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Essential Experiences To Have In Baja California Sur

There are so many things to do in Mexico–including some amazing education wildlife adventures. Whether you’re here for just a couple of days or spending a weeks, don’t miss these experiences in Baja California Sur.

You’ll eat some incredible can’t-miss dishes as well as come shockingly close to wildlife in the Sea of Cortez.

Essential Experiences to Have in Baja California Sur

1. Swim with Local Wildlife

One of the world’s best ocean explorers, Jacque Cousteau, once proclaimed the Sea of Cortez to be the world’s aquarium, and with good reason. There are tens of dozens of species swimming within the waters. Two of the best experiences, however, are swimming with the sea lions and the whale sharks.

There are other types of whales–even orcas sometimes, but the sea lions and whale sharks (which are actually the largest fish in the sea) are wonderful to see.

Sea lions are very social, but remember not to pet them. They’ll play with your fins and blow bubbles toward your mask. On the way to the island where the colonies often sunbathe, you’ll see birds that can only be found on Espiritu Island or in the Galapagos. The whale sharks are intimidating and swim very fast, but they are miraculous fish to see.

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2. Eat Authentic Food

While Mexican food in other parts of the world is tasty, it’s nothing like the real thing. Make sure to go to great, authentic restaurants and try some different local dishes that you can’t always find at home. Things like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros and even the fresher take on guacamole. You’ll love the local produce and spicy sauces.

Try visiting the Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Zadun, in Los Cabos. There are several restaurants to choose from with incredible dishes, but El Barrio is the one to visit for incredible Mexican food. The Mexican hot chocolate and horchata is amazing too.

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3. Visit a Mezcaleria

Finally, visit a mezcaleria for some rare and impressive Mezcals. Try branching out to try other agave plant liquors too. Tequila is an agave plant liquor, and there are some great, higher-end ones to sample. But, branch out to try the similar liquor by different names based on the region in which it was made such as Sotol or Baccanora.

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