of the very best versions you will get outside of Canada.

Rich, a luxurious texture and a large portion makes this the treat that you have been dreaming about all week. Perfection.

26. Montana Ale Works – Bozeman, Montana

When it comes to cheat meals, pasta is often one of the first things that people turn to. Add in cheese and you are doubling the fun.

This four cheese mac with white truffle oil is as luxurious, rich and utterly tasty as you could ever wish a cheesy cheat meal to be. You’ll be in food heaven.

27. Block 16 – Omaha, Nebraska

You probably think you have had great cheese sandwiches in your life and you might be right. You’ve never had one that takes it to the next level like this, however.

It features slow roasted brisket, gruyere, gigi taleggio-style cheese, cognac onions, mushrooms and horseradish aioli, all served on Omaha cheddar bread.

28. Amano – Las Vegas, Nevada

To say this is a decadent cheat meal would be the understatement of the year. Their sandwiches have blown up on Instagram and across social media in general.

They feature hollowed out baguettes, which are then filled with creamy cheesy pasta and finished with more cheese. How you physically eat them we are not sure, but we’d love to try.

29. Rico Figs – Hampton, New Hampshire

Now this is what we call a proper snack. These delectable mozzarella sticks are one of the best things to eat in New Hampshire and an ultimate start to a cheat meal feast. Hand-cut mozzarella is breaded and fried, with marinara sauce on the side for dipping.

30. The Cheese Cave – Red Bank, New Jersey

Cheese boards and charcuterie platters have to be one of the best inventions of all time. The perfect way to graze over your food, while sharing with friends, even sneaking in some wine to wash it down with.

The platters here are beyond pretty. So pretty you nearly don’t want to mess it up by eating it. Nearly! It might be wise to call a couple of friends to come and help with this one.

31. The Melting Pot – Albuquerque, New Mexico

This popular restaurant chain focuses on fondue with meat, chocolate and cheese featuring as options. The cheese version is the perfect way to start a family meal by dunking chunks of break into their rich velvety cheese.

Bring a serious appetite if you are eating here, because you won’t be leaving hungry.

32. Le Rivage – New York, New York

A proper old school French style restaurant with beautiful starched white linen cloths and amazing service. Their food also pays homage to the classics and does so with serious panache.

The French onion soup is rich, wonderfully sweet and all about that cheesy chewy crust that melts like molten lava. An absolutely world-class dish.

33. Poole’s Diner – Raleigh, North Carolina

You’ll find mac and cheese in restaurants and homes all over America, but very few are as good as this beautiful dish in Raleigh.

A huge portion is served gratin style with the pasta spilling out over the edges, a delicious creamy texture topped off with a superbly crisp topping. Unbelievably good food.

34. Humpback Sally’s – Bismarck, North Dakota

Enjoy unique small plates, craft cocktails, secret hidden places and a rooftop setting unlike anything else in North Dakota.

Their tater tot hot dish is as good a cheesy cheat meal as you will ever taste and will leave you feeling utterly satisfied. Carbs and cheese = perfection.

35. Angry Avocado – Canton, Ohio

They take Mexican food to a whole new level here with their inventive menu and cooking techniques, making it ideal for cheesy cheat meals.

This is their deep fried burrito stuffed with rice, ground beef, pico de gallo, lettuce and topped with lots of cheese and guacamole. To say it is a serious treat would be to state the obvious.

Image: @explore_ohiofood/Instagram

36. The Mule – Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

They specialise in hot melts and cold beer. A truly winning combination. While they do great sandwiches, melts and grilled cheese there is one dish that you want to focus in on: cheesy tater tots.

They come with crispy bacon and loaded with cheese sauce and melted cheese. Perfect with an ice cold beer.

37. The Grilled Cheese Grill – Portland, Oregon

They serve some incredible food from a big old school bus and a cart that have been converted for your pleasure.

They are all about the grilled cheese. You could go for the classic below which is as close to perfection as you’ll get. They also have a version with a hamburger sandwiched in the middle, which is over the top good.

38. Steve’s Prince of Steaks –  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You can’t come to this city and not have a cheese steak. There are plenty of great places to get them but Steve’s really load up the beef and then absolutely drench it in cheese sauce.

The portion sizes are absolutely massive; you’ll do well to fit it all in your mouth in one go. A serious treat for cheesy cheat meals!

39. Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen – Providence, Rhode Island

The restaurant is run by Masterchef winner and chopped finalist Jennifer Behm-Lazzarini and her husband. They have created a serious of incredible dishes in a warm and buzzing setting.

Their Oysters Rockerfella are not just a great dish in the state, but one of the best appetisers in the country. Bubbling hot and loaded with cheese, you would lick the plate and shells clean if you could get away with it!

40. Goat. Sheep. Cow – Charlestown, South Carolina

European style fromagerie carrying cheese, wine and charcuterie in a beautiful setting. Their staff are super knowledgable and will help you choose between their amazing cheeses.

They do some amazing sandwiches, but you’ll want the charcuterie and cheese board to share with friends. Everything is so good that you won’t know where to start with this one!

41. Old Market Eatery – Brookings, South Dakota

Old Market Eatery is a venue that has a menu that is absolutely packed with amazing cheesy cheat meals.

They’ve come up with the super inventive breakfast pita. It’s with seasoned steak, chipotle hollandaise sauce, Monterey cheddar, green onions, sautéed red peppers, sliced jalapeños, topped with a fried egg. What a way to start the day.

42. Taqueria del Sol – Nashville, Tennessee

You stand in line and order one of their Mexican style dishes and it is then prepared to order. Fast food but done in the right way, and operating since 2000. The length of the line tells you all you need to know.

This seriously cheese enchilada is smothered in creamy queso that’s bubbled under the grill for extra flavour.

Image: @hungryasbuck/Instagram

43. The French Fry House – Houston, Texas

An outlet that is entirely dedicated to fries is always going to get top marks from us. Their inventiveness with the toppings is what sets them apart.

Their Philly fries are an absolute must when you come here. They come with fries on the bottom, chopped steak on top and the smothered in cheese and sauce. Quite easily some of the best fries you will ever taste.

44. Deer Valley – Park City, Utah

It’s all about the theatre of the food in this restaurant in a beautiful ski-resort in the mountains of Deer Valley.

The raclette is served with steamed new potatoes, house-marinated pearl onions, cornichons and cured Italian and Swiss meats. If that wasn’t enough, they also have freshly baked baguettes for some extra cheese dunking.

45. Doc Ponds – Stowe, Vermont

The crew at Hen of the Wood is behind this chill Stowe hangout that serves up new American eats, proper cocktails, and 24 rotating taps. The baked mac and cheese on the permanent menu is a real treat, but keep an eye out for cheesy specials such as blue cheese arancini or cheddar fritters.

46. Taco Bamba – Springfield, Virginia

Nacho cheese FOUNTAIN? There’s a God. Taco Bamba has taken cheesy nachos one step further with their insane cheese fondue fountain, where you can smother your plate in lashings of cheese. It’s a little but crazy and a whole lot delicious. We would eat here every day for our cheesy cheat meals if our arteries would allow it.

47. Cafe Presse – Seattle, Washington

Cafe Presse is a proper French brasserie with a great array of classical dishes in the menu. Their croque madame (with fried egg) is known across the city, but a recent arrival trumps it for originality.

Introducing the Croque Provencal. A new vegetarian addition features Gruyere, bechamel, and pistol tomato. An absolute delight of a dish.

48. Cheese Louise – Morgantown, West Virginia

Start with a classic grilled cheese at this local favourite, and add any of their 15 toppings to personalise it to your liking.

They also have a great Buffalo Chicken version and a seriously tasty cheese steak grilled cheese. Whatever you choose, you’ll be leaving here happy and full.

49. Mad Chicken – Appleton, Wisconsin

They specialise in fried chicken and mac and cheese. Some people order them as two separate dishes, but the secret way to go is to have the mac piled into a burger on top of the chicken.

For an extra treat they’ll layer up and melt more cheese over the top. Cheesy cheat meals don’t come much better than this.

50. Bistro Trio – Jackson, Wyoming

Owned and operated by local chefs with a passion for good food, Trio features a variety of cuisines in a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for cheesy cheat meals.

The key dish here that you want to focus on is their blue cheese waffle fries. If you combine them with a cheeseburger, that’s just about as good as life can get right there.

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