21 English Vegan Food In The World

21 Dishes That Prove English Vegan Food Is The Best In The World

There’s a bit if a stigma around vegan food that it is just some sort of healthy fad that will soon pass. How wrong most people are – this is a way of eating that’s not going anywhere. English vegan food is charting the course for the rest of the world, and the country is home to some incredibly exciting trailblazers.

The vegan revolution is here to stay, so to prove to people it’s not all about carrot sticks, humus and falafel, we rounded up some of the best English vegan dishes.

We make no excuse for the fact that these are dishes that will have you drooling. If you haven’t tried English vegan food today could just be the day…

1. Indian Street Food – Bundobust, Leeds

The entire menu here is veggie, with a large portion of it suitable for vegans. With locations in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, they are pushing the boundaries of veggie and vegan cooking.

Mix and match their dishes in small tasting style plates for the full experience.

English Vegan

2. Pizza – Purezza, Brighton

You take one look at the pizza and you’d never think it could possibly be vegan. It couldn’t possibly look more like the real Neapolitan-style pizza that we are all used to.

The good news is that it tastes every bit as good too.

Vegan Pizza in Brighton

3. Kebab Fries – V-Rev Vegan Diner, Manchester

This spot is really defining a new standard of vegan food and leading the way, in terms of converting and exposing people to this new way of eating.

This is their skin on fries with seitan donner kebab, crunchy slaw, ranch, sriracha, pickled chilli and coriander. Delicious.

Vegan Kebab Fries in Manchester

4. Softserve Ice Cream – Yorica, London

Ice cream, soft serve crepes and waffles that are free from all 14 major allergens and  all come without an animal product in sight.

Their soft serve is the stuff of your dreams. Dairy-free dreams, right?

Softserve Ice Cream in London

5. “Chik n Waffles” – The Full Nelson, London

Some of the very best vegan cooking in the capital and all in a cosy pub setting. Save yourself for the brunch menu, which is an absolute delight.

They’ve recreated this popular dish to perfection in a vegan format – you’ll be drooling as soon as you set eyes on it.

Chik n Waffles in London

6. Cheeseburger – Vx, Bristol

They do everything from vegan shakes to seriously tasty breakfasts. They’ve been leading the way in England on the vegan front for over a decade, well before it was even “a thing.”

This is their cheeseburger with mac’n’cheese, smokey “bacon” bits, bbq sauce, chilli tortilla chips. Delightful.

Vegan Cheeseburger in Bristol

7. Breakfast – Down the Hatch, Liverpool

Think you would be missing out at breakfast time by being a vegan? You can think again if you are coming to eat here.

The breakfast includes vegan frankfurter, scrambled tofu, beans, vegan cheese, mushrooms and black pudding, all on a butty.

Vegan Breakfast in Liverpool

8. Mac and Cheese – Genesis, Shoreditch

This is a bright and colourful restaurant that is an absolute haven for vegans. The menu is packed full of inventive dishes, but probably none more so than this wonderfully creamy and cheesy little number.

Vegan Mac and Cheese

9. Burger – Make No Bones, Sheffield

They were one of the first places in the country to be serving the Beyond Meat burger, which is the world’s first plant-based burger patty that looks, cooks and satisfies like real beef but without gluten, soy or GMOs.

They call this little number The Gym Freak.

English Vegan

10. Creamy Linguine – Wulf & Lamb, London

Think you would miss creamy, cheesy pasta when turning to vegan cuisine? Think again, because there is always a work around. Their cooking here is precise and super inventive.

This is their creamy linguine with white wine and seasonal vegetables. An absolute joy of a dish.

Vegan Creamy Linguine in London

11. Loaded Fries – Temple Of Seitan, London

Their whole menu is dedicated to what can best be described as vegan junk food. You are going to love every single dish they offer.

Their loaded fries (watch out for specials) are easily one of the best English vegan dishes you will ever set your eyes on.

Vegan Loaded Fries

12. Bang Bang Wingz – Biff’s Jack Shack, Shoreditch

They make no secret of the fact that their vegan food is meant to be as filthy as possible. They even have it in their tagline.

Great burgers and loaded fries, but to really understand the quality of their offering you need to try these bad boys – the Bang Bang Wingz.

Vegan Bang Bang Wingz

13. Curry – Sanskruti, Liverpool

With restaurants in Manchester and Liverpool, their veggie and vegan options have been changing the way people think about food.

Super tasty, great flavours and always something different to try. Vegan food has never been this much fun.

Vegan Curry in Liverpool

14. Chocolate Cake- Cafe Kino, Bristol

One of the great innovations of late has been vegan and gluten free desserts. Nobody in the country does a better chocolate cake than this.

You have to taste it to believe it. How is it vegan?! We’re converted.

Chocolate Cake in Bristol

15. Brunch Corn Fritters – Food for Friends, Brighton

They’ve been serving vegan food since 1981 so safe to say they know what they are doing.

Their brunch menu items are innovative, exciting and always changing to keep you coming back. The corn fritters are truly genius, and truly delicious.

Vegan Brunch Corn Fritters

16. Hot Dogs – Unity Diner, London

It’s hard to believe that there is absolutely no meat in their dishes at all. The dogs are juicy, and come loaded with some of the most exciting and innovative toppings you could imagine.

Some of the best English vegan cooking happening right now.

Vegan Hot Dogs

17. Pies – Young Vegans Pie Shop, London

If ever there was a dish you thought of as being for meat eaters only, it has to be the pie. They flip everything on its head here and serve up some seriously tasty offerings.

Mash, gravy pies without any animal products in sight. What more could you want as a vegan?

Young Vegans Pie Shop

18. Fish And Chips – The Cornish Vegan, Cornwall

They’ve recreated the traditional local dish without having to use any fish whatsoever. The end result is a dish so pleasing and so unique, that you’ll quickly be planning your next visit.

Crispy batter, mushy peas and golden chips.

The Cornish Vegan

19. Banoffee – Cookies And Scream, London

You only have to look at the picture below to know that they make some of the best vegan cakes in the country.

The whole menu is delicious but the banoffee takes things to a whole different level.

Cookies And Scream in London

20. Sunday Roast – The Allotment Vegan Eatery, Manchester

Being vegan doesn’t mean you should miss out on a Sunday Roast. Their whole roasted cauliflower with sumac, jerk spice, lemon and parsley is served with all the trimmings.

The super inventive dishes will have you coming back every weekend to grab it again.

Vegan Sunday Roast

21. Doner Chip Box and Nuggets – What The Pitta, Brighton

This looks like a meat eater’s heaven but what is actually 100% vegan. Their kebabs in general are packed full of flavour, and way healthier for you than the real thing.

Who knew English vegan food could look and taste this good!

Doner Chip Box and Nuggets

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