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7 Essential Marketing Resources For Restaurants

Now more than ever, it’s key to interact with your customers and local community on social media. If they can’t come to your business, then you need to bring your business to them! All of the below marketing resources for restaurants are relevant year-round, and will help you build out a name for yourself on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

While many restaurants turn to PR firms and communications companies, it is possible to market your restaurant yourself. It will be more cost-effective, but you will have to put the time in!

This is an excerpt from Big 7 Media‘s 100-page report on The Future of the Restaurant Industry in 2020. 

This detailed report provides current operational guidance and insight into emerging hospitality trends for 2020-21. We investigate the trends that are impacting the industry, both currently and in the future. You will learn: how to increase sales, current and future trends, supply chain issues and more.

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The Future of the Restaurant Industry in 2020

Marketing Resources For Restaurants

1. Impossible Foods: 21 Restaurant Marketing Tips To Drive Revenue During Covid-19

Useful for? Time-sensitive marketing tips during the pandemic. These include menu item ideas to add-on, trending hashtags to include in posts and promoting your restaurant while it’s closed. These tips are useful for managing any sort of crisis.

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2. Aaron Allen & Associates: How to Market a Restaurant

Useful for? A fully comprehensive guide on restaurant marketing! Think: handling PR, designing a menu with signature items, best-in-practice examples and the importance of being ‘buzzworthy’.

3. Toast Tab: Creative Examples of Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Useful for? Social media inspiration, from fun Instagram post ideas to how to engage with customers. You’ll see examples of social posts and ideas from some of the best brands out there.

4. Sprout Social: The Complete Guide to Social Media for Restaurants & Bars

Useful for? A basic-but-thorough guide on making the most of your brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There’s also handy tips for improving your reach and tone of voice.

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5. Hubworks: 35 Marketing Tools for Restaurant Owners

Useful for? A helpful list of marketing tools and what they’re best used for. This include Google AdWords, Instagram advertising, Mailchimp and online reservation tools.

6. Digital Network Agency: Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Restaurants

Useful for? Perfecting your website, focusing on simple SEO strategies and implementing email marketing.

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7. Lowell Restaurants: Creative Restaurant Marketing During Covid-19

Useful for? What to include on your social media profiles, how to create a distinct brand and helpful tools for making the most of your social media platforms.

marketing restaurants

Big 7 Media Report: The Future of the Restaurant Industry in 2020 – Download Here

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Restaurant Industry Overview
  • Covid-19: Steps & Barriers to Reopening
  • Produce Supply Chain: Impact on Menu Model
  • Key Trends & Developments in Restaurant Sectors
  • Food Delivery Trends & Technology
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Beverage Trends within the Restaurant Industry
  • Looking to 2021 – The Future
  • Endnotes
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