Exciting Potato Recipes

7 Tasty Potato Recipes That Are Complete Game Changers

Even though it is one of the most simple ingredients in the world, these exciting potato recipes show just how diverse an ingredient it is. You are about to find yourself in carb heaven!

Most of these would be considered side dishes, but they can also easily work as an entire meal if you double up on the portions. Like all our recipes, they feature just 7 simple ingredients and take no time at all to prepare.

You’ll agree that these exciting potato recipes will have you drooling…

Homemade Potato Recipes

1. The Ultimate Cheat Patatas Bravas Recipe

You’ll struggle to find very many people who don’t like Spanish-style tapas, so this patatas bravas recipe is the perfect way to get started cooking them at home. We’ve simplified things so as you can cook this in less than 30 minutes.

2. Greek-Style Tinned Tuna Baked Potato Recipe

We’re all looking to come up with creative ways to use readily available foods, so this tinned tuna baked potato recipe is the ideal example. It uses just 7 ingredients, like all our recipes aimed at helping people get creative who are perhaps cooking for the first time.v

3. Chorizo, Rosemary & Parmesan Hasselback Potatoes

Think you’ve eaten some of the best food in your life already? You’ve obviously never has these parmesan hasselback potatoes. These cheesy potatoes are one of the biggest treats you could ever wish for and the perfect side dish for any meal.

4. Pimped-Out Fully Loaded Fries

We looked at a few humble potatoes and decided to created the best fully loaded fries recipe the world has ever seen. A big boast of course, but we were up for the challenge. Given how much people love their loaded fries, we think this is one that might split opinion! More cheese? Extra bacon? You can be the judge…

5. Simple & Classic Potato Salad

A classic potato salad is one of those dishes that everybody should know how to make. It is ideal for BBQs, parties, sandwich fillings and a whole host of other culinary occasions. So, we’ve created a simple and tasty potato salad recipe for you to get stuck into.

Exciting Potato Recipes

6. Traditional Irish Champ: Ultra Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Traditional Irish champ is just one of the many ways that you can cook what has to be one of the world’s greatest ingredients: the humble potato. Rich, creamy and full of flavour, it is perfect for a roast dinner or to serve with ham, sausages or other meats.

Exciting Potato Recipes

7. Chorizo & Rosemary Rosti With Cheesy Eggs

Every once in a while you need a serious breakfast treat: this crispy potato rosti with cheesy eggs will tick that very box. This is an ideal brunch dish that you can rustle up at the weekends for that someone special. Or,  y’know, yourself.

Exciting Potato Recipes

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