Chicken Wings In California

The 25 Best Places For Chicken Wings In California

You might think of Buffalo NY, or the BBQ joints of the South for finger lickin’ chicken wings, but the chicken wings in California are good enough to beat them all. This is a trend-setting state with a lot of things, and incredible food is one of them. So grab a few friends and set out on a wing road trip…

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1. Charcoal Venice – Marina Del Rey

Chicken wings in California probably don’t get any better than this. Served hot with delicious dipping sauces, Charcoal Venice wings are just the right combination of juicy and crunchy. You can taste the smoky flavour with every bite.

An additional garnishing layer of oregano and chilly further adds to the overall spicy texture of the chicken. And it tastes even better with a cold beer to wash it all down.

Chicken Wings

2. Howlin’ Rays – Los Angeles

If you’re in Los Angeles and have some time to kill, be sure to head on over to the Howlin’ Rays to try out their flaming hot chicken wings. This chicken joint is popular for offering as many as five different levels of heat to choose from, ranging from mild, medium, hot, X-hot to Howlin’.

We recommend sticking to medium if you’re trying them out for the first time because these heat levels are no joke. Served alongside bread and pickles, these tasty chicken wings are juicy on the side and crispy on the outside. Definitely worth the wait time!

3. Oriental BBQ Chicken Town – Oakland

Appetising to the core, Oriental BBQ Chicken Town serves delicious spicy chicken wings that should be on your list of things to try out in Oakland. Don’t let the saucy appearance of these wings fool you, they are super crispy and fulfilling once you dive in. And the sauces only add flavour to the wings without letting the taste become too overbearing – and that’s saying something.

4. Bub’s At The Ballpark – San Diego

Next on the list is Bub’s at the Ballpark, a great joint that is perfect for both entertainment and food. The menu features an exciting variety of chicken wings that you can order from. Unlike the traditional wings that are deep-fried, Bub’s grill their chicken wings to get that authentic smoky, back-yard flavour that is both tender and juicy.

The specialty wings on the menu are also worth checking out with several mouth-watering sauces to experiment with.

5. West 4th and Jane – Santa Monica

Definitely worth the visit, if you’re in the Santa Monica area, this neighbourhood bar does not only offer a nice selection of beer but also features a 6-pack of wings on the menu with different sauces to pair them with.

And the wings are as tasty as they come. Interestingly, the menu also features gluten-free boneless bites for those who need a gluten-free option. Pay a visit during Happy Hour (Monday to Friday at 3pm. – 6.30pm) or drop by on Wednesdays to enjoy the Happy Hour wings all night.

6. The Greyhound Bar & Grill – Glendale

The Greyhound Bar & Grill is an excellent location to dine with family and friends. A popular choice on the menu is the signature mouth-watering Greyhound Wings that come with several different kinds of sauce choices like spicy garlic, Guatemalan insanity pepper, and cherry bomb just to name a few. The Veggie “Wings” featuring the Buttermilk-Marinated Cauliflower are equally good.

7. San Tung – San Francisco

San Tung is popular for its dried fried chicken wings, which every bit as tasty as they sound. With a crisp golden-brown coating and a mouth-watering sweet peppery glaze, these chicken wings are sure to leave you wanting more. The dried fried chicken wings give you more control over the amount of sauce that you pour over the wings. Overall, San Tung won’t disappoint when it comes to dried fried chicken wings.

8. Maple Block Meat Co. – Los Angeles

Maple Block Meat Co. serves the meanest smoky chicken wings that are moist, flavorful and juicy. The chicken wings are wood-smoked and grilled over coal that adds to the overall flavor. So, if you’re after that signature smoky taste that makes chicken wings so irresistible, you know where to go. They are served with a delicious fermented hot sauce which compliments really well with the seasoning on the crust.

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9. Joe’s Wings & Fries – San Diego

This list really wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Joe’s Wings & Fries here. The restaurant is famous for sourcing local fresh ingredients for preparing its meals, including the popular chicken wings on the menu.

Served hot with a sauce of your own choice (atomic, honey BBQ, sweet Teriyaki, etc.), these wings are definitely worth every penny. The golden-brown crust is satisfyingly crunchy and the juicy insides are rich in flavors.

10. The Curry Pizza Company – Fresno

If you’re a massive spice-lover, the curry pizza company is a must-visit. The restaurant serves a wide variety of crispy chicken wings garnished with several different kinds of spices. The Curry Masala Wings, Spicy Masala Wings, and the Achari Wings are all good choices if you’re visiting for the first time. The Curry Pizza Company serves its wings hot with just the right amount of garnishing on the surface of the crust to bring out the flavor.

11. Cross Street Chicken and Beer – San Diego

Cross Street Chicken and Beer double-fries its wings for extra crispiness. Other than the crisp factor, the chicken wings menu is designed around several different kinds of sauces that you can choose from. From lemon pepper, Seoul spicy, soy garlic, to chili, garlic parmesan, salt and pepper, the choices are plenty.

If you dare, order the Death Wings which are served with the inferno farms hot sauce that the menu claims will leave a grown man crying.

12. Hot Sauce and Panko To Go – San Francisco

Hot Sauce and Panko to Go is a very budget-friendly chicken wings joint that serves more than 300 varieties of hot sauces that you can select from (talk about dilemma!). The wings are deep-fried and served extra hot. The chicken wings are spicy and savory.

The restaurant may look small on the outside, but don’t let that stop you from going in because the chicken wings they serve are probably some of the best in San Francisco.

13. The Buffalo Spot – Long Beach

Marinated, dipped in egg wash and then deep-fried, the chicken wings at the Buffalo Spot have an excellent crisp factor. The Buffalo Wings, as they are called, are served with ranch or blue cheese dressings and are definitely worth the money. Boneless options are also available on the menu with several sauces to choose from such as Jamaican Jerk, Pineapple Jalapeño, and Cajun, among many others.

14. Wicked Chicken – Santa Clara

This is another great location to come in and grab some chicken wings. The chicken wings here are every bit as wicked as the name suggests. Juicy and tender to the core, Wicked Chicken serves them with a variety of different sauces, giving you plenty of options to select from.

15. Ye Rustic Inn – Los Angeles

If there’s one thing on the menu that has made the Ye Rustic Inn popular it’s the chicken wings. Prepared in a vinegar-based hot sauce, these chicken wings are crispy and flavorful. Ye Rustic Inn’s wings are the classic fall-off-the-bone type that are every bit as delicious as they sound.

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16. Button Mash – Los Angeles

Visit the Button Marsh in Los Angeles to try out their crunchy chicken wings. The double-fried ginger chicken wings are worth checking out. They are light, juicy and rich in flavors. Another great option to try here is the tangy chicken wings on the menu. Order whichever one you prefer, the quality of both is sure to impress.

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17. Bistro Mon Cheri – Pasadena

If you find yourself in Pasadena, be sure to try out the coffee chicken wings at the Bistro Mon Cheri, a very cool Vietnamese fusion spot. The chicken wings here are crisp and usually served with a dripping coffee sauce that gives them an amazing rustic texture that is crunchy to the bite. Coffee flavored chicken wings might sound unusual, but Chef Kimmy Tang somehow makes this work beautifully.

18. Giordano Bros – San Francisco

Another great chicken wings joint in the San Francisco area! Giordano Bros serve their buffalo wings hot with fresh carrots and celery at the side, a great combination to say the least. The buffalo sauce and blue cheese available on the side are also a good combination that you can try out here.

19. Kitchen Door – Napa

You know that signature smoky taste that we all look for when we order wings? Kitchen Door has a specific item on the menu that offers exactly that. The wood fried chicken wings retain their smoky taste long after they’re taken out of the wood oven. Served with teriyaki and sesame seeds on the top, these chicken wings look roasted and crisp and taste even better.

Image: daryl_muromoto/Instagram

20. Teeth – San Francisco

Blue cheese and ranch dressings on top, these chicken wings are a decent sized with a good crisp factor. We recommend ordering a drink from the bar at the same time to pair it off with the wings. Teeth has some really good selection of drinks that can go extremely well with a plate of hot saucy wings.

21. Iron Horse Tavern – Sacramento

Iron Horse Tavern serves Beer Brined Chicken Wings with the standard buffalo sauce, blue cheese, celery and ranch on the side. Since the wings are brined in beer, the surface is moist and tender with the inside being extra juicy. The wings are spiced up for extra flavor that enriches the taste even further.

22. Dog House Grill – Fresno

Located directly across from the Save Mart Center, Dog House Grill is primarily a sports bar that also serves some delicious hot wings. The wings are not extra spicy here, but they are lathered in sauce which more than makes up for it in terms of flavor and taste. Be sure to try them out if you’re near that area.

23. The Snack Shack – Berkeley

Well-priced chicken wings never hurt anyone! The Snack Shack serves some crispy chicken wings that you can pair up with a sauce of your choice. The sauce options include Mango Spiced, Sweetkick BBQ or Classic Buffalo. You can also order additional sides for a little extra fee.

The chicken wings have a very crispy surface that is medium to dark golden-brown and tastes excellent. The Snack Shack also serves waffle fries which you might want to try out as well.

24. Jake’s of Willow Glen – San Jose

Jake’s of Willow Glen is a great hangout place for sports fans and family and friends alike. What better way to bond than over a hot plate of chicken wings. Jake’s of Willow Glen buffalo wings are definitely worth trying out. In fact, we recommend you get the biggest order because they are just that good.

Image: @chinos59/Instagram

25. Vons Chicken – Fremont 

The last on the list is Vons Chicken, a restaurant that not only has great service, but also some really delicious chicken wings on the menu. The wings here are tender and juicy, always served with extra spice and a number of different sauces that you can choose. Overall, Vons Chicken is a good place to hand out and just enjoy a plate of hot chicken wings with your loved ones.

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