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7 Bucket List Foods To Eat In Chicago

This city has so many great foodie options, so we set out to find the very best Chicago bucket list foodie dishes you simply cannot ignore. The sort of meals that you save up for a cheat day, or super special occasions.

Maybe you’ve spent the whole week eating super healthy, or you’ve just arrived in the windy city and want to treat yourself. Either way, there is something here for everybody to get stuck into.

When it comes to good food, this is the ultimate Chicago bucket list for food lovers.

Best Things to Eat in Chicago

1. Burger at The Loyalist

By developing a relationship with a 20-acre farm an hour south of the city, they are able to source and create the very best produce from scratch. Their burger is simple and classic, but it ticks every single box for perfection.

2. Chicken Wings at The Fifty/50

They’ve been open for 10 years and are consistently named as the best sports bar in the country. The key to their success on the food side of the business is they making everything as fresh as possible.

Their wing hot sauce is made in-house from a blend of four peppers, by roasting them and then making a mash which is then seasoned, strained, and aged for 2-3 months depending on the heat. To say these wings are good is putting it mildly.

3. Brunch at WHISK

This is a BYOB restaurant serving Brunch daily 8am-4pm where the room is always buzzing and the food terrific.

The really knock it out of the park when it comes to Eggs Benedict, which when served with their fried potatoes is an absolute delight. Prepare to have your taste buds blown by all dishes on the menu!

4. Pizza at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria 

They’ve been in business since 1986 and are part of the legend of Chicago pizza scene at this stage. The place to come if you want to try a truly authentic deep dish style pizza.

Any business that has been going this long is going to be good at what they do and you only have to look at the lines in their restaurants to see locals agree. Sublime.

5. Ice Cream at George’s Ice Cream & Sweets

They opened in 2009 and have been growing a massive customer base ever since who are hooked on their delicious Chicago ice cream.

The flavours are big and bold, the portions are massive and the staff are always super friendly. The sort of place that you can’t help but leave with a huge smile on your face.

Chicago bucket list

6. Steak at Mastro’s Steakhouse

The Chicago location of the swish West Coast steakhouse chain instantly impresses. Ice-cold martinis come with clouds of dry ice and the mash is stuffed with fresh lobster. It’s the gourmet steaks though, that really steal the show. They’re big, juicy and full of flavour.

Chicago bucket list

7. Mixed Meat Platter at Smoque BBQ

Smoque BBQ are big believers in the right combination of great ingredients, perfect rubs and then cooking over a wood fire. They craft their proprietary sauces and rubs are lovingly from scratch in their own kitchen.

The entire menu is full of BBQ classics, but the ribs stand out as an absolute feast that you simply cannot miss.

Chicago bucket list

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