The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Oregon

Ah, the Pacific Northwest. It’s a magical place full of charming landscapes, dreamy forests and some of the country’s best coffee. And, Oregon specifically is a pretty great state for foodies.

As home to some of the nation’s most up-and-coming restaurants, you might think that you’ll be too busy graze your way through high-brow menus to sample some of the best chicken wings in Oregon. But, hear us out. You’ve gotta try the wings here.

From BBQ wings that are dripping with sauce to crispy, golden wings, there’s a lot to love about chicken wings in Oregon. We recently named the best chicken wings in Portland, but what about the top wings across the state? Our picks of the best chicken wings in Oregon include…

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1. Pok Pok Wing – Portland

We’ll kick off the list with one of the absolute bests. Pok Pok Wing is well-known in Oregon for serving up tasty wings. And, they’re pretty unique as they’re Vietnamese-style. They slather them in fish sauce, sugar, and fried garlic before hitting the deep frier twice for extra crispy skin. The result? Creative wings that hit the spot and also tantalise your tastebuds. Add them to your Oregon foodie bucket list for sure.

Best Chicken Wings In Oregon

2. Toxic Wings and Fries – Eugene

Despite the crazy name, there’s nothing toxic about the wings here. Except for the fact that you’ll fall so in love with them that you might turn into a toxic ex of a wings lover, coming back time and time again just for another taste. They serve up both boneless and bone-in wings, plus an array of delectable sauces. Bone-in wings are rubbed with a secret herb rub mix, slowly smoked and hen quickly fried in rice bran oil. Delicious.

Best Chicken Wings In Oregon

3. Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings – Portland

Since 2008, Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings has been serving up some of the best wings in the city, if not the entire state. Part of the secret to their success lies in the fact that they use free-range chicken, which absolutely ups the quality. Then, they throw on some creative sauces. You can enjoy dipping them in their own ranch and blue cheese sauce as well, which they make in-house daily.

Best Chicken Wings In Oregon

4. Kickin Chicken Wings – Beavertown

The exceptional quality of the wings at Kickin Chicken Wings is all due to their base of superb service. From the moment you walk in the door, you’re greeted with a smile and the sensational aroma of fresh, hot wings. And, they’re even nice enough to organise their menu by spice level for you. It starts out at totally not hot, then works its way up to mild, medium and spicy as hell. Try them all. They’re too good not to sample.

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5. Hot Mama’s Wings – Eugene

Hot Mama’s Wings is a pretty low-key joint for tasty, saucy wings with lots of different sauces. Plus, they’ve got some nice rotating draft beers to help you wash it all down with. Locals even think they’re the best wings in Eugene, and it’s easy to see why once you bite into a saucy, tender piece. Like ’em hot? They’ve got Inferno and Kamikaze for those of you who are feeling particularly adventurous.

6. Beckie’s Cafe – Prospect

In terms of cultural value, Beckie’s Cafe is a must if you’re travelling through Oregon. The cafe’s been a mainstay since 1926. The historic charm of the rustic restaurant, however, is matched by the homey flavours of their American comfort food and regional microbrews. Pull up a chair, order a brew and then get stuck into a heavy basked of their wings. Crispy chicken wings tossed in a buffalo sauce…it doesn’t get much better.

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7. Hardy’s Hotwings – Bend

Hardy’s is a gem of a spot for foodies in Bend. The full name of the restaurant is Hardy’s Hotwings, Burgers & Ice Cream. So, they pretty much cover all of the delicious bases you’re after when you’re craving some roadside comfort food. Choose from any one of their 13 tasty wing flavours and then tack on a side of fried veggies, fries, tots or onion rings. There’s no way you’re leaving here hungry.

Best Chicken Wings in Oregon

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