Brunch Gem in Buvette

Don’t Miss Buvette – A West Village Brunch Gem

Everyone knows you are spoilt for choice when it comes to brunch in New York and especially the West Village. But if you’ve had your fill of avocado toast washed down with a few two many lukewarm mimosa’s, it might be time for a classier experience. 

Allow us to introduce you to Buvette. 

This tiny West Village French bistro (the original opened in Paris in 2012) is not to be missed. Tucked away on tree-lined Grove Street (a stone’s throw from the ‘Friends’ building) you’ll spot it by the line that regularly forms outside.

You can’t book. But trust us, brunch at Buvette is worth the wait

West Village French bistro


Buvette is charming. Like, seriously charming.

The interior is beautiful; picture lots of exposed brick, mirrored menus on the walls and teeny tiny tables so close together you can hear the couple next to you arguing.

But what is there to fight about when you’ve snagged a table in Buvette?!

If you’re lucky you might even blag a seat outside on the lovely little, parasol covered patio, which, if it weren’t for the occasional blaring siren, could be in Paris itself. 

The staff at Buvette are genuinely charming, a rare find in an establishment that regularly has a two hour wait for a table. They seat you on benches surrounded by pots of flowers outside and ply you with drinks while you wait. Central Perk eat your heart out. 

As for the food? Charmant! . 

What to order:

Coffee is served in bowls sans handles alongside intricate pastries too pretty to eat. Well, almost. Their delicate and delicious waffles arrive laden with fruit and dusted with icing sugar and the eggs with prosciutto topped with strips of shaved parmesan are… everything. 

Les Croques

Don’t get us started on Les Croques. Croques with cheese, croques with cheese and ham, croques with cheese and ham and eggs and mushrooms. Stop. No, don’t stop.

The impressive bar serves up fuss-free cocktails as the brunch crowd slips seamlessly into dinner. Before you know it, you’re ordering Coq Au Vin and a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. 

No, nous ne regrettons rien.

Helen Tarver

Helen is a writer originally from London who now lives in NYC on the incomparable Upper West (Best) Side. She loves everything about New York but especially bagels, autumn in Central Park and Joe's Pizza. Helen spends her free time walking, travelling, exploring and eating.

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